Posted by: Leah | July 6, 2006

Soccer madness

France’s Zinedine Zidane Takes The Ball Past Brazil’s Kaka And Juninho Pernambucano During Their World Cup 2006 Quarter-Final Soccer Match In Frankfur

Any of these names familiar to you?
Zinedine Zidane, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite also known as “Kaka”, Juergen Klinsmann, Mauro Camoranesi, Luca Toni, Fabio Cannavaro
Well, if you are a soccer fan, they will be.

Soccer is all the rave these days . Everywhere you go , you hear and see signs of the soccer fever. See the cars in the streets? You will always spot a flag on more than a couple. Yes, you get to learn about nation flags. I see them at work. Guys have it posted in their cubicles. Its either a print out or an actual flag , hanging by their locker, desk. And everytime, there’s a game, I hear whose gaining , who scored the point, etc. There’s always someone watching out the scores in the internet. There’s even a soccer pool going around.

Soccer is Canada’s most popular sport and yet , the Canadian team did not manage to qualify at all for the World Cup. Anyhow, a soccer stadium is in the works here in Toronto. Maybe this will boost the quality of players who can represent Canada in the next World Cup.
See here for more details on the new stadium:

Canada is a multicultural country and you can imagine that all the countries who qualified in this world cup series have their own circle of fellowmen rooting for them. The papers, the news radio and television covers each and every drama that happens. Say, yesterday’s loss of Portugal is front cover news today with a picture of the Portuguese community watching the game and how the emotions were captured on camera.

So come Sunday, little Italy will be such a little busy district and so will wherever the French people gather then.

The FIFA madness – Germany world cup is certainly creating a lot of discussions, talks, blogs, websites…the fever is high.

I am not a big fan of soccer. However, I wanted to write about my observations of this one madness most people in the planet is raving about. I have not seen a full single match yet. Maybe, this Sunday’s big event might get me glued on TV or maybe not. I remember the last time, I watch the last quarter of the game and enjoyed the victory on screen of whoever won that time.

In 2010, the same madnees will be back. I might try to be more involved, catch a few games, root for a team and maybe join the soccer pool.

Who will take the WorldCup this time??? If you forced me into a prediction I’d take France.

Let’s wait and see.



  1. Uy mahilig ka rin pala manood World Cup? Pareho tayo di rin nag-qualify ang Ireland kasi France nakalaban nila last time sa qualifying round eh! Oo nga pala soccer nga pala tawag diyan sa inyo saka sa states ang football. Sana manalo nga ang France para double celebration, kasi nakuha rin ni Amelie Mauresmo ang Championship crown sa Wimbledon sa Women’s singles. Go France!!!!! Merci Beaucoup!(tama ba?)

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