Posted by: Leah | December 13, 2006

Last minute shopping

Christmas is definitely around the corner and we are all in a rush to get all of our “TO DO” list finished, from presents to cards to dinners and parties and everything else. So when the rush is there we always feel stressed out. I found out that shopping on line can be very easy and convenient and you can easily look for that special item or gift you are looking for. There are a lot of deals on-line. At the same time by buying on-line you get the opportunity to use coupons. I recently bought a Dell computer and used some coupons as well which reduced my total. Its easy to search on any merchant you are shopping from so you can locate coupons quickly. Check out this website and see what deals you can get.
Deals & Bargains



  1. Hi Leah! Cool picture 🙂 Thanks for putting it there! Good luck with the rest of your shopping, or should I say God Bless 😉

  2. *sigh… i envy you guys… buti pa kayo you can really feel the spirit of Christmas… ako kasi dami ng pressure sa school so this would be the first christmas na hidni ko masyado feel…

  3. Last Sunday I went to the mall and bought a gift for our Christmas party, you’re right there are lots people inside (not the usual) maybe rushing to buy things for the holiday season..

    Might check the website you have here and look for discount 🙂

  4. talking about shopping, i love shopping especially when prices are slashed and further reduced, especially on electronic gadgets.

    how do you like your new dell? perfect for your blogging, eh?

  5. great tip – thanks!

  6. if only we have online shopping here in the PI…there are a few, but it’s still better to go to the malls or to divisoria for that matter.

    dell is having a sale again…we bought my sons laptop when they had a sale in may of this year.

  7. its good that online shopping is very secured and reliable. you are right, i tried once and i got rebate, maybe less personnel to run the business

  8. aaargghh..i hate last minute shopping…though i have no choice..:)

    people everywhere are so excited about xmas…not us here,in japan…maybe becoz of tons of work and no big families to gather around 🙂

    keep up the spirit of xmas 🙂

  9. Haha! Thanks for reminding me, I also have to do my shopping! Malapit na mag pasko. If we only have a more secure, fast and reliable online service like that cguro dyan na rin ako mag sho shopping kesa makipag siksikan sa malls

  10. Iba ang lola, di nag shopping. Wala kuarta, LOL!

    tama na yung may laman ang fridge ng makukot if magutom.

    wala rin dinner invite, kasi wala kami ni lolo sa France, hehehe.

  11. Had an old car 205 peugeot (very small car) but when I had my 2nd baby we decided to look for bigger & new one (we prefer practicality than esthetical side) ! We bought it thru internet, very practical and time saving :)! Haven’t tried buying on-line for small stuffs but am sure that it’s practical too! Heard from the news that a lot of people are into it especially those who hate malling and person who doesn’t have time for shopping.

    Happy Holiday to you and to all the family Leah !

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