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Gym Ball Exercises

Thursday 13 # 11

13 Exercises you can do with a Gym Ball:

Please note that most of the content of this post were taken from here or here
Swiss Ball Exercises/Gym Ball Exercises

Whether you call them a stability ball, swiss ball, or exercise ball, there are so many great benefits to exercising with a stability ball in your home workouts.

Stability Ball Benefits
Besides providing balance training, (an often overlooked component in most exercise programs) stability balls work your core in almost every exercise that is performed, and work multiple muscles at one time while forcing your body to balance itself. So your core will be better prepared to support the rest of your body in whatever activity you do. They are versatile too.

Remember though “Exercise should be tailored to the individual. The only bad exercise is one that’s unsafe.”
Here are some exercises I found in the internet. Checkout the websites here and here for the photos.

1. Stomach Strengthening – ok, this is actually same as sit-ups…see #10 for more instructions.
With your back on the ball, pre-stretch (keeping the upper body straight), then lift the upper body whilst tightening the stomach muscles.

2. Total Body Stretching / Stabilization
While on all fours stretch out one arm and the opposite leg, hold the position for a while, then change sides

3. Upper Body Rotation
From a stable position on the stomach, with the help of the arms, turn to one side and return to the starting position, then change sides.

4. Straightening of the Spinal Column
While lying comfortably on the stomach, lift and lower the upper body, keeping arms in a u-form next to your head.

5. Supine Oblique Curl
Start with the top of the ball beneath the center of the back, then stagger your feet and turn hips to one side. Anchor the lower hip to the ball and move the rib cage at a diagonal direction toward the legs (for example, right elbow to left inner thigh). Make sure your neck and pelvis are stable.

6. Forward Transverse Roll
Kneel on the floor and place your forearms on the ball, making sure your hips and arms form a 90 degree angle. From this starting position, roll the ball forward as you extend your arms and legs simultaneously. Contract your abdominals to help support your lower back, which should not be strained. Roll as far forward as possible without compressing the spine, drooping the shoulders, or rounding the torso. Return to starting position.

7. Chest Fly
Lie across the ball with your head and shoulders supported on the ball and your legs bent with heals about two feet from ball. Extend arms overhead with palms facing each other. Slowly separate your arms in a circular motion and bend your elbows slightly as lower your arms down until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Return to start position and repeat.

8. Wall Squats
Lean your back against a ball that is placed against the wall and stand with your feet hip-width apart and about a foot away from the wall. Keep your back straight. Bend your knees and let the ball roll up your back until your knees bend to about a 90 degree angle. Keep your knees behind your toes as you bend. Return to start position and repeat.

9. Shoulder Retraction
Kneel over the ball. Tuck your hips into the ball and rest your abs against it. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your arms relaxed and at the sides of the ball, palms facing back. Pull your shoulder blades back. Pull your arms up, bending at your elbows to form right angles until they are parallel with your shoulders. Return to the starting postion.

10. Sit-ups
This is the only contribution I can make here.
– Lie on ball (your back is supported by ball) with knees bent (or feet can be placed on a wall)
– Hands can be on chest, shoulders or on side with fingers touching ears
– Elbows are out to the side
– Keep back straight; slowly lift shoulders reaching sitting position
– Slowly return to start position
– Do counts of 15 (1 set) and then rest and repeat for another 2 sets

And further to my last post. I have 213 sit-ups to do over the next few days. Thank you all for dropping by to leave comments. For those who have not commented yet..please feel free to see my post here and comment. I will continue to do sit-ups for comments.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

11. Back Extension – Start in a seated position with your fingertips supporting the back of your head both your elbows out. Walk your feet out until your upper back is lying on the ball while continuing to support your head and back. For a more intense stretch, lengthen your arms overhead and straighten your legs – breathe deeply and hold the stretch.

12. Kneeling Side – Start by kneeling upright on a mat with the ball at the side of your right hip, place your right hand on the ball and your left arm hanging close to your torso. Sweep your left arm in a wide arc up and over your head and back to the starting position. Hold the final arc in a lifted position 10-30 seconds for a static stretch and repeat three to five times.

13. Pelvic Circles – Start in a seated base position. Slowly circle your hips clockwise three to five times; reverse, circling counterclockwise. Focus on releasing tension in the hips and lower back.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. Ihave one of these but never use it since im not sure what to do with it. Happy tt.

  2. hmmm… maybe I should get myself one… but I’m afraid my kids might get hurt because for sure they will be playing with it!

  3. Hey Leah! Great list, good for you to keep yourself fit and healthy 🙂 Happy Thursday! Oh, and I just noticed your new template, what happened to your old one?

  4. That was very helpful!
    I can use that for my weight-loss program.

    I’m up too. Please visit my blog and have fun.

    Happy TT,
    I will excercise for comments!

  5. Great post! I love the stability ball. I’m a certified group fitness instructor and certified Resist-A-Ball CORE I instructor and I love teaching ball classes. It is such a versatile piece of equipment – you can do so much with it!

    Happy T13. 🙂

  6. THAT ball seems to make exercising more fun so I’m sure you’re really enjoying your workouts! You go ,girl!
    Happy T13!

  7. Note to self: Print this list out immediately and head to Wal-Mart to obtain said gym ball. I had absolutely no idea! What a very helpful list!

    Happy Thursday to you!

  8. Hi Leah
    thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the exercise tips.
    I answer the question you left on my The Witch Dr is IN blog about PPP ~ yes, I have gotten some posts approved. it seems to take awhile and then you have to wait 30 days for payment. Try again and best of luck 🙂

  9. I like stretching my body.
    Great TT.

    Mine is up too.

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  10. Great list!
    I am not sure I could even do some of these.
    It looks like a fantastic workout!
    Thank you for your visit to my TT.
    Have a wonderful Thursday.
    Happy TT’ing!

  11. We have a gym ball here at home, so these are all things I should be doing. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Let’s drink a beer first! 😉

  13. we have that here at home, but its turning out to be a big decor..:P

    i might try all 13 tomorrow. thanks, for the tips.

  14. leah, i was just wondering whats in a thirteen? seems interesting eh? I was fascinated with that number….

  15. This is making me feel guilty Leah. I really should get off my butt. 🙂 I like the picture of your gym ball. Good luck with your fitness goals! 🙂

  16. sounds interesting and fun. guess i will finally get that ball – and get it rolling (i mean, get me rolling). thanks!

  17. lets get physical! 🙂
    im guilty…so,can you do all of them,Leah?its tough,I guess..but i really wish you goodluck 🙂

  18. cool ate, thanks for sharing… galing talaga, kaya seksing sexy na eh 🙂 can u make 2 sit-ups for me? sa akin yung isa ha, ahihi.

  19. Being fit is having healthy body and mind so go girl 😉 !

  20. You must be trimming down a lot 🙂

  21. i guess im better off with belly dancing and yoga, although that sounds fun and interesting…saw that in the gym i go to, but never got to try…sayang

  22. Wow, who knew?!

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  23. got a swiss ball for 600 pesos pnly, parang ngayon bumaba ng kaunti ng price. tama ka magandang tool ito for various exercises.

  24. I like using an exercise ball … thanks for the tips!

    Mine’s up too 🙂

  25. Thanks for the exercises Leah, my ball is gathering dust. I should use it soon.

  26. The exercise ball is also great for pregnant women too. It helps work on their stability and allows them to get off the floor and lay at an angle to help with blood flow. Fabulous device!

  27. Where did you buy your Exercise Ball? My sister is looking for one. Meron ba sa Greenhills?

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