Posted by: Leah | July 27, 2006

What’s for dinner???

“Mommy I like longanisa…”
That’s what my daughter asked for lunch the other day. I did not have longanisa , so I said she can have tocino instead. I guess, she likes the sweetness of it. So that’s what I cooked for her. I’ve had this in my freezer for the longest time. I was contemplating giving it to my cousin so she can cook it and feed to the kids when Samantha comes over to their house. I dont like to eat too much fatty meat this days. Part of my diet plan…

In a house like mine where my husband’s taste palate is more on the bland side. Where taste comes from either catsup or mustard, I find it difficult to decide what to make for dinner. Its a good thing its summer , so there’s the BBQ, always ready for any meat or fish to grill. My hubby is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He is a very picky eater. Does not like chinese food, italian food, filipino food. Will only have what he’s used to. Its easy to make what he likes, its just a pain sometimes. He does more cooking than I do so I let him decide. I just say ok, that’s fine. I sometimes wish he has the same taste buds as I do – more on the risky side to try new dishes. But he is what he is and I can not change that. He laughs that I put peanut butter for cooking; kare-kare , mmm my favourite (yeah, that’s the only special Filipino dish i can really cook well).

On the other hand, my daughter loves rice. Nasanay kay lola. She likes the Filipino dishes like Sinigang and adobo. She is picky in her little way. But at least she has more variety than her dad.

I’m glad she likes the taste of Filipino food. That way I have company when eating all these Pinoy foods. Mind you , I dont have them often at home. I do have them though when I visit my nanay, my sister’s and ofcourse any Pinoy gathering.

I love food. But I had to cut down my intake since my cholesterol got bad last year. Good news , I had a blood test done last week and my doctor said my cholesterol is back to normal. Well, I have worked hard for it. Diet and exercise. Still on it. I’ll write more about this struggle on another post.

What about you, what’s your favourite dish? Are you in a mix marriage (married to a non-Pinoy) as well? Do you struggle with cooking? I’d love to hear your thougths.



  1. Well, if you’ll ask me, my all-time favorite is chiken and pork(mixed)Adobo. I also like pochero..Ginisang Munggo, and Pinakbet…hay daming masarap e…too bad I can’t eat them all in one sitting…

  2. kare-kare ngayon pang-ulam namin, tapos may alamang kaming nabili sa asian store kaya lang lemon pamiga namin (wala kasing kalamansi dito).
    bayaw ko at hipag nagluto nito, pareho kasi kami ni mrs. na hindi marunong magluto.
    Click din mga pansit nila at mga pinoy dessert kahit sa mga puti dito pag naghahanda sila. kaya rin nilang gumawa ng chicharon, pandesal, siopao, kutsinta, brazo de mercedes. nakakagutom.

  3. my favorite dish??? hmm a lot! pinaka is sinigang na baboy and beef steak ni mama, hehe.. miss her luto 😦 …

    as of now medyo nangangapa pa din ako sa pagluluto, madalas pa-cham (tsamba) mga luto ko..

    about sa isang ques mo, if mix marriage or what… ummm, single pa ko eh, hahaha.

  4. My wife has culinary skills so I really have no problem with it. We always eat filipino food even here in Singapore as long as it is at home, where she cook most of the meals. Nakakataba nga lang talaga.

    I love all the dishes she makes, especially dry chicken adobo and pork stew.

    My son on the other hand is not fond of eating just anything else. He only like crispy foods, which are of course, fried. Anything else he don’t want. And he eat very little. Good thing there’s milk. 🙂

  5. You’ve been hello’d in accordance with the Michelle Agnew blog.

    Helloooooooooo Nurse!

  6. welocome to michele’s in accord with tradition for new visitors – you will now be stalked. HEHE do you like spiders?

  7. Hello, visiting from Michele’s. I’m not in a mixed marriage – and not Filipino – but I suspect I’d like Filipino food. My daughter lived in Korea for two years and complains our food is too bland. But my husband doesn’t like things like capsicums and my youngest son is very picky
    One thing we are all agreed on, you can never have too much ginger.

  8. got a good recipe for lumpia?

  9. Hi, here via Michele tonite. We’re not Filipino, but the food certainly sounds delicious! Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. hello all, your favourites all sound so good. I have tasted someof them in my lifetime. Wouldn’t mind to taste them again.

    I visited this cool blog: and got a few visits.

    To my Michele senders,
    keep blogging and thanks for the visit.

    Shane, check out the Pinoy cook for a lumpia recipe:

  11. I struggle with cooking because when I come home in the evenings I’m tired and cooking is the last thing I want to do! We eat mainly chicken and fish around here. It’s probably healthier too!

  12. Oh yeah, here from Michele’s!

  13. HI LEAH!
    I was totally impressed with what I saw in Mississauga. Ang linis and ang ganda! Tahimik pa. It certainly is a perfect place to raise a family.

    Sure, I will link you as wel

  14. OOohhh someone mentioned lumpia. I LOVE lumpia. Yeah, do you have a recipe???

    Michele says Hello.

  15. hi Leah, hello to a co-Filipino blogger from Canada…so its been 12 years for you, but for us, its just 22 months only, enjoying everything, especially our still being Filipino, inside and out. keep on blogging!

  16. Uy ate! My favorites are Bulalo and Chicken Inasal and Lechon baboy! Alam mo naman before na hindi ako marunong magluto di ba? I don’t even know how wash plates! Pero nung mapunta na ako sa UAE natutunan ko lahat. Now that I’m here in Ireland na, I have a reputation of being a good cook(filipino foods lang) kaya pag may parties dito laging may request na paluto sa akin,minsan nga naiinis na ako kasi imbes na aattend na lang ako,kelangan ko pa magluto! My specialties nga pala: Chicken Inasal, sisig and palabok. Pag nagkita tayo lulutuan kita lahat! hehehe!

  17. hi kuya ronald! sana pagnagkita tayo lutuan mo din ako ng mga specialty mo ok? hehe.. bigla tuloy ako nagutom, waaahh miss ko na yang mga yan eh!

  18. Hi Leah, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I’m in a mixed marriage too. What I did is I slowly poisoned (more like awakened) my husband’s palate by slowly spiking everything he ate with patis! 🙂 hehe! now he eats everything I eat.

    I’ll be linking you, I hope it’s ok.

  19. Thanks for sharing this link. How nice that we both share a passion for eating Kare Kare. How great that you know how to cook it. I don’t really cook and as you may well know, my husband does the cooking in our house. I love his Kare Kare version. You know what I miss … Barrio Fiesta’s Kare Kare. I haven’t been there for a while.

  20. It’s actually nice to eat in Bacolod Chicken here in Manila coz they served good food with matching nice crew

  21. dine in at bacolod chicken for your dinner and you’ll love it

  22. I will try that one. By the way, what’s the Bacolod Chicken Inasal’s specialty.

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