Posted by: Leah | November 28, 2006

Art Attack

My daughter has taken home some art work from school and I just want to show how good she is. She loves colors and you can see the rainbow colours in all her drawings.
When she’s accumulated more, I guess I will have to choose which ones to keep and which ones can go.



  1. Wow shes doing great!

  2. Wow, I say you keep them all 🙂

  3. great job on the drawing. Keepers!

  4. great job! with our move, I have to throw away a lot of my daughter’s drawing, but I did scan them before throwing them out for keepsake.

  5. amazing!how old is she?
    shes talented.all of them deserve your keeping.

    btw,thanx for updating the link and for leaving me a message on my new site 🙂

  6. At an early age, she’s really an artist ! Bravo !!! I always like to be an artist but I think art doesn’t like me 🙂 ! Honestly your daughter draws better than me ! How shameful 😦

  7. sam really cool 🙂

  8. Awww! I just enjoy looking at kid’s artworks. Such energy and excitment on their brushstrokes. I’d keep the first and the 3rd one 😀

  9. lahat maganda i keep, husay naman ng anak mo, bata pa lang kitang kita na potential sa arts!

  10. Nice! She is talented! Keep them all !!! I love the last one!

  11. galing naman ni sam mana sa akin, he! he! tago mo yun iba, pwede rin naman lahat…

  12. wow, I could still remember myself drawing the same kind of images more of lines/shapes when i was a kid.

    how i wish my mom kept those before.

    anyway, dropped by! have a nice day! *hugs* 😉


  13. naks naman pwede na siyang gumawa ng sariling blog showing her talent sa pagdadrawing at pagpapaint ha 🙂

  14. Thanks to you all for your nice and kind words. It makes me so proud of my little girl.

  15. a van gogh in the making.

  16. awww, those are so cute! believe me, it is so hard to choose which ones to keep and which ones to let go. I still enjoy looking at the girls’ artwork when they were smaller once in a while.
    Your daughter is very artistic….and she uses the whole canvas, they say that is a sign of well being. a well balanced and open individual.

    meaning….well loved for a little girl 🙂

  17. i like the first one! she’s talented!

  18. You’ve got quite a little artist there. I keep my children’s drawings in a binder. I don’t have the heart to throw any of them away. Sometimes they like looking back at their drawings.

  19. Start investing in easels and other materials now: she’s got a whimsical way of looking at the world.

  20. She’s a born artist. It only takes practice so she can develop her skill… Congrats for having a kid like her 🙂

  21. […] I have posted some art work of my daughter here. […]

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