Posted by: Leah | December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 reasons why I should stop blogging

1. I blog at home
2. I blog at work
3. I check my email every so many hours (ok , minutes) to see if anyone has commented in my posts
4. I want to change my template once in a while but it takes 2 hours (or more) just to update it. Tweaks and all…
5. I stay up late just to catch up on what’s new and interesting amongst my blog friends (there seems to be always something new and interesting)
6. I find out so many new sites, my blogroll is growing…I’m running out of space in my sidebar (although I discovered the scroll thingy)
7. It takes so long to upload photos (although I learnt that I can use flickr, photobucket and more to manipulate the photos)
8. I am revealing so much of who I am to strangers
9. I’m afraid there might be mean readers and might stalk me one day.
10. My IP address is sent to any one I comment on and I can be easily tracked.
11. I discovered all these Daily Memes (Thursday Thirteen, Saturday Photo Hunt and there’s more but I’m keeping away from them for now, I cant keep up)
12. I have 2 blogs now (one in WordPress and one in Blogger Beta) , I’m thinking of adding another one – where will I find the time???
13. I make mistakes in posting and can’t figure out what to do. See this

note: I have fixed it now.

Am I addicted? Should I stop?

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  1. I agree, blogging and all things internet take up far too much of my time. I spend too many hours in front of this computer, checking emails, reading blogs, etc.

    I agree with #4 on your list, too… I like to change my blog template every so often, but it does take a while to switch every thing around.

    A great list! Have a good Thursday and thanks for stopping by earlier!

  2. im glad you havent stopped blogging. I have such a good time reading these on thursdays..good list though

  3. NO don’t stop 🙂 I feel the same way as you Leah, this list could have been mine….. I’ve thought about stopping too, but I think moderation is always the best route. Maybe you should just slow down and stick to one blog. I wouldn’t want to see you burn out and never hear from you again!

  4. Hi Leah!I know that you have this thursday 13 so i checked you out 🙂

    your lists from no 1-13 are totally mine.I made lots of errors,typos and didnt want to edit them even after noticing them.I have “6 blogs” so far,but theyre not all activated and I dont post entries regularly on them,i just stick to one blog 🙂

    most of bloggers have the same facts as you…we all wanted to stop,few did,but most of us,never can make it slow(like me) 🙂

  5. you’re hooked Leah!

    Welcome to Bloggers Anonymous. The way to go is to let go from time to time, and then go back.

    If you feel you’re so attached to it, then we have a problem. I killed 3 blogs for being so hooked to it back in 2002. Now, Memento is just a time killer for me. Plus, a way to meet new friends like YOU!

  6. You’re just kidding ,right???? =) I don’t want to take you off my list of favourite blogs to visit!!! How were you able to put those nice christmas balls picture in your header ? I have been trying to figure it out, doing a lottttttttttt of tweaking, but I still can’t do it. Pray tell.

  7. dont stop blogging…

    having more than 1 blog really eats up a lot of your/our time… me too, I have 3 blogs!

    I need to blog to keep me sane! hahaha.

  8. haha, we have similarities on blogging 🙂

    TGIF enjoy!

  9. I find it hard to keep up but I’m trying. It does take up some time, but I enjoy meeting new people and reading about other peoples families and lives. I hope you stick with it.

    Happy TT

  10. Don’t stop. Blogging can be addictive. A lot of your list applies to me. But it is fun.

    My 13 is up if you want to check it out.

  11. lol! it happened to me once, ka ka edit ko ayun I lost my post which is a very nice post to me… tungkol kasi sa poems e.

    Ei you shouldn’t stop blogging, I even add one blog for this meme because of your frequent thursday thirteen posting.

  12. lol! hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko i just post my thursday thirteen 🙂 wala yang mga link sa baba help po 😛

  13. Reading your list, I know that you can’t stop even if you tried. You got the blogger blood in you. 🙂

  14. funny how we have all these lists…but still we end up blogging. Go while you’re at it. And when you get a bit tired, take it slow.

  15. BLOGGING kasi is venting how you feel. Put na lang limits.

    Sabi lolo sa akin one day, at last: a crash/close pc means the house will be clean…lol

    uy, musta pala ?

  16. The truth is, I don’t know about this blogging thing until a friend introduces me how it works! I didn’t have the time to write and update…i stopped and then changed my mind….it’s like a magnet…Since I wanted to improve my writing in French, English and Tagalog then I religiously post and got hooked. Of course there are times I am busy with my kids so then it takes time for me to edit and publish the article I started.

  17. I used to be so addicted with blogging that I manifest similar symptoms as you do. When I have overcome that addiction, I thought I’d never fall into it again. Sadly, I am now slowly feeling that I am getting addicted again. Haha.

  18. Oh, I feel SOOOOO much better! Just today I was thinking, “this is crazy — this new blogging addiction — if anyone knew how much time I spend in front of my computer — its just crazy!” But now I feel better knowing I’m not the only one! I should be christmas shopping, cleaning my house, doing laundry, getting ready for work, helping my kids with something, getting into bed before 1 am — but no, here I am blogging — telling total strangers all sorts of personal stuff — I am a bit curious what it is in us that makes all of this so intriguing — but for now, who cares! I enjoy reading your blog!

  19. I spend too much on my computer too 🙂 – blogging takes a lot of time, not only writing it, but also reading other blogs. You mentioned you have more than one blog. Figure out about what you want to blog and go from there. Keep one focus. Although I still have too blogs – one of them is a team blog where I just contribute once a week and do the admin part. Regarding stokers – that can happen to you IRL too…Just my two cents worth.

  20. that is so true. Blogging just like drug. it is easy to be addictive to but difficult to get rid of it:-)

  21. It’s been a great year for bloggers. May you prosper in the new year!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    –Nostalgia Manila

  22. Same here on #5 and #6. I’ve also been staying up late just to catch up reading blogs. #6 is not that bad because it’s exciting to meet new friends on the net. 🙂

  23. its very true,nice topic!blogging is addicting and so with internet.

    tnx for the visit and commenting on my blog.i’ll link you up ok!

  24. Blogging is a waste of time and you should stop it.



    Actually I’m confornted with the same thought, Leah. And though as much as I wanted to, I have more than just 13 reasons not to.

  25. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Blogging(either writing or reading) is really addictive. Everything in moderation. I usually shutdown my PC if I want to get anything done.

  26. you took the words right out of my mouth!!! there are times i’ve considered stopping, too.

    but if we both had stopped, we wouldn’t have met each other. the blogging community is a great venue to create new friendships!

    happy holidays!

    now how about a list of the top 13 blessings you got from blogging? 🙂

  27. well, keep blogging as a time killer not a time consuming hobby. i will lie if i tell you i didnt have that blogging addiction syndrome, there was even a time when i felt obliged to update because i thought my blogger friends deserved to be updated.. now, i update when i have the time and when i feel like blogging, i do visit other blogs when i have the time too.. i don’t want blogging to be an obligation for me.

  28. great list – I wouldn’t stop blogging. Yep you’re addicted. But, so are the rest of us.

  29. Those comments above are encouraging you to keep on blogging… I’m sure I must agree with them…

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