Posted by: Leah | June 21, 2006


They’re either easy or hard to find,… depending on how you perceive a friend should be. For me, friends are not easy to find.. the kind of friends I look for are rare. The ones I considered best friends are not close by. There’s Mhy and Bernie, they are still my best friends. We have a long history.. Cecile or Bernie (whatever she wants to be called this days) dates back to our elementary days. Mhy, since highschool. Wow, that’s a friendship of more than 20 years. Its a friendship tested in time. Highschool days were the best. The memories are still vivid. Those are the best of our friendship days. We saw each other everyday, shared our heart aches , laughters, birthdays, womanhood and many many more. After highschool, we were parted and yet continued to communicate through letters (non-stop every week or every other week). You grow up, your priorities change. We managed to keep in touch despite all the changes. Not as often as we wanted to and yet now that we are in foreign lands, away from the country where we grew up and built our friendship, the friendship is still there. We have our own families now and still we connect in whatever way we can. Its a true friendship you want to treasure for the rest of your life.

Along the way, I came to know other friends. There’s Karmi from college, she’s the kind of friend you can always count on. Always willing to listen, willing to share and able to connect with you no matter what is in the way. I havent seen her in 12 years (that’s how long I’ve been in Canada and have never gone back home to Pinas till now). I miss the lakwatsa’s, the long nights talking, chatting about anything, anyone ….Those were fun times. College life was full of trials and through it all, we were together in tears and laughter. I miss you friend.

There’s Cecile of course ,from work at Data Centre. She is a gal with lots of stories to tell. What a woman, I learned so much from her. She is a woman of strength and yes, laughter. Our communication broke after a few years of the distance betwen Pinas and Canada. I thought I lost her. I tried looking for her and to no avail , can’t get a hold of this woman. And then a few months ago, I found her daughter, she was only 7 when I last saw her, ngayon, dalaga na and I knew she’ll be in the internet and that’s how I found her. Glad to have you back Dheng.

Although I only mentioned a few names here, there’s a long list of good friends that I have gained through the years. There’s the long lost friends that all of a sudden show up in your life. Thanks to the www (world wide web), we are able to connect. There’s the DBHS alumni that seems to be growing. I love getting in touch with any of them. I feel young again when I reconnect with highschool mates.
Then there’s your college friends, you connect with them once in a while and yet there’s always something to talk about. Somehow, the long pause of what to say is just momentary, you pick up the pace and its as if you were never separated by time.
I love my SFC (Singles for Christ) and CFC (Couple for Christ) community as well because through it I’ve gained friends. We use to meet every week, then every month and now every kid’s birthday or christening maybe. A house blessing or a mile stone. Its these gatherings we somehow able to keep in touch and find out what’s new.

And then there’s work friends, you dont notice but somehow you get close to them and not even realize how much you know about each other. They’re surely treasures.

Through it all, I dont think I can live without a friend. They’re the sun shine through the rain.
And ofcourse, I’ve found one best friend I’m stuck with for the rest of my life. For richer or for poor, in sickness and in health . He is one friend I will always have and am I glad we found each other.



  1. Bigla ko tuloy namiss ang mga mahal kong friends…sa ngayon halos wala akong masasabing close na friend sa tabi ko…halos lahat nasa abroad… kaya nawiwili akong magblog dahil si hubby nc saudi mga friends nc abroad din…sa blo n lang ako magkwento

    Nilink na kita sa blog ko. Halos sabay pala us nag start magblog

  2. Freaky that you have a friend named Karmi. Imagine if you reconnected with her…then I’d be able to e-mail someone with a name THIS close to mine.

    Small world!

  3. Hey Carmi,
    yeah, I thought you were a girl the first time I saw your name. I’m still in touch with Karmi, her full name is Carmencita.

    Friends/relatives who read my blog probably checks out your link thinking its her.

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