Posted by: Leah | September 1, 2006

Book reviews

I recently finished reading 2 books and I would highly recommend them. Both are good reads. Maybe classified as a nice chic-literature. Compare it to a chick-flick movie.
First book is called The Devil Wears Prada – coincidentally, this novel has been made into a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. I have not seen the movie so I will await this when it comes out on DVD. I know I can get a pirated version but I’d rather see a clear picture and enjoy the movie just like I enjoyed the book. I can’t imagine how a boss can be so evil and every one she pays for as an employee seems to follow her every voice and command. I’m sure there are real bosses like her in real life but I will never last a day being in such position as the main character. Read this book , it will certainly keep you up to date on how fashion works behind the scenes. I don’t know about the movie but I always find that you always get more out of reading. For a good read on what the story is about. Read this.
The second book is called The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. I found this book funny yet touching. It hits you home with its realities and it makes you laugh on some of its absurdities. I like the romance content of it as well as the main character’s dilemma and conviction to uphold the truth. Read here for more on the story.
I like the way Kinsella wrote this story so I bought a second book called Can you keep a secret?
I will let you know if I liked it or not.



  1. sipag mo palang magbasa ng libro, keep it up. sana ako din sipagin 😉

  2. try ko hanapin din yung dvd ng mga nabanggit mo para makarelate ko 😉

  3. I’ve got to start getting more books in audio format for my iPod. It’s the only way I’d find the time to finish them!

    I need another vacation so I can catch up on my “for fun” reading.

  4. nakita ko trailer ng movie mukhang maganda =D tC and have a great week ahead to you

  5. Hello Michele sent me. I’ve heard of both of those but haven’t read them.

  6. I have moods when it comes to reading! Sometimes I don’t have the urge to start tamad ksi. I love reading fiction story, about psychology, suspense and thriller !

    Happy reading !

  7. I love both books! They’re light reading and amusing.

    “The Devil Wears Prada” appealed to me ebcause while I am not a fashionista, I do like taking a peek into the glamorous world of fashion! The book allowed me to do that. I also loved Andrea’s character. I grew with her as I read the book. The movie is also good. It remained faithful to the essence of Weisenberger’s story, even if some details were different. Galing, galing.

    “The Undomestic Goddess” is awesome! I could relate to the lead character (whose name I’ve forgotten though). It’s great how the reader struggles with ehr in the beginning then triumphs with her as she learns how to bake a cake from scratch. Galing!!!

    I’ve read “Can You Keep A Secret?” as well. It’s also very light reading; something that can help de-stress you after a long, busy day.

    Keep those book recos coming!

  8. I guess the last book I read was Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones”.
    … and that was even almost two years ago! I miss that simple pleasure.

  9. hi there, thanks for dropping-by my blog :)—am planning to watch the movie soon. friends told me kaaliw daw eh.

    enjoy the pampering!

  10. ooops! that was me, justice (

  11. i’ve read and watch the devils wears prada both are good with slight difference.

    havent read The Undomestic Goddess, i’ll try it next time.

  12. ay! i am sooo late, gotta watch this pa…waaah!

    justice here pala.

  13. thanks for droppin’ by my site.

    Ohh.. Sophie Kinsella is the best chick flick writer (for me) I fell in love with her books when I read one of the shopaholic series (Shopaholic ties the knot) when I was engaged 2 years ago.. todate I have read all her 6 books and I glad to have found her. Her next book (5th installment of the shopaholic series) will be out next year.. Can’t wait!

    I’m sure you’ll love Can you keep a secret? if you enjoyed reading Undomestic Goddess. 🙂

    ~ mrs. pektus /

  14. the book is better than the movie though meryl streep as always is divine.

  15. Oh, I think we both love chick-lit Leah. I read quite a lot too. Unfortunately, we don’t have very nice bookstores here. I still have to go to Bangkok for my books. Fortunately, my sister lent me quite a lot and I bought a lot too in my last trip in Bangkok so I have quite a few books lined up to read. Hmmm… mai-blog din nga ‘yon. 🙂

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