Posted by: Leah | November 16, 2006

Blog-Hoppity-Hop – thursday 13 #2

Today’s Thursday Thirteen features my favourite 13 blogs.
Blogs that I visit daily, once or twice a week or every time they have an update.
This is ofcourse in random order

1. Memento – I love the pictures Junnie posts and the interesting facts he enumerates and even give links to. I like best the interaction he creates with his comment question.
2. Wifely Steps – looking for anything interesting to blog about, here’s a great source. She writes so well and I just like her content.
3. Kurokuro atbp – what a great writer, she blogs from Cambodia and just has a knack for writing stories about her travels, her family and life in general.
4. Writing on air – this blog introduced me to blogging. I have never heard of what a blog is until I started reading Jim’s blog which is so full of insights. Its a nice peek into what’s behind a celebrity’s life.
5. Nostalgia Manila – you will travel back in time to the Philippines when you check out this blog.
6. Manilenya – she is clever and witty. Although she blogs mostly in Tagalog (Filipino language), she writes oh so well and I just like her.
7. Watson online – he writes about things, places, food and so many other things.
8. Written Inc – a wonderful Canadian writer and the beautiful pictures he posts and his questions always makes me think deep.
9. QUOIDENEUF– the blog that introduced me to bloggers in France
10. Ka Uro – ever so clever in his advice to all immigrants especially those leaving in NZ.
11. Alaism – she writes well and is a good artist too. She is a cause-oriented gal and I admire her.
12.In Our House– JMom’s blogging everyday this month as part of NaBloPoMo and she writes eloquently. I do actually try to visit her everyday this month to see what’s new.
13. Lagalog – one of my fave photo blogs. Great photos all the time.

Since this is a 13 list, I did not mention all the others I also visit. Normally, I visit my whole blogroll at least once a week.

I have special ones I always, always visit when they are updated, I even read their comments all the time.

Sometimes I visit my blog roll but dont leave a comment. Do you do that too or do you always leave a mark aloud.

Special mention ofcourse :
14. Kwentong Misyel – my cousin blogs mostly in Tagalog, she is witty in her own way.
15. Life’s Slice and Topspins – want to hear about tennis? check out this blog.
16. Free Style Thoughts – MIA – i’d love to read more about her happenings.



  1. Do you have a special blog you would like to recommend that is not yet in my blogroll? Do share..please.


  2. I was planning on doing this for my TT too… but I can’t seem to complete my list.

    Happy TT… hopping from Junnie. His blog is also in my top fave blog.

  3. Hey Leah ! Wow thank you very much for adding me to your fave reads (likewise)special mention pa ako! So I recommend you to check these 3 links actually 5 of my fave links : You have Analyse already so I’ll give you the other 4 sites :





    That’s it and since I came across Niceheart and Toe, I started visiting their site religiously ;)!

  4. uy, special mention pala ako. thanks i’m so honored.

    i know what you mean. sometimes you just read and really have nothing more to comment. it’s very normal.

  5. Good to meet you, Leah! Love the list; I visited every one of the blogs you recommended; they are all intriguing! I can see why you like them so. Have a great weekend and drop by my blog whenever you’re in the neighborhood!

  6. Hi Leah!
    very interesting thursday thirteen,yeah,I often see this kinda post at Jo`s blog 🙂

    heyy,I recommend you mine,LOL!link me up!!I`ll do the same. 🙂


  7. hi leah! thanks a lot — special mention pa ako. it feels good to receive words of appreciation and inspiration. have a good day! make that a good week ahead! – lagal[og]

  8. interesting nga mga blogs nila, madalas ko ring bisitahin yung ilang blogs na nasa listahan mo, kasama yung sayo, hehe

  9. Leah!

    Maraming salamat! 🙂

  10. Leah, am honored! I started blogging too after reading Jim Paredes’s blog. And Manilenya, Haze, and JMom are also my favorites. Thanks for recommending other great blogs!

  11. Hi ate Lhey! Thanks, special mention pala ako 🙂 Good list you have. Have a nice weekend!

  12. I’ll have to check these out – great list!!

  13. Thank you for including me on this list! 🙂 Now to go check out the others too!

  14. wow! thanks for the mention, leah 🙂 There’s a few on your list I hadn’t visited before, so thanks for sharing.

  15. Sometimes I also visit blogs without leaving a comment. I also visit some of the blogs in your list.

  16. This is a good list. When insomnia hits, I visit blogs and not leave comments too…then I try to leave comments because I realize how fun it is to get one too!

  17. Hi Leah,
    nice to meet you i came here from Wifely steps !!! I love it when you roll all over the world in a few clicks and finally finsih by your neighbour 🙂

  18. wala pala yung comment ko ng pasasalamat 🙂 ang haba pa naman at nag ingles ako ng konti … pero ganun pa man tanggapin mo ang napakasweet kong thank you 🙂 nakakalaki ng puso ang entry mo na to :0

  19. anobayan…kakahiya. thanks for the mention. sometimes i have to double take if im memento myself…im not that familiar with being honorably mentioned 🙂

  20. Hi Leah. Thanks so much for including me in this list. I’m honored and flattered.

    Looks like I have a few new blogs to read!

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