Posted by: Leah | August 29, 2006

The Magic is in YOU

I just came back from the 3 day conference for PartyLite in Montreal. It was a great event attended by 1351 people, mostly women. There were talks, awards, a gala night, great food, fabulous entertainment, gifts, surprises and many, many more. The fall and holiday line was unveiled . It was gorgeous and I’m sure will be a hit with the customers. It is amazing to see how so many women succeed in this business. As long as you put your heart into it and set goals, you are sure to move to wherever you want to be. And it is wonderful to know how much support we can get from the company. As I’ve heard and learnt again and again, “You are in a business for yourself , but not by yourself.”

There are some points that caught my attention and I want to share it here:

  • Decide and Commit and then Succeed
  • Success is in the DOING – its all about the effort
  • Wishes changes nothing, decision changes everything
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Shoot for the Moon, if you miss it…you’ll still land in the STARS
  • Make one little choice that changes everything
  • The Magic is now, the Magic is Here, the Magic is YOU!

I can relate and apply all of the above not only to my business but to myself , my full time job, my family and everything I do.

So have you found the Magic yet?



  1. I like the pillar picture you posted and ofcourse your post, a commitment to make is such a hard task to accomplish, we really need the effort to achieve this goals inorder to succeed. I still am trying to look for that Magic, I let you know if I find it, for the mean time I’ll ponder to what you’ve shared on your very magical points…

  2. I haven’t tried to put up a business yet but I will keep these in mind, thanks for sharing Leah! Goodluck to your business and I’m sure with all your effort, love and passion on what you do you will succeed. Have a nice day and clients hunting!

  3. bloghopping…

    nice pointers you’ve got here. i’m sure these helpful tools in staying good with the business.

  4. I must admit I’m happy working for a salary..great post though (I left a comment on the meme, too)

  5. true… for me it doesn’t matter whether your a girl or a boy… if you’re in for a business go for it! –> “You are in a business for yourself , but not by yourself.”


    God bless!

  6. It’s amazing that that many people could sell candles.

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