Posted by: Leah | September 11, 2006

Blue Moon

Is True Love forever? Does First Love never die?

Here is one man’s quest to dance with the woman he loves. I just finished watching Blue Moon . I had tears in my eyes and was emotional as I follow the story of Manuel and Corazon. It is enchanting and romantic, absorbing, poised and poignant, a well made Filipino film worth watching ; especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me.

Blue Moon was an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival and won the Best Picture accolade at the festival awards ceremony.

This movie features the song “Blue Moon” originally sang by Rodgers and Hart . However, the rendition of this band “The Orange and Lemons” is quite refreshing. This is definitely my new favourite song.



  1. Is True Love forever? Does First Love never die?

    I think the answer is yes. But of course you need to nurture & protect it. Maybe if you are lucky it even grows over time…

  2. Is this a new movie? I haven’t watched any filipino movie for ages. Last yata napanuod ko was “Muro-ami”.

  3. sino ba di ma i inlove sa blue moon na yan 🙂

    mapanood nga yang movie na sinabi mo, napalabas na ba yan o ipapalabas pa lang?

  4. one of the better Pinoy films to come out. pardon the lack of creativity on some scenes, but definitely the storyline and acting was great.

    I also reviewed the same film a month ago…

  5. Leah, Michele sent me. Blue Moon (in its original form) is one of my favorites too. I would like to hear the Orange and Lemons version.

  6. hi leah!

    thanks for dropping by and the encouraging words. sure, go ahead and use the capture.

    God bless!


  7. hi leah,

    it’s me again, hahaha. you can also grab the capture from, browse through my set entitled “sunrise, sunset”


  8. wow looks like a very nice film you’ve watched.

    i say yes to true love is forever, but hmmm fist love die for me

  9. I’m back from a days vacation! Wow I should see this movie! Kaso baka matatagalan pa kasi Filipino film sya eh wala akong TFC channel if in case:(! Thanks for sharing Lea…pagbalik ko sa Pinas I’m will surely rent the DVD 😉

  10. ako din, isang balde yata ang luha ko watching this movie.

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