Posted by: Leah | November 10, 2006

Kookabura street

I’ve just been to Toni’s house at Gerbera St. and we had a blast having a block party. Anybody want to join in?

I made my own street at Kookabura Street. Come by, be my neighbour and discover your personality. Click here to draw your house

When you have drawn your house it will be added to my street
which is a collection of all the houses people who visited me have drawn.

update: Nov/15/2006
Thanks to all who came and drew their houses.

The neighborhood is growing and I just love going back to my street and viewing all the different houses. Here is the link to Kookabura Street.

I still have a lot of vacant lots available for building, so come and join the busiest neighborhood in town.

To checkout my personality according to my drawing , click on my house, it is called Swan Cove



  1. My picture is awful!

    Michele sent me!

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for stopping by my joint. I always appreciate it when you do, although I don’t think I’ve ever told you so. Thanks.

    And I drew a house. Cool site.

  3. Sounds like fun. Will go give it a try now!

    Here from Michele’s tonight! Hi!

  4. That was fun. I’ve done my house!

  5. ang ganda ng house mo! it was grand and well drawn. pano mo nagawa yun? yung akin parang drawing ng bata. anyway, we’re neighbors already 🙂

  6. Hi JPL,
    try it again next time and see how it goes.

    Paul, thanks and i love your house.

    Claire and Dave, it sure was fun…nice to see you neighbours.

    I had practice at Toni’s although my house turned out much the same way.

  7. masubungan nga.
    hey thanks sa comment, cge you can use any of my pictures there, feel free.

  8. Where’s you drawing? I suppose it’s a purty house. But me, I want a treehouse with no garden below and walkway. I hate restrictions. 😉

  9. ei neybors nakakuha ako ng bahay sa street mo … hanep kaingget ang kukulay ng bahay nyo sakin walang pinta 🙂

  10. I drew a house on your street too! 🙂 I call it my home downtown. 😀

  11. Ugh, I drew almost the whole house and then I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse and it went away. HELP! I had fun, and I’ll be back.

    Michele sent me.

  12. Hi Cruise, thanks for letting me feature your photo,its in the lower right of my blog.
    Did you draw your house? what did you name it?

    abaniko, based on your drawing, i agree that you definitely hate restrictions…

    Melai, thanks for coming to my neighbourhood.

    Toni, your house is so pretty (as always)

    Judy, i hope you had the chance to redo your house.

  13. dami mo na palang kapitbahay, isa na ako dun, hirap pala magdrawing but it was fun..

  14. Hi Leila,
    ganda naman house mo.

  15. […] Wifely Steps is one of the first few blogs I discovered and linked to on my 1st few days of blogging. I kept going back to her site since I get so many fun ideas there to incorporate in my blog. One of my fave fun post is when I discovered how you can draw your house and get a personality assessment. I posted mine here […]

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