Posted by: Leah | July 21, 2006


Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)….Just my thoughts and opinions.

Was reading Brown Pinay’s blog and found her recent post interesting enough for me to take some time to write my thoughts on OFW. I have always found it interesting on how so many Filipinos become OFWs and so here I am taking down some scribbles about it.

More and more Filipinos opt to work abroad. Hoping to alleviate the financial needs Philippines is unable to provide. Some people, hoping to find a better place to pursue their dreams , move out of the Philippines and migrate their whole family somewhere else.

Name a country anywhere in the world and I’m sure you’ll find a Filipino there. Most of the time a worker, if not, an immigrant, or maybe a tourist. There is also the well known TNT. The Filipino undocumented aliens, aka as TNTs, who have been working clandestinely in the United States.

Filipinos are known to be courageous and willing to go out of the way to be able to live comfortably. It is sad to know that we as Filipinos can only realize our dreams with the help of a foreign land.

My opinion? Families , husband/wife and or children should be together , never apart for a long time. Families should stay together. It builds them.

When I migrated to Canada , it was a family decision. My brother sponsored the whole family. I was happy at that time with what I was doing. I had a job, I had friends and colleagues whom I did not want to leave. Although, I was not earning enough and was in debt most of the times, I was happy. But as a Filipino family, we like to stick together. We follow our parents, even at an age when I can live on my own, I am bound to follow where my family goes. And so goes on our migration to Canada. That was 12 years ago. It was hard in the beginning…but look at me now….I earn a decent living, own my own house (with mortgage ofcourse), married a non-Filipino and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. I am happy now too.

We don’t know what life brings on, what life brings us…we just accept.

I suppose I should not judge how OFW can live away from their loved ones (husband, wife, significant other and/or children) because I have never been in this situation.
However, I will not totally understand why we sacrifice for this, why we strive so hard and yet we miss so many moments in our families events, their growth, their milestones.

We always perceive that life is better somewhere else other than where we are. But is it?



  1. hi leah, thx for drawing inspiration from my post.

    From a stand-point of someone coming from an OFW family
    . actually, my hubby & I have already ask that question, is it really worth it.

    kaya lang pag-naalala namin ang times / nakaraan n pati kakainin namin at milkee nang aming panganay ay inuutang pa namin dahil di sapat ang kita namin sa Pinas (lalo na sa economy ngayon).

    masasabi namin na worth it na rin ang mga sacrifices namin, yan ang mga sacrifisyo nang isang buhay OFW, di kasi lahat ay may magandang oportunidad sa Pinas

    kaya nga right now we are really trying our best na maka-ipon para magkasamasama na kaming 4.

  2. hi leah, i visited ka uro and clicked on your link and i must say that i liked your post and your positive outlook.
    am formerly from baguio and immigrated overseas in 1988 and like you, made the most of the opportunies offered in our host country. Keep blogging.

  3. cielo and vicky, thanks for passing by.

    Vicky, laking Baguio din ako. I passed by your blogs. Wow, dami ah.

  4. hi leah,
    first of all, thanks for linking me up. now about OFW, i was once an OFW and i agree with you that its a very cruel arrangement to be away from your family. that’s why later decided to quit being an OFW and we as a family settled in NZ.

    in my own litte way, i’ve also decided to encourage and help our fellow kababayans who are currently working as OFWs to instead live and settle as a family in countries that allow permanent residency like US, Canada, NZ, Australia.

    From experience, working in the middle-east, in japan or other countries that don’t allow permanent status is a dead-end. i’ve seen lots of relatives and friends who worked in KSA and then comes back to our country. after a few years, they’re back to the status they were before. nakatambay ulit sa kanto at umiinom maghapon.

  5. Bawat Pilipino na umaalis sa ating bansa ay may kanya kanyang dahilan; kumita ng pera, mag-aral, magkaroon ng magandang future sa kanilang pamilya, magandang buhay etc ay malaking sakripisyo ang ginagawa.
    Alam kong mahirap magkalayo ang pamilya pero dahil nga sa pagmamahal at pagnanais na mabigyan sila ng magandang bukas eh nagtiiis sila sa ganitong set-up.
    Sana ay dumating ang panahon na gumanda ang takbo ng ating bansa

  6. sabi nga nila mga OFW daw ang bayani ng ating bansa, madaming sakripisyo dinadanas ng mga bayaning ito, kaya bilib ako sa kanila..

    being away from your loved ones is really hard.. pero lagi ko na lang iniisip na nandito ako sa Canada dahil sa kanila din. i hope one day makasama ko din sila dito.

  7. hi leah,

    may kaibigan akong kano na nagtanong din sa akin nyan, na worth it ba na iwan ang pamilya para lang kumita ng konting pera sa ibang bansa. may entry na rin ako about this at sabi ko nga dun, napakalaking motivating factor yung makita mo ang mga anak mo na kumakain na lang ng lugaw o kaya kumain ng kanin ang ulam e bagoong na may kamatis. ginawa ko ang lumayo sa kanila hindi para takasan ang responsibilidad sa kanila o takasan ang problema kundi para humanap ng solusyon. tiis talaga sa umpisa lalo sa parte nila at maliliit pa sila non. pero ngayong may papel kami at nakuha na namin sila, in the end, woth it din ang mga sakripisyo at hirap knowing na hindi na nila kailangang mag-tnt pa o daanan ang pinagdanan namin kumita lang ng konti. kumabaga may kapital na kami na naibigay sa kanila para sa kinabukasan nila–nasa kanila na lang kung pano i-deal ang baraha ng buhay na hawak nila…

  8. hi leah,

    thanks for taking the time to look at our wedding photos and for visiting my blog.

    OFW din ako ngayon dito sa bahrain, but i am with my husband who also works here. i also believe that a family should stay together no matter what. but that is because i still have clothes to wear and foods to eat. pano yung iba na wala na talagang pag-asa sa pinas? i grew up with a father i see once a year because he himself is an OFW in KSA. mahirap for the family pero kailangan dahil hindi naman mataas ang tinapos ng papa ko and making it in pinas is close to impossible. kung hindi siya nag-OFW, sa kangkungan na siguro kame pupulutin. in my experience, worth it naman lahat ng sacrifices ng family because the good results overpowers the negative aspect of it.

    i like your posts by the way. link kita ha?! 🙂

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