Posted by: Leah | December 11, 2006

The Tree

Finally got the chance to get the pictures together to show the Christmas tree this year in my home. The picture doesn’t give it much justice. It is beautiful especially when lit at night. The family decorated it together while Christmas music was playing in the backgorund. You can see the three green balls at the bottom were placed there by my daughter. She says “one’s for mommy, one’s for daddy and one for me”. In a few more days, I’ll add the presents under the tree. Still have some people in my list to buy for and then I’ll start wrapping.

Here’s a slideshow of how it came to life

By the way I have linked this post here as well to join the Virtual Holiday Parade. Check it out and maybe you can join in!

And oh…I’ve been nominated again here. Check my sidebar to vote for me.



  1. its the spirit that counts, i find it very pleasing to see family joining together to decorate a tree. wow!

  2. i’m sure the picture didn’t bring justice. but still it’s really a nice tree 🙂

  3. Hi, I like the picture. Wala dito sa bahay eh, kaya yan na lang ang titigan ko hehehe 🙂

    By the way, i voted for you in talksmart’s blog 🙂

    good luck!

  4. i love the 3 green balls at the bottom. don’t cover them with the gifts, okay?

  5. Hi Leah! Just to let you know I dropped by today & saw your lovely tree (& THe making) =)
    I already have my T13 up as I am looking at a very busy week ahead & I don’t want to miss doing it. But knowing me, I will surely have the time to do bloghopping,but perhaps won’t feel like making a blog (who knows)Have a great week!


  6. That’s such a pretty tree! Kulang nalang… gifts. 😀

  7. the picture came a lil blurred, but i know it is a very pretty tree. I included you in my daily reads…hope you dont mind =)

  8. ppssstttt, I have mine standing na :)! and with Christmas lights too! My kids are enjoying but am not really artistic ha, i’ll show you soon ! Nice deco Leah.

  9. btw, I voted for you 😉 !!!

  10. beautiful tree, leah! I kind of miss not having one this year 😦

  11. Hi Leah! Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas…. I’m gonna go vote for you 🙂

  12. Ang ganda naman ng Christmas tree nyo, ang daming nakasabit.

    Saamin puro mga christmas balls lang na kulay blue ang nakasabit kasi un ang paboritong kulay ng aking ate at sya palagi ang nasusunod dito saamin.

  13. beaustiful tree…

    kami wala na christmas tree, maganda nga bumil ngayon sa mall kasi sale na yung mga christmas tree at decoration, pang next year na. hehe.

  14. what a nice christmas tree,Leah!

    merry xmas!!
    sure,i`ll vote for you 😀

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