Posted by: Leah | August 5, 2006

Swedish Massage

I just had a 30 minute Swedish Massage and do I feel better.

I’ve been having back pains lately. My work requires me to be in front of the computer for 12 hours and this is taking a toll on my body. This happened too coincedentally to so much time being spent blogging and blog hopping. I should watch myself and do more stretches.

My last massage was 4 years ago when I was all stressed and heavier and my back was in so much pain. I even visited a chiropractor. He did a few adjustments. It worked. And it was good to feel the cracks. It is painful sometimes but its all worth it.

I went to visit my chiropractor again and he did say that I need more adjustments and I have to go see him for more appointments.

The lady who did my massage this afternoon was excellent. Her hand movements were soothing and very relaxing. I feel rejuvenated and my back is more relaxed now. For sure, I have to go back and treat myself again. Maybe a longer one and in a more scenic view like in the picture.

When was the last time you treated yourself? Go ahead, you deserve it.



  1. Hi, from Michele’s….
    Ooooh, those massages are heaven, aren’t they?
    Listen to me…I haven’t had one either in WAY too long. But they sure are great.
    Hope your back will feel better.

  2. This is going to sound very weird but I cannot relax when I get a massage so I just quit doing it. I need to really figure out how to enjoy them.

    Here from Michele

  3. i love massages myself. back in pinas, we go as often as once a month. but the spas here are way too expensive so i just make do with my husband’s not so soothing massages, hahaha.

    try to make time for these massages or any form of relaxation, it detoxifies not only the body but the mind as well.

  4. hi leah,

    once i a while our body needs to be pampered, sarap naman, parang i would also love to have one, now na hehehhe

  5. So lucky naman… I need a massage too 🙂 Paying for such service isn’t a waste of money naman di ba 🙂 It’s nice to give ourselves rewards once in a while 🙂

  6. Hi Terri,
    Thanks for dropping by..yes my back is feeling much better

    at first I was also apprehensive with the massage but I’ve learnet to relax and just give in and enjoy it. Hope you get to that stage soon enough.

    Gracita, Cielo and Ms. Sayote Queen,

    syempre naman, sarap mag-pamper ng sarili… so go ahead take the time and the money to do it. All worth IT.

  7. Great for you!!!

    I’ve had my first Thai massage too last month. And I didn’t go there just because I wanted to but because Jean wanted to have one and she wanted me to be there too. She got this discount voucher from the Great Singapore Sale and wanted to try out the massage.

    It’s been a lifetime since i got a massage and i hesitantly agreed.(as if I have a choice).

    It was in a Thai spa. Man it was really painful at first. and I’m not really that comfortable lying on my chest naked. But when they started putting all those oils and aroma herbs, wow…

    I guess we’re going again next week. 🙂

  8. Hi Rey,
    Good for you and your wife… Have fun again.

  9. Mahal na nga ang magpa massage dito, sige pag uwi ko nlang sa pinas… buhay reyna dun! heheh1

  10. Ooo a massage! How lovely! I hope it rejuvenates you! Hi from Michelle!

  11. Hi, first time here!

    Is swedish massage good? I havent tried it! Im into thai and shiatsu massage! painful at first but once your body got used to it, it’s great!

  12. I guess I’m utterly conventional, but I’ve never had a real massage. Reading your words, however, makes me want to change that. And soon. It sounds soooo relaxing.

    Happy sigh…

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