Posted by: Leah | August 19, 2006

Is there romance after marriage?

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with my husband on our way home:

Leah: Honey, did we ever carved our names on a tree?
Hubby: I don’t know , why do you ask?
Leah: Nothing, just wanted to know (actually I wanted to answer one of the meme I’ve recently read). I thought we did before, when we were dating. Hmmn, maybe it wasn’t a tree, I think we did on a ledge somewhere in a botanical garden.
Hubby: Oh yeah, that was probably the Botanical garden in Burlington
Leah: I think we should find a tree and carve our names there, we can even include our daughter’s name.

Hubby: 3 years dating and 7 years of marriage ; now what for?
Leah: Where’s the romance here?
Hubby: Ask your married girlfriends if their husbands are still romantic, for no reason or occasion….
Leah: Ok, I will…….
I want find out from anyone and tell me some details…
ladies: when was the last time your partner was romantic towards you ?
gents: when was the last time you were romantic towards your partner?
p.s. romance? meaning no strings attach (if there were – yahoo, good for you)
e.g flowers, chocolates..etc


  1. Well, I have to admit. I told him that on Valentine’s Day I didn’t want gifts but that we should write each other letters and he wrote me a poem. I thought that was pretty good. I’m lucky that way. Keep working on him – he’ll get the hint.

    Michele sent me and I’m glad. Hi from Wisconsin!

  2. Hi Leah. I know I’m the wrong gender for this question, but I’ll make the effort to respond because I think being romantic in any relationship is the responsibility of both partners.

    Not a day goes by that my wife and I aren’t romantic in some way to each other. We express it in small ways. From looking at each other a certain way to brusing past each other in the kitchen, we never miss an opportunity to let the other know just how we feel.

    All those little moments translate into a blessed marriage with my best friend in the world.

    I know it sounds corny. But it works for us. And we’ve just celebrated 14 years of marriage with three insanely unique kids.

  3. My husband opening the car door for me, helping me out of the car… sometimes his being protective of me is romantic. Sometimes it’s not. *L* We both have different measures of romance! Kakainis minsan but I know the love’s still there. 🙂

  4. I give my husband $5/day allowance 🙂 but he still managed to give me a sapphire necklace for Valentine’s Day. I find that he’s also more romantic when we’re on vacation because it’s a big change from daily life.

  5. Karen: that is so romantic
    Carmi: you are one great guy….
    Toni: sure thing, romance is measured differently by each partner, not always at par to a woman’s point of view, but oh well, we’ll take whatever we can…
    Toe: maybe your husband has a magic wallet (he!he!) but that was utterly romantic..

    In fairness to my hubby, I suppose he does have his moments.

    Romance gets over rated sometimes with what we read and see. It still is and will always be about LOVE in the end.

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