Posted by: Leah | September 21, 2006

Roses from the Garden

Summer is offically over (well, at least here in Canada and neighbouring countries). Fall is now here. We’ve felt the autumn breeze since September started and yet it is so hard to let go of the beautiful warm weather and the sunny days of good ole summer.

As the last days of summer goes by, I took advantage of picking some roses from our garden (I should say my hubby’s garden since he is the only one who does the tilling, weeding, mowing and etc…etc.., I am just the avid admirer of its abundance and character). These roses smell good, the rose bush has flowered throughout the summer and has continued to grace our garden with its beauty. The roses were placed on my Naturally Modern Votive Holder from PartyLite. It’s displayed right on my hallway.



  1. Beautiful reminder of summer! Michele says hi.

  2. Here from Michele.

    It usually doesn’t really turn cold here until November, the leaves have a hard time turning bright colors, but a few hours away in the mountains it is gorgeous, or will be soon.

    Our roses are still putting out buds, but the tomatoes are done. So now we wait for winter.

  3. mapalad ka sa hubby mo ang sipag mag garden, gaganda ng mga bulaklak.

    kakaiba ang ganda ng kapaligiran kapag fall, ma senti pero oks din sa paningin. wala kasi nyan sa pinas 😉

  4. wish we have the space here to grow roses. you are fortunate your hubby loves gardening.

  5. lovely roses! they look healthy 😉

  6. You know what we do with the roses? After a couple days’ display, we hang it upside down. It dries up naturally: the petals, leaves, stem. And then we use it for crafts or we display it again. 🙂

  7. right ate tapos na nga ang summer, nalamig na naman… ganda ng roses ni kuya ahh, i like it!

  8. The roses are gorgeous! They must smell so sweet too!

  9. same pala tayo, wala rin hilig sa gardening… hehehe

  10. Oh I love flowers pero sila walang hilig sa kin 😦 I don’t have green hands, hay naku I have plants at home pero namamatay sila lagi! Maybe your hubby can share his secrets with me on how to take care of plants and to have blooming flowers too ;)! Have a nice WE Leah !

  11. Wow! You’re so lucky that you have such beautiful roses to pick right from your own garden!

  12. your roses have an amazing colour!

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