Posted by: Leah | June 4, 2006


Today is my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Lhay . A few days ago it was my father’s birthday. Belated Happy Birthday ‘Tay.

I like birthdays, it brings the family together. There’s get together to celebrate the event of our birth. The day we graced this world. Where there is celebrations, there is bound to be food. Oh what a delight; pancit (noodles with vegetables and chicken meat with soya sauce); pampahaba ng buhay – the Filipino’s way of saying -longer life. Food seems to bring us together as well. I love Filipino foods. Especially now that I’m in Canada, its one I never say “no” too. Unfortunately, it happens quite often in this closed knit family and community.

So there goes my battle with my weight loss – over the last 10 years, I managed to gain 60 lbs. Wow, what a number. Over the last 5 months I have lost 20 lbs of that. My goal is to lose 20 lbs more by end of this year. With proper food and exercise, I know I can do it.

Why do celebrations come with food all the time? Is there a celebration without it? Think about it…….



  1. Goodluck sa pagdiet mo!! Sana maging kaseksi mo si angelina jolie!! hehehe!

    Ate, try mo magtennis,malakas siya makapagpayat saka complete na siya when it comes to exercise kasi buong katawan mo talagang gagana. Good for the heart pa! ang alam ko nga meron iniintroduce diyan sa US and Canada na Cardio Tennis ang tawag. So go play na!!!! Sapatos ko!!!! hehehe!

  2. for me celebration without food is not a celebration at all, hehehe… tama ba ako? or nahihilo na naman ako??? 😀

    keep on posting!!! luv yah.

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