Posted by: Leah | July 1, 2006

Ode to Lala

Imagine a girl, a lady, a woman…

Always a smile on her face. When you see her, it seems the world around you lights up. She brings out the best in you. This lady always found a topic to talk to you about. Never a dull moment with her. You could imagine how intelligent and how easy you can get a long with a person like her.

Her name is Willa Mae Wong Javier…
She has graced the invitation our Lord last October and has left us a lot of wonderful memories to remember her by.

Today July 1st, she would have been 32. She never forgot birthdays. Even special occasions like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day , Christmas.. in all these times, she remembered to greet me or send a card or pass an e-mail.

What I admire most from her is ofcourse her devotion and her upmost commitment to the Lord. Her kindness and goodness emanates not only from her spirit but also from her actions. I look at the photos of the times we had once shared, of the laughters , of the tears, of the joys. I guess that’s why we keep taking pictures, to remember the people we dearly love. Sometimes, our memories fails us and am I glad there are photos to prove that those memories will linger long after we are gone.

I cried when Lala left so suddenly, I’m sure hundreds, maybe thousands of people she touched in her short lifetime cried. It was a way to grieve and to let go.

We ask, WHY?? but we know that her life had served its purpose.

She was an angel sent from heaven to earth. Now she is back where she heaven to watch over us and pray for us. Lala, you touched my life in a special way…I treasure all the times we shared, the memories will always remain in my mind and in my heart. You were a friend we were truly blessed to have known. Your legacy lives on.

I dedicate this post to you and more so to your daughters,Katrina and Kaitlyn Mae and of course to Nilo.. so they will know that you were and still is LOVED.

We miss you Lala………Happy Birthday!!!

Here’s a link on one her last family photos:
note: scroll to end of page


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