Posted by: Leah | October 4, 2006

What’s in a Name?

The chinese writing above is my name written in Chinese which I found here
I love the chinese calligraphy. The way the letters slope is just elegant. My name seems to have a meaning now that I see it in this unique Asian art.

Well my name is Leah and and all I know is my parents chose that name because it starts with the letter “L”. All my sister’s name startes with L as well. My mother’s name is Luz and so all her daughter’s name starts with L and there’s 3 of us. So you can probably imagine how she mixes up our names when she call us. I also have 3 brothers and all there names starts with “F” because my father’s name starts with F as well.

Apparently, Leah is a Hebrew name which means “Weary”. I used to be always tired and stressed out, hmmmn…maybe that’s why?

Don’t you always wanted to know what your name meant? Why were you named as such? Were you named after a special and important person? Does your name have a special meaning?



  1. I don’t think I was named after a special and important person, but I believe I am as important as you sister, ha! ha!…
    Arabic is the origin of my name and it means dark as the night or night beauty. Isn’t it wonderful to know what our name means?…

  2. My mom like Michael Jackson the time when i was born and since i am a girl she game me a name Michelle instead.. I surf the net and i found the meaning of my name “who is like God”, nice right? Sana ganun nga ko 🙂

  3. Leila,
    ganda naman ng meaning ng name mo! si Liza kaya, hanapin mo nga.

    wow , siguro uso yun Thriller nun ano?
    But i like the meaning of your name.

  4. Bakit kaya sinusunod yung names sa certain letters? Yung sa baby namin, Jose Carlos so it starts with J. There’s another side to the story but the J thing was 1 factor. I asked my wife why it has to start with J, sabi nya swerte raw J. I don’t buy it. I think it’s simply because his brothers named their kids starting with J.

  5. I was named after my dad, St. Anthony I think and a beauty queen in the ’70s! I know my name means “unestimable.” Naks diba!

  6. Lhey talaga maganda meaning ng name ko parang ako, he!he! Liza is a Hebrew name like yours but hers it means Consecrated to God, siyanga ba ay talaga!? o baka naman kaya nagkaganun siya 🙂

  7. Mine means a tree, color of the eyes or nut ! Hazel eyes, hazel tree and hazel color! Nothing special but when I saw the meaning in biblical terms meaning either “one that sees God” (Hebrew) or “hazel” (English). The Hebrew name is generally male while the English name is generally female. ;).

  8. I was named after the hospital where I was born, my mother told me. It was a hasty decision because my lola wanted her to name me after the saint on the calendar, which my mother didn’t like.

    My 3 boys are all named R. Their father is also an R. My sister and I are both Cs. 🙂

  9. My name means what it is. 🙂
    Interesting link with the Chinese letters. I was watching TV last night, and learned there are more than 40,000 letters used in the Chinese language. Wow.
    Fun post.

    Michele says hello!

  10. My name means LIGHT and I was named after my grandma’s 6th child had she not finished at 5 kids (assumes a 3rd male child of course) But for real fun with names, check out my series on rubio’s

  11. I was named after my two great grandfathers Lino and Nicanor.

  12. Isn’t it great to look at.
    That was really interesting.

  13. pauL –> it’s my nickname… sabi ng mo ko yung pastor daw namin yung nagbigay nun.. real name ko? secret… hehehe…

    thanks for the comment!

  14. Ako maganda rin meaning ng pangalan ko,gusto niyo malaman Lhay and Misyel? Tingnan niyo sa google! hehehe! Pero sasabihin ko rin sa inyo yung isa pang meaning ng pangalan ko, heto: Ronald = kamukha ni Aga Muhlach (hehehe!)

    Sa iba pong makakabasa nito, biro lang po yun at niyayabangan ko lang po itong mga kyut kong pinsan.

  15. i suppose i was named after an ancient King, or a shepherd, or both. I am something in between the two

  16. Well BUMMER, Maverick & Moon are not listed. 😦 Oh well. It was cool to look, though.

    I was named after by celestially-inclined mother.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, came to check out yours! 🙂

  17. I’m named after my Lola (not the name Toe though… my real name). I used to hate it because it really sounds like the name of a Lola. 🙂

    I like the name Leah… simple and feminine.

  18. My name means “my vineyard” in Hebrew. I don’t drink much, so I’m not quite sure how the name connects to me. Still, I love having a unique name: as a writer in the age of Google, it sets me apart and makes me easy to find.

    My middle name, Zvi, is Hebrew for “gazelle”. This one makes sense: I’ve always excelled at individual speed sports: running, swimming, cycling. I move fast in a linear direction, so maybe I should swap names.

    Leah, incidentally, is one of my favorite names. It’s so poetic.

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