Posted by: Leah | December 5, 2006

A Day at a Glance

Today is almost over. A very busy day for me.

morning…my Senior kindergarten daughter went on a field trip to the Young Centre for the Performing Arts and I was a volunteer mom tagging along to find out what its all about and ofcourse to make sure my daughter is well taken care of. the show was entitled Lunch with Munsch. Robert Munsch is an author of children books and the performers did a very good job acting out stories from Munsch’s books. The kids had fun including the teachers and volunteers.

afternoon…went out to buy our Christmas tree. This is the 7th year we are celebrating Christmas in this house and this is the 7th year we have gotten a real tree to decorate for Christmas. We have not trimmed it yet, we are allowing it to hang and breathe so it will be ready for the decorations tomorrow.
I did some baking (soft and chewy peanut butter cookies) and prepared some dough for tomorrow’s pizza dinner.

evening… I attended my unit meeting for PartyLite. Had red wine (it was really good, called ‘Bees’, got a bit tipsy when the glass was finished ( i did not have proper dinner), so I stuffed myself with sweets (cookies and cakes) and had a cup of coffee and tea to get sobbered-up (not sure if that is a word). We had a good meeting and a nice get together. Last one for the year. And I got recognized for bonusing this month. When it was time to get home, I was surprised that the car is covered in snow, not a lot but still that was my first drive in the snow this winter. And to top that I noticed that I was low in gas so I decided to get gas but missed the street I wanted to take so took a u-turn to get back and finally reached the gasoline station. I filled up at $30.

got home and did some on-line search for gifts we can put on our list for relatives to buy for us…and then this…save and publish

good nite!

oh, oh, here’s something else…I was nominated as Filipino blog of the week..
check out The Composed Gentleman’s site to vote for me.

good nite!



  1. waaah! nawala message ko.

    congrats to your nomination 🙂

  2. must have been great tagging along with kids on school trips. can’t wait for my turn when my toddler goes to school next year. 🙂

  3. You sure had your day filled up, and at the end of the day a Great Nomination. Congrats. Must have been very inspiring

  4. Wow Leah, that was a full day! I still remember Robert Munsch, and that story with the kid and the toilet? that must have been a fun Lunch.

    I noticed the light dusting of snow last night too. It was pretty slippery driving eh?

    Hope to see your trimmed tree soon. ingat!

    oh and congrats on your nomination 🙂

  5. My son would be SO jealous…Robert Munsch is one of his favorite authors!!

    That is quite a day.

  6. I used to go to all my daughter’s field trips too. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did 🙂 Don’t you feel validated when you have one of these full and productive days? I know I do, just so it’s not everyday. lol!

    Hey, I voted for you too, from here and at home….just in case they’re counting IP addresses 🙂

  7. Hi Leah!
    yeah,it was indeed a busy day for you 🙂
    goodluck to your xmas tree and looking forward to seeing it 😀

    congrats for being nominated 🙂

  8. It’s always fun hanging out with our kids especially in their school activities coz we get to meet their friends and their parents too! Sharing special moments and spending quality time, these are something really memorable for our kids right!

    I’ll vote for you Leah and I guess Toe is up too!!! Can I vote for the two of you 🙂 ?

  9. next time you drink red wine, drink a lot of water afterwards, that would somehow ‘dilute’ the alcohol concentration and will avoid you from being tipsy (ngek, i sound like a chemist dito hehe). and hey, $30 for a full tank? i pay double here! it’s really expensive here in europe!

    hey, congratulations for being nominated!

  10. tin-tin, sayang…anyways, thanks for coming by

    tani, oo enjoy mag tag-along sa trips, medyo maingay nga lang (lalo na sa bus) times 50 ba ng ingay ng anak ko, he!he!

    tora, a very busy day indeed. thanks

    angelo, i only got to know about Robert Munsch thru my daughter. Good thing you were introduced to his stories when you were younger.

    two sirius, oh I’m sure your little one would have enjoyed the presentation. Munsch is my daughter’s fave as well.

    jmom, o sige vote din ako sa work. pwede ata once a day..pero i don’t think i’ll win…at least na-nominate di ba?

    ghee, my next post will be about my tree..sort of.

    haze, yes meeting parents and teachers is definitely a plus when going to this trips…as for the nomination, thanks. I think you can vote once a day. thanks for the vote.

    analyse, oo nga, i forgot to drink water.. I only remembered when I got home na. Very expensive naman ng gas dyan, tapos Euros pa. thanks.

  11. hi there. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 It will be an honor if you will feature the pics on my blog. Thank you very much for your kind offer 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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