Posted by: Leah | July 12, 2006


* For my English readers (transalation below)*
Bakit ba tayo mahilig mag-kolek. Siguro dahil gusto mong ipakita ang iyong personalidad. O kaya naman dahil mamahalin ang mga bagay na ito. Marahil dahil lang sa ito ay maganda, malaki o maliit. Kung ano man ang dahilan, ito ay nagbibigay ligaya sa atin, aliw o ginhawa pag nakikita natin ito. Hay, ang hirap palang magsulat ng tagalog, balik na lang ako sa Inglis…..

* Why are we fond of collecting? Maybe because we want to show our personality. Or maybe because the object are expensive. Or perhaps just because these things are pretty, big, or small. Whatever it is, it brings us joy and satisfaction when we see it. Hey, its seems hard to write in Tagalog, I’m back to English then…..

Do you have any collection? Is it rare? is it precious? Is it related to your personality? I know of some people who collect shoes, bags (miniature and regular size), dolls, bears, porcelain, jewelries, etc….

Personally, I collect elephants (miniature one of course), I like the Tusker series. These are wonderful collection of quality hand-crafted elephant figurines created in sculptor’s resin and brought to life by the artist using the finest oil-based paints.

It all started when I got one as a present. I started buying and then it gradually built up, most of which I got as presents. Elephants are symbol of good luck. It is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence and strength in many countries. Also known to bring happiness into the home.

I also collect coins. I used to collect stamps. There were some old books I cannot get rid off , so I guess those are my collection. I have old birthday cards, christmas cards, lovey-dovey cards – these are memories you dont want to throw away and they will be passed on. Who knows, my great, great, great, great grand-children in the future might find them interesting…

What about you? Do you collect?
May koleksyon ka ba?



  1. I can relate with you- i have a lot of collection of various things. the hardest part is to find the time to sort them out. i am running out of bookshelves for my books- even a whole set of the old version of Brittanica which i refuse to give away. My hoard keep me busy – when i am homesick i turn to them and each one brings smile to myself. My favourite collection are pictures of yesteryears and also cards and postcards from various people. I am thinking of scrapbooking to keep them orderly….

  2. Awww lea! Cute cute naman ng elephant figurines mo. I know these collectible series is so charming & I see them in some shops. Gusto ko rin sana magcollect nito ,eh. But saka na pag marami na akong pera. =)

  3. Your collections are soooooo cute!!! My Dad collects elephants as well. I want to collect Yoshi stuff (the green dino from Mario) but so far I only have two figurines. Haha.

  4. wowwww.. ang gaganda! eyetreat tlga 😀

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