Posted by: Leah | October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Do you believe on the luck/bad luck of Friday the 13th?

I don’t.

Some people would rather not drive just in case they get into an accident, some don’t want to get married since its an unlucky day. Other’s would simply stay at home to avoid whatever mishaps could happen.

Me, I’d like to blog about the thirteen places I wish I could be right now….

1. Eiffel Tower
I want to see the sunrise in Paris from here.

2. Disney Land
For my daughter and ofcourse for me too.

3. Empire State Building
A must when you visit NewYork (right Toe?)

4. Banaue Rice Terraces
Just a beauty

5. Great Wall of China
There are a lot of intersting places I would visit in China if I were to go there and the great wall is a start.

6. The Rockies
This is only place in this list that I have been to (Canmore, Lake Louise, Lake Morraine and Banff – i would love to see it again – it was an AWESOME experience). The above picture was taken at Lake Morraine

7. Boracay
definitely a MUST see when I go back to the Philippines

8. Great Pyramid of Giza
I want to get amazed of this Anceient wonder face to face

9. Venice, Italy
A romantic gondola ride with the one I love.

10. The Stonehedge
One of the mysteries of the world, it’ll be interesting to see.

11. Japan
I want to see the beautiful places Japan has to offer

12. Hawaii
I want to dance the hula and get lei’d

13. Alaska
I want to whale watch and maybe see some igloos

If the 13th is a special day for you (birthday, anniversaries, etc), then you are tagged.



  1. Michele sent me, Leah.

    It didn’t even occur to me that it was Friday the 13th until I read it on your post. Uh-oh!

    I love the picture you have there on top of your post, Leah. It looks a lot like a picture I took 3 years ago. As for the places you mention, almost every one I’d like to go to and I’ve only been to 3 of them so far. Maybe someday I’ll get to the others…

  2. I started the most amazing trip of my life on a Friday the 13th… In my case, I’m starting to believe that they actually bring good luck !

    Michele sent me ; have a great weekend !

  3. The Canadian Rockies are lovely. Chateau Lake Louise is my favorite all time hotel. And I could sit in the hot springs at Banff for hours on a snowy day like today.

  4. Lot of places you want to be right now!
    Friday the 13th was a VERY lucky day for me! 🙂

  5. I also want to go to Hawaii (great weather) and the ancient Pyramids of Giza. 🙂 I was married on July 13… not a Friday though.

  6. I’d want to travel to the very spot where you took this picture. Just beautiful.

    My favorite trip: home, to rejoin my family after a business trip. I love having that ahead of me as I journey through anonymous airports.

  7. I think I would love to visit each of the places you mentioned.

    I really enjoyed the picture you included. Great view!

  8. You might want to add the North and South Poles to your list. I got a chance to see them both in the same year and it was awesome, like another planet…surreal! You’re a sentimental dreamer Leah, like me.

  9. I’m planning a trip to Scotland, where my ancestors came from. I’d love to go to the Orkneys, north of Scotland. There are prehistoric sites there as mysterious and wonderful as Stonehenge.
    I was born on the thirteenth, so I count Friday the 13th as a lucky day. It’s Sunday here now though, so a bit late for the tag.
    Michele sent me

  10. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building, walked on the fields of the Banaue Rice Terraces, experienced Boracay and have been enticed by Venice…but I know that none of those can beat the feeling I would have if I get to visit the Rockies! I envy you for having been there, I would really love to see nature’s beauty up close and personal.

    The closest I have been to it is a calendar given to me by a good friend. *sigh*

  11. cool yang mga napili mo, out of 13 places na nabanggit mo 3 pa lang napuntahan ko. Eiffel, Stonehedge, at Japan. YUng Disneyland too close… fully book sila nung nasa gate kami. sana magkasalubong tayo sa great wall of china.

    di rin ako naniniwala sa badluck or anything with luck. lahat ng nagyayari merong connection sa buhay na tinatahak natin 🙂

  12. I don’t believe in bad luck either. I’ve never been to any of the places in your list but I would love to go to each one. I’m really wanting so much to go to The Rockies since I’m here in Canada. 🙂

  13. Bagsak ako sa 13 list mo. Tatlo lang nag napuntahan ko dyan.

    -Great Wall of China
    – The Pyramids of Egypt

    But hope we can finally go to disneyland this december.

  14. Hay naku since I live in France apparently I went to see Eiffel Tower! Even Boracay sariling atin di ko pa napuntahan coz it’s last on our list! Medyo masyadong commercialized na daw but I’m sure soon I get to see Boracay too!

  15. i also would love to try riding the gondolas of venice with my husband. 🙂

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