Posted by: Leah | August 9, 2006

an afternoon at the beach

Summer in Canada (at least here in Toronto and near area) is heating up. Last week, I wrote this at the beach…..

It is a hot, hot, and humid day. The family decided to go and cool down at the beach. We always like to go to Cobourg, a nice little town has this beautiful beach.

The beach is packed. Families are here and kids, yes lots of them, mostly teens. Well, school’s out, so where else are they going to hang out on a hot day.

After setting up the tent, we went straight for the water. Oh, it was cold. How cold? About as cold as the bottled water that you just got out of your fridge. It was cold and it jolts you but as soon as you take the plunge, you wouldn’t mind staying in though. It was cool and refreshing. Smashing the waves, jumping and playing was real fun. The coolness of the water brings me back to our makeshift tent on the sand under the shade of a tree. The warmth of the sun and the sand is a good feeling after the cold splash.

People of all ages are trying to get some sun tanning while I hide under the tent to take shade. I’m more than tanned enough myself so I decide to stay and write. I’ll just transcribe this later to the PC so all of you can read my muni-muni (thoughts). I took some photos and you can see the different kinds of people enjoying the sunny day.

I’m people watching . There is a lady in front of me and she has some pretty tattoo’s on her back and her ankle. Oh there’s that father and son playing baseball catch. And the teens, the boys are trying to catch the girls to untie the knots on their bikini. So many giggles…Kids making sand castles….

Dad and daughter are having fun now in the water. I wanted to go back with them but I’m afraid to leave the camera behind even if it will be inside the bags. There are kids all over the and they might have seen me taking pictures and took note of the camera. Well, who can you trust these days.

Finished my thoughts, oh well…i’ll go back in anyways. It will be a short one this time.

So the camera was intact as proof of the photos above…More summer fun posts coming so keep visiting.Let me know how you are enjoying your summer, if it is summer where you are.



  1. It sounds like a wonderful time. I just got back from the beach myself, but the water in South Carolina was not the least bit cool. Great picture of your shoes in the sand.

  2. la bang close up nung mga nag-sun-sunbathing? hihihi

  3. I am enjoying my summer by staying inside with air conditioning as much as possible…boring, I know.

    Michele says hi!

  4. I love the beach. It has been a dear friend to me my entire life.

    cheers from Michele

  5. Your description of the cold water reminds me of Lake Superior and the beaches along the North Shore Drive.

    It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all and you captured it with both the camera and your words.

    Here by way of Michelle

  6. Isn’t it just wonderful lazing out in the beach and watching people Leah? You get to enjoy nature, have a little solitude (when the kids are playing), and just chill. 🙂 I do find it strange though in beaches outside the Philippines and Asia where though the weather is warm, the water is very cold. 🙂

  7. It looks like a fun day. I am not really a beach lover but I can enjoy a good swim in the waves.

  8. You describe the experience in an almost magical way, Leah. Our own Great Lakes experiences – typically Port Stanley on Erie and Grand Bend on Huron – are remarkably similar, so I felt on familiar territory as I read your entry.

    You’ve reminded me that we need to get our munchkins to the beach. We’re overdue.

    Pictures and observations to follow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Summer here in the Middle east is soooo hot, we prefer to stay in-doors watch TV or play with the kids. I miss summer in the philippines, the beach, the food, the warmth of pinoy hospitality saka relatives & friends =D

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day.

    Here via Michele’s

  11. Stopping by to say hello…

    I LOVE beach days, and although I do not recall having ever visited the beach in Cobourg, it does sound wonderful. This past summer I went to Wasaga Beach several times and yes, even the Toronto beaches – although I did not swim in Lake Ontario.

    It truly does sound like you had a wonderful day. I am already missing the hot days of summer.

    Have a glorious weekend.

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