Posted by: Leah | January 10, 2007

The Hair

A few hours spent at the salon made my hair straighter and shorter. My sister recommended this hair salon in a nearby Chinese mall. They have a reasonable price and great service. I had 3 sets of hands working on my hair as it was shampooed, cut , blow dryed, they used treatment to straighten it or relax it, and rinse and then treatment again, and then rinse and rinse and more haircut, blow dry, iron and style.. My hair is straight but its very thick and tend to be all over the place when not styled properly. I have a bit of natural wave to it. Looking at the results of my sister’s hair, I decided to have the treatment done. Much to my dismay, David (the hair stylist) worked away on my hair like Edward Scissorhands. I took my eyeglasses off so everything was blurry and I could not see much how the hair was being cut. So note to self – wear contacts next time (yeah, I have to get some disposable pairs). Although David seems to have really good styling technique. The hairstyle is OK, just the fact that it was too short for my comfort made me not like the whole look.

I washed my hair today since I can’t take the smell of the treatment anymore. I was suppose to wait 48 hrs before shampooing again after the treatment. Oh well, I was about 10 hrs short, not bad..

I find the hair to be more relaxed now. I only had to blow dry it. And add a little bit of hair shine product. It looks OK I suppose. I sort of miss my thick hair (although I did asked him to thin it out a bit). I miss the length too. Oh well, its hair and it grows back.

And yeah, I think from now on I will make a running total on how much I spend on this hair. Maybe, I’ll think twice before doing something to it again. I dont want to add up exactly how much I spent last year , I might faint. But believe me its a lot. Women…why do we spend so much on our hair?



  1. I’m glad it turned out okay Leah 🙂 I got my hair practically shaved off before Christmas hehe…. I told the lady to use a 1.5 shaver when I should have said 2.5…. I think those are cms it leaves behind, I don’t know… anyways, it turned out okay, coz I was really sick of the long hair… besides, with this balmy wheather we’re having, it’s too hot for long hair 😉

  2. wife is just like you, hehe…she spends the family fortune to just have her hair done..but i guess women must be forgiven, after all we are very proud husbands afterwards.

  3. I’ve been going to the same salon ever since college. I have to set aside some money for my ‘little luxuries’ like going to the salon If my husband has badminton as his stress-releasing activity then I have the salon. 🙂

  4. I don’t like any of the salons here. So I usually have to wait until I go to the Philippines and then I spend a fortune on my hair. 🙂 We’re the same… my hair is kind of thick with some wave. However, with mine II perenially have bad hair days because my hair has got its own mind so I always need to have something done to it. 😦

  5. Hi Angelo,
    My hubby usually gets a #2 or is it #3? I know, it is short but you are right, its good for the balmy weather. And you can always put a hat on when it gets too cold. Mine was not that short though.

  6. Hello Dennis,
    glad to hear from an apprecative husband. Lucky wife.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    Wow, you are loyal pala. It is indeed a stress reliever, its nice to be pampered once in a while.

  8. Hi Toe,
    Naku, your hair must be very long now. Kelan ka ba last umuwi sa Pilipinas? Hairs have their own personality di ba?

  9. Good for you leah.but you should know long hair may look good on you since it is dense and you know long hair adds beauty to a woman and sexiness.of course you will spend lots of shampoo on that.ANY WAY,can somebody tell me a way to stop losing hair and what is best for a guy like me to use whos ehair is thinning.

  10. although it’s too short for comfort, at least it’s not allover the place like you described. and it is nice to be pampered once in a while.

  11. Hi Anonymous…. I know guys like longer hair…mine is not so short anyways just not long enough. I’m starting to get used to it and everyone keeps saying it looks nice on me.
    As for your thinning hair, there are lots of products out there even medication (like Rogaine). Maybe you need to change your diet or get a hair transplant or wear a hair piece.
    If nothing works, I guess you’ll just have to accept the fact that you are aging graciously. (he!he!)

  12. Hi Tani,
    yes so true..

  13. I don’t usually go to hairsalon here co’z tarifs are expensive. I’d rather ask a service from Pinay friend who can perfectly do the job and I pay less! Imagine if I go to Salon (cut,shampoo,hairdry costs 25 euro minimum) while I pay 10 euro (yon nga lang no shampoo & drying) hindi ko naman kailangan. But I go to salon only for important occassions and I buy products to take care of my hair! I have wavy hair too and I usually make it straightened by professionals (back home I go to Freshhair or Going Straight)!

    Your question….why do we spend so much on our hair? Because it is our crowning beauty :)!

  14. I usually splurge on my hair when I go to the Philippines. I went to an expensive salon once because my husband insisted that it was a treat, I almost choked when they told me $40 for the cut. But since I have straight hair it’s more economical. Well, I may look like a unsophisticated mountain woman now…with matching thick bushy eyebrows and mustache to boot! Pwede ng Frida look alike.


    don’t fret! hair works are investments, aside from pampering. when one is happy with the way one looks, one becomes more productive and happier. we’re luckier though, back home, hair treats are soooo cheap (compared abroad), that one could go again and again and again.

  16. i’ve got long hair at the moment, and i’ve learned to only spend spiffying up on my hair on special occassions.. meaning:
    – a decent hair cut and colour on my birthday and for the new year.

    doing this just twice a year saves me a lot!
    i used to spend about $250 bucks everytime i’m at the salon.

    now, i’ve found a place that’s way out cheaper that does the same quality as i’m used to.

    i’ve learned to stick on one look that works for me – layers with 2 platinum blonde bits on my hair against the black – easy maintenance too!

    answer to your question – “why do we spend so much on our hair?” – just simply because the end result makes us feel good 🙂

  17. Hi Haze..
    yes, the crowning beauty – i like that.
    when i go back home, I’ll try those salons.

  18. Hi KK,
    I have to look at your profile and check out the Frida look – although I dont think you would publish that.

    Anything that has to do with hair is really expensive.

  19. Hi Sexy Mom,
    what can i say, i never thought of it as investment before..i’ll try to remind myself that when i swipe the credit card next time.

  20. Hey Miss B..thanks for dropping by,
    i would love to see your photo . I have layered style too, only this last hair cut , the stylist made the layers too short.

    I like feeling good and pampered too.

  21. reminds me of my quarterly salon visit… i usually bring hubby with me so i don’t have to sign the reciept co’z i don’t want to know how much it is! –pero wala pa ring kawala kasi it still shows on our statement– oh, well, like you, i like what i am seeing and feeling afterwards 🙂

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