Posted by: Leah | January 26, 2007

Because of Blogging

Was tagged by poetic Toe on this meme. What had blogging done to me? Here are my answers….

Because of blogging:

1. I was able to meet on-line friends which I never had before. I never chatted with anyone before on-line that I did not know personally. But with blogging, the people you give your comments to and read their stories seems so personal and a quick chat (either through email or YM or gmail) with them just seems normal.
2. I’m always thinking..”Hmmn….that will be interesting to blog..”
3. I’m taking photos of the oddest things…boxes, pictures, puzzles, I even took pictures of my entire house (although that did not get posted). I even got questioned by my hubby, why are you taking a picture of what you’re baking.???…(oh yeah,..i havent blog about that eiher)
4. I created new email addresses and signed up on so many other things related to blogging (e.g. SiteMeter, photobucket, picasa,blogrolling, etc..etc…that’s just to name a few). I dont think I can remember all my passwords so I often click on forgot password.
5. I’ve never stayed up till 3 in morning just to stay in front of the computer and blog my night away. I somethimes think I might have developed carpal tunnel on my right hand.

I am tagging 3 great bloggers I have never tagged before.
1. talented Dennis
2. adventurous Nick
3. hip and pretty mama Girlie



  1. I know exactly what you mean about blogging changing your life. Ever since we’ve started blogging, I’ve been guilty of all the things you mentioned. I do still marvel at all the friendships I have made through blogging though. I think it’s because we read each others blogs we feel like we already know each other just a little bit. That’s hard to do sometimes with someone you just met.

  2. Popping by to say “HI!” I missed T13 yesterday so I thought I’d check today. Wala ka rin pala =P
    Took my citizenship test yesterday, got 20 out of 20 right! ^_^
    Good reasons to keep blogging there except #5. Oh, that #5 I might get from playing too much “Heart of Darkness” game, not from blogging!

  3. that #4, i was into that too.. just one tip, use only one password on all those, para madaling tandaan hehe.

  4. seems like blogging has touched so many people lives. including mine ofcourse. i do think about taking pictures of everyday occurrences too, and i always compose stuff on my head to post but like you i never get to post them!

    i’m glad i’ve met people like you in the blogging world. i love reading your posts, even if it’s just the thursday 13s 🙂

  5. What a coincidence Leah same post !!! Yes, blogging is one thing that add spices to our daily lives wag lang overblogging, like what happened to me. It’s actually an interaction between people and that makes us a better person too. It’s not only writing for ourselves but for those in the brink of desperation & frustrations wherein our experience leads to HOPE and depicts positive attitude!

  6. Wow! 3 am? I usually stay on the computer until 11:30pm – 12:00am. The latest I’ve stayed was 1:00 am.

  7. lol @ #4…the truth is when I first started blogging, I was in blogspot then, I also forgot my password…I wasn’t that interested in blogging that time thats why. Anyway why don’t you come up with only one password for all these site para hindi mo makalimutan 🙂 That’s what I do.

  8. This is an interesting one. Sige gawin ko next week.

    We were eating one time at a restaurant in Glorietta when I noticed a couple of ladies on a table next to us taking photos of their food. “May blogs ang mga ito,” sabi namin. Hehehe. Ginagawa rin kasi namin to. Happy weekend!

  9. blogging made me sane.

    not because i was the opposite before, but it made me more disciplined and appreciative of beauty around me.

    the bonus is that i met online friends like you, who i hope to meet one day and made to friends for life like most of ’em.

  10. i use only 1 password for all of my accounts, including my bank accounts. risky, yes, but i find it practical.

    YES, many friends gained in the blogosphere, whom i call my new found gems.

  11. Blogging helped us in many ways. As a photography enthusiast, I used blogging to let the world see my photos. thanx 🙂

  12. Blogging has indeed opened up a lot of paths for us. I can relate to everything you wrote down! Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m cuckoo for taking pictures of food all the time. *L*

    I have met some interesting characters online, some who I’ve developed good relationships with. They’re blessings!

  13. Yes, but it is alas also very addictive!

  14. i like blogging than chatting, except for family members mas mabilis usapan sa chat. but for nice strangers i like blogging beause marami akong natutunan sa kanila.

  15. me too. i’m always on the lookout for blog ideas. 🙂

  16. first visit here :).. im on #3! it’s funny how we take pictures, thinking of posting/writing about it later, and after a few minutes, you forgot about it and write about something else =)

    btw, thanks for the visit and leaving a comment on my blog ;).. mind if i link you up?

  17. #5: I think everyone who is into blogging has a carpal tunnel syndrome already :D. Blogging is just a cool way to communicate. It’s the modern way of visiting a “kapit-bahay.”

  18. Iisa na lang yata talaga ang buhay ng mga blogger, lahat ng nasa list mo ganyan din ako e 🙂 kada kilos ko camera hawak ko but most of the times di ko naman naipopost 🙂

  19. blogging is so addictive and stress reliever 🙂

  20. Regarding #4, I only have to remember two passwords for my blog: the blog password (of course) and my site meter. Other than that, I try not to have too many add-ons to my blog so I don’t have to remember so many passwords. It’s bad enough that I have to remember passwords for my online accounts that AREN’T blog-related. 🙂

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