Posted by: Leah | February 1, 2007

Thursday 13 #12

13 things I’ve been busy with in the month of January

1. work
2. getting sick and taking care of the sick
3. watched movies at home (tagalog ones – eternity, maalala mo kaya – i think i watched 5 episodes, the Vilma Santos one broke me to pieces, etc…puro iyakan – all cryee ones)
4. completing a puzzle
5. taking daughter to skating class
6. completing a puzzle
7. going to church
8. attending birthday parties
9. working out in my gym ball (yeah, about 50 sit-ups over the last month), i know, I’ve been bad…
10. shopping (that’s one day in January – just one day , this ofcourse excludes grocery shopping)
11. completing a puzzle
12. blogging
13. and yes still completing the puzzle..its a 1000 piece puzzle and I am so addicted to it. Its almost done though. Will post soon.

Does it show how busy I’ve been? Pardon my list if it bores you.



  1. Hi Leah! Sa wakas- the elusive comment box!!!!! Isn’t it a really bummer when somebody gets sick? And worse,when not just one in the family is sick! Ay, buhay! Kami din ni Tony last January, we are just glad we are much better.
    Parang type ko rin to do puzzles with hundreds of pieces,my friend has them, and they look really difficult & quite challenging. Yes, looking forward to see the completed piece.
    So, you’ve been a good girl as far as shopping was concerned ha!? =)
    Have a lovely February!

  2. Hi sweetie! Small world. Michele sent me to you. I hope Feb is a healthier month for you!

  3. bakit nag e error yung comment box mo? flattered naman ako featured ang picture ko sa sidebar mo.

  4. Seems like a busy month!

  5. HI! Bloghopping and found you here. I’m a mom blogger too, hurray for mom power! I wonder, what do you do with your puzzle? Do you get it framed after completing it? I

  6. Hi leah…I don’t know what’s the prob but I can’t open your comment box. Anyway buti ka pa at nakakaya ang 50 sit ups..ako wish ko lang

  7. oh,you`re really busy!
    enjoy the weekend,then 🙂

  8. i dont have the patience to complete 1000 pieces of puzzles… it drives me crazy. hehehe

  9. Finally the comment box is working! 1000 pieces, parang it could take forever sa akin hehehe

  10. What 1000 puzzles? I don’t think I have the patience as you do !

  11. Happy T13 Leah! Wow you’ve been busy too. I’ve been too busy to blog! arrggg…. Just wanted to drop by and say hello 🙂

  12. Great list.. sounds busy!! Hope you have a great Saturday today and take care:)

  13. Puzzle… that I’m very lazy of…

    A busy month… I hope that won’t deter your blogging life 🙂

  14. Oh, it appears I’m not the only one having a problem with the comment box. Anyway, I love jigzaw puzzles. I wish I had a real one like yours though. But I don’t. Right now, I’m making do with the online jigzaw puzzles at I’m so addicted to it.

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