Posted by: Leah | November 6, 2006

What’s in your bag?

I’ve been using this bag for about a month now , it was a gift from my mother when she came back from her visit in the States. I like it bacause it’s roomy and I can put lots of stuff in it. There’s organizer pockets too which helps when looking for stuff around.

So here’s what I’ve got inside mine.
– my lipstick and lip gloss (I ususally have a makeup bag but I’ve gotten lazy carrying this I decided to keep it under the sink)…Hmmn, I should start carrying it again, maybe edit it a little.
– cell phone
– wallet (a very heavy one)
– eyeglasses (prescription sunglasses)
– my pager for work
– my work ID
– keys
– napkins
– hair clips
– throat candies (I’ve got a cold)

I sometimes add more to this and my bag is so heavy I try to declutter once in a while (I have of course receipts, papers, daytimer, catalogues and many more)

If I were to decide which is most important for me to bring:
I think I can go out with just my keys, my driver’s license, my debit card and my lipstick and I can carry all this in a small pouch…but hey, I have a purse/bag so i’ll use it. He!he!he!

What about you…mind sharing what you have in your bag? Guys somethimes bring bags as well, mind sharing as well?



  1. ako I have my wallet (na walang laman), my handfone, mp3 player at ang walang kamatayang book, pag pocketbook lang ang dala ko syempre small bag lang pero pag malaki sling bag na ga sako ang laki 🙂 ..hmmnn at ang face powder at lipstick …actually recently lang ako natutong magdala niyang dalawang huli, walang car key la akong car e 🙂

  2. I got a wallet, kikay kit (that has the following: lip gloss, lipstick, cheek & lip stain, lotion, contact lens lubricant, untangler comb,hand sanitizer, face powder,feminine wipes, nail file, colonge, lip balm, mascara, toothpaste, toothbrush..what else..ahh, tweezer…dami ba?), calling card case, fan, keys, cellphones, facial tissue, flash drive, tic tac mints, ballpen, receipts and more receipts..

    have a nice day 🙂

  3. Galing nito. Excellent work!

    Would love to do a link exchange!

    Keep up the good work!

    –Nostalgia Manila

  4. Inside my bag is a wallet, a small pouch (kikay kit), my comb, mp3 player, cellphone, a pen, map (just in case makarating ako sa malayo, hehe mahirap na) and hmm thats it! Pag Sunday dala ko bible and a notebook too.

  5. minus the throat candies and pager, pareho tayo ng laman ng bag. add a vanity kit and brush pa. oftentimes, marami ring nagkalat na receipts and coins sa loob.

    i used to have a bulky cellphone and a bulky wallet as well. kaya ang bigat ng bag ko. ang tanong nga ng mom ko sakin: “may bato ba jan sa bag mo?”

  6. Hello Leah!

    Maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa Nostalgia Manila. The link for the Manila Bulletin finally works. Also, linked you up na! Maraming salamat sa link exchange. 🙂

    Bisita ka ulit!
    –Nostalgia Manila

  7. I always wondered why women need big bags to put their stuff in it! 😉

  8. lam ng bag ko laptop at mga gamit pang gym kaya super bulky at mabigat lalo na kung basa na sa pawis yung pinagbihisan ko, hehe.

    mukhang mabigat nga laman ng bag mo, oks na rin para k a na ring nag dumber nyan, hehe. sa akin parang barbell na!

  9. Inside my bag you will find the following ; candies, wallet with pictures and important docs, bank card and metrotrain card, coins, cell phone and cologne !

    Very simple….btw, finished my 4 for friday 😉 ! Thanks and have a nice day ahead Leah !

  10. O.K now I know what women carry in their suitcase(Sorry bag),He!He!He!.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you well

  11. great idea, Leah! Gayahin ko din kaya. Kailangan ko ng post ideas 🙂 I usually have to clean out my purse once a week dahil napupuno ng receipts and other junk/trash.

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