Posted by: Leah | November 9, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

13 or so things that are hanging out on my desk today!

This is at work, so aside from the computer and the phone, here’s what I’ve got
Shhh..i’m not suppose to be blogging at work but oh well…here it goes:

1. A glass vase with a white flower (its made of silk and looks real)
2. a box of tissue
3. a bottle of diet coke (almost finished)
4. my mug (for a hot tea)
5. Tetley Camomile Lemon Herbal Tea can (14 tea bags left inside)
6. Avon basics silicone hand cream
7. my pager
8. post it with my brother’s phone number written on top
9. stapler
10. calendar
11. my lunch bag
12. a picture of a swan
13. my daughter’s picture

so what’s hanging around your desk, you can write a comment here or post about it as well.
Thanks to mysterious lady for the idea.



  1. i don’t have a permanent desk at the office only because i travel so much, but from where i’m sitting, there’s:
    (1) my laptop (where this comment is happening)
    (2) an oversized mug for water
    (3) a short hazelnut latte from Starbucks too cold now to enjoy
    (4) serviettes from Starbucks
    (5) a small plate of pretzels left over from a colleague
    (6) my name card holder
    (7) my cellphone
    (8) papers
    (9) folders
    (10)my oversized bag

    shucks….10 lang!!!

  2. sa akin
    1. water heater, mugs, and coffee
    2. calendar
    3. my pc
    4. files
    5. bag
    6. cp
    7. big mug full of pencils
    8. sharpener
    the rest nasa drawr lang lagi 🙂

  3. hehe! blogging at work too 🙂 Here is what’s on my desk.

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. I often joke that my sister did not know my phone number during the entire 1990s.

    you’re one step ahead of her, but shouldn’t you have it committed to memory?



    here via michele today

  5. Hi. I’m here from Michelle’s. I have the same handcream on my desk too! Apart from that I have a picture of my cat, Dilbert calendar adn assorted bits of paperwork adn my lunchbox.

  6. White flowers and a swan photo… would I be guessing correctly if I guessed you liked clean and simple but charming decor, ala Ballard Design Catalog? Just a fun guess.

    Michele says hello!

  7. Here are what’s on my desk (with pic pa)…

    reading what’s on your desk, i wanted a Starbucks myself…

  8. My desk is such a mess that I even don’t know which items are cluttered there since immemorial times…

  9. First I am a SAHM, therefore, you will find on my desk the normal stuffs you have at home too! Like computer, speakers, logitech webcam, lamp, HP printer, canon printer & canon battery rechargeable (already connected) to our computer, scotch tape with dispenser, headset, pencils, ballpens & scissors place in a carry pencil made of wood from India and my in and out mail tray … the rest are inside the drawers found on my left side and important documents place under the table ;)!

    Parang ang dami at magulo and table ko ano sa tingin mo ?

  10. Wow! thanks for dropping by sa blog ko, ill link u up narin sige…

    sasagot narin ako kahit ala ako sa office… pero ung desk ko nlang dito sa bahay…. Pasaway ako kaya wala ng number number kc sobra sa 13 ito for sure sa gulo ng table ko..
    Aside from computer nga, gamit ko ay lcd monitor para bawas radiation, lots of cd, picture frame, printer, merong hanger nkalimutan kong tanggalin, febreeze kaka spray kolang ng room, merong 2 baso (gamit ko ung isa, ung isa kagabi pa tamad kong ilabas), ung aking pampagandang pro-active ksama na ang cottons, at isang hilerang 25 cents coins kc mag lalaundry ako bukas kaya nagbilang na ako, ang curler ko sa pilik mata para cute ako sa webcam, at isang salamin… khit nakikita kona sarili ko sa webcam, gusto ko natingin parin ako sa salamin.. nyayahahaha…

  11. i dont have a desk. 🙂

  12. Here from Michele.
    Wow… printer ink, Garden plant guide, empty cereal bowl, empty coffee cup, pens, tree books, remote tv changer, cat, camera…. and no I am not a professional gardener.

  13. Another TT-er! I play every week.

    Here via Michele’s but if you’d like to see my list stop by 🙂

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