Posted by: Leah | October 21, 2006

A little boy’s wish comes true

A month ago I wrote a post of Pyro’s wish and I knew in my heart that his wish will come true.
He wanted to meet Batista from WWE and he did. This celebrity wrestler carried him in his arms and made the little boy’s wish come true.

Is it through the magic of blogging, of media, of friendship , prayers or simply a wish upon a star granted by someone up above?

Well, whatever it is…it finally came true. Go to Pyro’s aunt’s blog and get more details.

To all who dropped by and commented and said a prayer for this wish to come true, THANK YOU.

To Pyro and his family…my prayers are always with you. May more blessings come your way as this wish opens the door to more help and atention.



  1. wow ang galing talaga ng blogging and prayers. happy to hear that Pyro’s dream came to pass!

  2. God is good. All the time!

  3. I agree with my fellow blogger, galing ng nagagawa ng blog and prayer.. 🙂

  4. nice at kasama ka sa nagbigay katuparan sa hiling ni Pyro 🙂

  5. amen. 🙂

  6. Blogging is sharing ang learning :)! Good day Leah 🙂

  7. prayer, blogging, and people who care. How can he lose? WE all did it, Leah!! Next wish to be granted is that Pyro finally gets well.

    Have a great week!

  8. we’re cooking something up for Py again… but i don’t want to say anything more on the matter kasi masyado pa maaga…

    but again, it’s a blogger friend who is walking the extra mile for us…

    and again, i am amazed… like what i told her… gaya dun sa Sound of Music… somewhere in my youth, or childhood, i must have done something good… to have such great friends… to be getting such great love… for me, for my nephew hwo i love so much…

    God is good…

    and I am thankful for the people who did his work for him…

    thank you sis… indeed, you’re one of those who helped make the dream a reality…

    so now, we dare dream bigger 🙂

  9. that’s really great news! God really work miracles, especially through people like you. 😀

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