Posted by: Leah | September 19, 2006

A little boy’s wish

Please read on at the end of post for an update to the email I sent…
I found out about this 3 year old boy named Pyro suffering from lung cancer a month or so ago. I read about his situation and my heart cried out for him and for his parents. I just read his story but I did nothing. Today I read a fellow blogger’s entry and somehow it triggered me to do something this time around.
I went to the site for this big guy Pyro really wants to meet named Batista.

Friends, relatives, bloggers and strangers to Pyro are rallying behind a wish that will make a little boy happy. Please help in making it happen.

Here’s what his aunt wrote on her blog:

“I think because I was crying all the time for the past few days, my husband thought to start an e-mail movement to get in touch with whoever CAN make
Pyro’s wish happen: to be visited, or to meet Batista.

Personally, I don’t really think Pyro would mind if it was Undertaker or John Cena who he meets (and actually, he might be too tongue-tied or scared if he does meet one of his wrestler idols) so long as he meets one of them. It’s a cute wish really,
made by a 3-year old… and it’s not like he spends all his waking moments
asking for his wish to be granted (because right now, all he does is eat boiled
eggs and rest).

It’s a long shot. So far, we’ve gotten e-mails telling us that they have forwarded the e-mail to someone who CAN help (sports writer for Inquirer, and someone who works for GMA’s Wish Ko Lang).

Ask and you shall receive… 🙂 And we really hope Py will be rewarded somehow by something… to inspire him to fight some more.”

I wrote an email (its the littlest thing I can do) to Sue Aitchison who is the Manager, Community Relations World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and the The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Chris Greicius Awards, Celebrity Wish Granter of the Year.
Hopefully she will read my email and take a note of this little boy’s wish. They do not really accept emails for any charitable requests. I will fax this entry to her as well.
A response from Sue:

Thank you for sending this on. We receive many requests for meetings and in order to complete the most amount of meets in the fairest way we are partnered with Make-A-wish and all requests go through them. If you have a way of contacting this child’s parents you should refer them to 1-800-722-9474. This is the Make-A-Wish national office; they will be able to refer the family to a local chapter in their area where if the child
qualifies, and it seems from our e-mail that he will, they will grant the family a wish. I hope this information helps.



  1. Michele sent me to see you, Leah.

    There’s just so many desperately ill people out there that it’s hard to pull for them all. It’s worse with kids, of course. My boss is a suggical oncologist and while most of her patients are old, there’s still some in their 20s and younger and their plight is just so much sadder that at times you just have to block it all out. I don’t know how the nurses in hospices can handle it.

  2. It breaks my heart every time I hear stories about kids having cancer…good luck to Pyro, such a sweet little boy. Michele sent me this morning.

  3. GOd bless your kindness, I am sure the efforts will not be in vain 🙂

    praying for the recovery and healing from sickness

  4. here’s my promise to include pyro in my prayers 😀 and may your kindness be blessed with fruitfulness as well. – oggie

  5. It is terrible to think of poor dear Pyro with cancer….I sure wish I knew someone in that world of wrestlers…but I don’t. I pray that his wish comes true.

    Here from Michele’s this early A.M.

  6. Hi Leah, thanks so much for spreading the word on Pyro’s wish. I hope he gets his wish to meet his wrestling idol. Most of all, i wish this blasted cancer will leave him alone.

  7. I will put him in my prayers.
    Make a Wish Foundation does some wonderful work.

    I was once told that sick children are God’s angels. They have lived a full life before and are here willingly to teach us lessons. It makes it a bit easier to deal with the pain.

  8. Michele sent me. Amazing that even humanitarian efforts have become beurocratic. Anyway, I applaud you for going the extra mile to help his dream come true. I hope that Make a Wish can come through in time…

  9. Oh, hearing about little Pyro struggling with cancer just breaks my heart. I really hope his wish can be granted!

    Please keep us posted.

  10. thank you so much, for doing so much already for us, strangers really to you…

    no otehr words can express how truly grateful and humbled we are…

  11. nice job leah 🙂
    bait mo naman pala 🙂

  12. Sana nga mafufill wish ni Pyro. It’s such a simple wish that will make him happy!

  13. Leah, link kita. Thanks for linking me up too!

  14. Hi leah..this is nice..let’s hope pyro’s wish will be granted..something to take away the pain he feels and to see smile on his little face.

    thanks for the link..linking you back. 🙂

  15. Great piece of news! h

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