Posted by: Leah | October 18, 2006

Nature walk

trees1 - fall walksam and daddy 1- fall walk
mushrooms - fall walkfallen leaves - fall walk

These photos were taken last Thanksgiving day (Oct 9 here in Canada).
The family finally had the chance to go for a walk and we had a nice stroll by the Greenwood conservation area .

The weather was great and it was definitely a picture perfect time. I did not bring my digital camera so all the pictures above were taken from my cell phone camera, which turned out OK.



  1. that’s what makes Canada a great place. even a nearby conservation area is a lovely place to commune with nature. one thing important to bring always – is one’s camera 🙂

  2. Pictures take from your celfone is not bad! A walk sometimes with family is just perfect for the day to gain tranquility and lead us to spirituality too (well in my case)! Have a nice day Leah to you and all the family !

  3. A nice autumn walk is always a great one. Especially if it’s shared with family and close friends. 🙂

  4. Leah! Ang ganda nung last photo. So coloful! At yung mushrooms! A sight I only see in Baguio!

  5. i just missed walking in the forest. i must drag frenchguy to go out for a walk, esp now that autumn just started to paint the surroundings red!

  6. I’ve also been taking walks lately. It helps me appreciate the beauty of nature and also gives me time to reflect.

  7. a nice walk with the beautiful nature as a backdrop…perfect! 🙂

  8. sarap maglakad sa forest! makes me want to grab my backpack and head out of town 😀

  9. Sayang walang forest sa Cebu that I know of….

  10. parang relaxing jan ah! 🙂

  11. wow! nice. sana makapunta ako dyan kahit na in my dreams lang. hehe

  12. Hi Leah!

    nice to meet you and thank you for the comment you left me in my post. 🙂

    Yeah,they are ok,in fact,theyre beautiful.

    You are in Canada,right?I think you better check some pics from “boonies”somewhere in Canada.

    Pls check his blog,you can relate I think 😀

    thanx!happy weekend to you! 🙂

  13. Occasionally, I miss my cool early autumn treks of long ago through the woods and fields of Central Michigan. I used to be able to wander for hours without seeing a soul and I’m sure it can be like that there in Canada. Not so here… its never cooly crisp, except for maybe up in Baguio or Sagada, and there are people no matter where you go.

  14. Hi Leah, I enjoyed your walk through the country too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by…. there must still be a lot of wooded areas like this in Ajax huh? Well, as the saying goes, Ontario your’s to discover…. cheers from the west side….Mississauga 🙂

  15. ang saya naman nyan leah 🙂 curious ako bakit kayo naglakad noong thanks giving day? hehehehhe parang tanga ang tanong ko ano? 🙂

  16. Junnie..yes, there’s alot of places nearby that we can explore…I’ll be posting more pictures soon taken with the camera:o)

    Haze and Rey…we try to always spend some quality time and twas a perfect moment then.

    Watson…Thanks..miss ko na nga ang Baguio.

    Analyse…take the time now before all the leaves disappear.

    Nicehaeart…true, so do I.

    Gracita….Truly perfect.

    Oggie….there’s lots of places there that you can take us with the photos you post. We’ll see it then..

    Linnor…siguro naman meron..just keep exploring. But then again, you have the most gorgeous beaches.


    Richard…I’m sure you’ll get the chance soon enough.

    Ghee…thanks for visiting too. I went to see Angelo

    Hi Angelo..hopefully all these new housing will not take over these wooded areas. I’ll link you ok?

    Phil…well, at least you can go to Baguio and have some nice and cool crisp air. People? well they’re all over I know. Just have to find the perfect time. We bumped into lots of them during this walk. Seems like a favourite amongst dog owners.

    Melai…may time pa kasi before thanksgiving get-together kay nag-lakad muna. Para ma tagtag bago kumain (he!he!)

  17. lovely pics, I love autumn! 🙂

  18. Ah, that explains it… I rarely walked trails or paths. I’m what some might call a bush-whacker; I’d head off the beaten path to get away from those who walk the beaten path. Make sense?

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