Posted by: Leah | November 20, 2006

Santa Claus Parade

The other night the family headed to downtown Oshawa to see the Santa Claus Parade. We were donned with our gloves, scarves, hat, a thick winter coat and picnic blanket to sit ourselves by the curve of the street which we found pretty good.

There were bands, dancers, little munchkins, the grinch, dogs, snowmen, christmas tree on top of a van, a dog mobile, lots of candy canes thrown to kids and kids at heart and many, many more. And of course the star of the nite, Santa.

Although the weather was cold, the atmosphere and the thought that Christmas is just around the corner made everything much warmer.

Click on the flickr link on the sidebar for some photos of our night adventure.

Last year we went to the Toronto downtown Santa Claus Parade but it was in conflict with our schedule this weekend. daughter and I cuddled up in front of the TV to watch the delayed telecast. You can also check out the 102nd Santa Claus Parade at Pomdla



  1. Hi Leah! thanks for the link 🙂 I think I must be blind though, can’t seem to find your flickr link…. I’ll check again later to see if you’ve updated…. look forward to seeing your pics. It was kinda cold this weekend, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth it to see all the kids (young and not so young) so excited and having fun 🙂

  2. parang gusto koring maging santa claus khit once lang, sana pag bigyan ako ni santa ne? hehe!

  3. Wow! That’s a very colorful parade. I bet a lot of kids enjoyed that! Sana me ganyang ka engrandeng parada rin dito sa Pinas.

    Ooo! Christmas is so near.

  4. Angelo, na-update na, check mo uli. And thanks too for the pix, you took really good ones.

    TK, bagay ba sayo maging Santa? baka Mrs Santa na lang. Mag-wig ka lang…

    Ferdz, colorful nga.. Medyo madilim lang mga kuha ko. I’m sure there are lots of colours aroound Christmas time there in Pinas. hope you post some too.

  5. parang ang saya-saya naman nyan…pampamilya talaga at pag may bata tyak solve na solve siya

  6. i enjoyed viewing the pics!thanx for sharing Leah 🙂

    xmas na xmas na talaga sa inyo,at may dog parade pa 🙂

  7. Hi Leah, great pics! okay, now I know i wasn’t just being blind…. cool, night parade pala sa Oshawa…. there’s a different ambiance with all the lights…. I’m sure your daughter enjoyed herself especially when Santa AND the Grinch make an appearance 🙂

  8. aga palang lumalabas ni santa diyan sa canada. sa amin, next week pa.
    merry christmas!

  9. yey santa! lolz =P

  10. Hi,Liked the pic’s,hope you are keeping well.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Wish you well

  11. Hi Leah! Thanks for passing by my blog. Christmas is really different with kids so I guess we should celebrate it with a child’s eye 🙂

  12. as Japan is a buddhist country,we don’t celebrate christmas here the way we do in manila. soo lacking in spirit and so fake,all for the sake of business.well,this is corporate Japan,haha!

  13. parang bagay na bagay talaga na set-up yung si sta nasa malamig or may snow na lugar. sarap siguro manood ng parade at magkuha ng pictures 🙂

  14. dito rin paskong pasko na ang atmosphere, yung mga guard sa araneta center cubao mga naka sta claus na custome

  15. Wow, it’s really Christmas in Canada now. It looks like so much fun despite the cold. I’m so jealous because we have no Christmas in Cambodia.

  16. Manilenya, masaya talaga…Enjoy na enjoy mga bata lalo na ang anak ko.

    Ghee, cute na cute nga ako sa mga doggies eh… thank you din

    Ka Uro, merry Christmas din..Oo nga, maaga ang mga Parada ni Santa dito. Pero every weekend meron sa iba-ibang cities.

    Zingtrial, thanks as well

    Makis, Christmas is definitely for the children and to see it from a child’s point of view is a good idea.

    Sachiko, minsan inis na rin ako sa commercialism ng Pasko but I guess it all depends on the individual – on how it means to us personally.

    Iskoo..oo nga, mas believable talaga sa snow and cold weather pag nakikita si Santa. I really enjoyed taking the photos.

    Cruise, Oks siguro yun mga sekyu sa attire nila ano? Post ka ng pictures ha? may flickr ka ba?

    Toe…that’s too bad…walang Pasko diyan? Do you celebrate on your own then? I’m sure you find your own ways to celebrate.

  17. we’d see the Santa Claus Parade in Streetsville this Sunday…na late si Santa…he came from Toronto last week kasi 🙂

  18. Hi Junnie,

    enjoy the parade there then..Whew, Santa’s really busy huh?

  19. […] Claus Parade in Oshawa. A year ago, we were out and about here to watch the Santa Claus Parade too. I did blog about it over here. And yes, it was the same cold and freezing night. By the time the parade was over, my toes were […]

  20. […] and Santa is coming to town. Over the last 3 years , my family and I go to Oshawa to watch the nightime Santa Parade. Oshawa is closer to home, so its easier for us to watch it there. Plus the night time effect with […]

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