Posted by: Leah | February 3, 2007

Let’s keep it between us

I was tagged by Niceheart to list

Five things you might NOT want to know about me:

1. I can read minds…I know what you’re thinking right now, I can see you smirk, I can hear you saying yeah right. No! that’s just a wish, sometimes I wish I can read minds so I wont have trouble with communication. I tend to be shy especially when we’ve just met. I am sort of an introvert with a mix of extrovertness.

2. I like to keep up with celebrity gossips, when I read newspapers or when there is some news on TV , I gravitate to any celebrity news. I even try to catch up with what’s new in the Philippine celebrity brouhaha.

3. I had “kuto”, lice when I was a little girl up to high school. Yikes when I think of it now. I have very thick black hair (at the moment, it is not black anymore, sorta brownish with blond highlights). Usually , my crown of glory was an object of good comments from relatives but always an object of their hands to dig-on. I remember when my mom had us girls (me and my other 2 sisters) had a boys haircut just so the lice can be minimized. I dreaded the days when my nanay would call me and would spread the coconut oil all over my hair straight to my scalp just so she can pull the “lisa” , the ticks that were stuck onto each hair. It was painful coz she really pulled hard. I even remember the “suyod” – comb with fine teeth and the calendar. My nanay or I will comb the hair untill all the kuto are combed away. And the the piece of calendar would be crunched and burned. Nowadays, when I feel an itch I pull on the hair to check if its its just dry scalp.

4. I still keep my first boyfriend’s love letters. (this was back in high school days).

5. I like to dance. At parties or gatherings , I always look forward to the dance time. I can dance to the music and I can dance out of whack. I like to imitate other people’s moves if I think they’re cool or good to look at. However I can dance like there’s no tomorrow and just let it go (hataw). And if you were with me , you probably wouldnt want to know you were there with me at all.

That’s it , not passing this on since most blogs I’ve hopped on have done this meme already.

Hop on to Toe if you have not done yet and answer her questions and challenges.

Otherwise skid over to Toni and let her know why you are beautiful.



  1. That is one of the scariest words of childhood. My wife’s a teacher, and I cringe every time she mentions that they had the checks at school.

    Philippine celeb gossip? Cool!

  2. Same here on number #2. I watch Entertainment Tonight everyday. Not so much on Philippine celebrities though.

    On number 3, my aunt (I lived with her during my teenage years) would also put coconut oil and use suyod to pick my lice, and that of my sister’s and cousins too. 🙂

    Thanks for answering the tag. 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s why you have thick hair… must be that coconut oil which is all the craze now in Manila. 🙂 I like celebrity gossip too… local and international… hehe… parepareho pala tayong mga jologs. 🙂

    Oh, I do hope this comment would register. I’ve been having a difficult time commenting in blogspot lately. 😦

  4. leah, hi, buti na start mo itong blogging topic about childhood.
    Naku, ako din, kadaming sekretong bungingis sa buhay nong maliit pa ako.
    Feeling nostalic na nga ko, eh.
    But i will do it soonest, kasi at the moment, hataw muna ako haha.
    In demand lola nyo sa utos ng madame na wala naman katorya torya, lol
    okey, i will do mine soon, para tuloy ligaya. Musta dyan sa canada, hope you cover yourself nicel and sobra pala snow dyan!
    a bientot!

  5. Interesting bit there about you. Hmmm… i dunno, is it me or do I think everyone experienced having “kuto” even a tiny bit one, once in their life?

  6. I used to have head lice too, I got it from our maids naman… kakainis talaga… with all the chemicals that my mom had to put on my hair to kill the lice, it made my hair super dry.

  7. *lol… 5 lang? kulang pa. more!

  8. When I went home from a Girl Scout Jamboree in Cebu back in the 80’s (I was in Grade 4 that time) I had so many “kuto” that everyday Mama would comb my hair with that “suyod”. I think I got it from the others because we slept in a tent that time. Anyway it was pretty amazing to see many “kuto” in the white cloth from my head…di ba? hahaha yikes

  9. Leah, promise ha, keep it between us..Meron din akong #3 noong araw (nyihihihi, yikes @#%^&*@!) . Ayaw ko nang sariwain ang nakaraan. =P

    I like being updated sa showbiz tsismis-be it hollywood or showbizpinoy.

    I keep ALL letters kahit di loveletter!

  10. Sometimes I wish I could read minds too but it might break my heart if I read negative thoughts about me.

    I also keep old love letters from my first boyfriend in one box. I’ve kept our photos in their too. I guess there’s nothing wrong about that.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve done this too on a previous post. You can find it in this post under the “6 weird things about me”:

  11. i remember tuloy this movie of mel gibson where he could read a woman’s mind. i wish i could have that power. that way, i’ll know who my real friends are.

    have you recently read one of your first bf’s letter? how does it feel now? 🙂

  12. gawa na tag ko about secrets you dont want to know and thank sa blogging, lol

    paki bisita na lang kung relevant, haha baka off topic ako, gulo utak ko ngayun haha!
    i need a GLASS of red wine… ata.

  13. Don’t you ever, ever wish you could read minds. A lot of weird stuff are going on the minds of many people. Censored stuff, usually. Hehe.

  14. Carmi, hey thanks for dropping by. And true, I dread the day when I get that notice from school. Fingers crossed, hope it never happens.

  15. Niceheart,
    it was actually fun doing this meme. Pareho pala tayo, i try to catch ET whenever I can.

  16. Hey Toe, jologs nga lol
    Inis nga sa blogger eh, maybe I should get my own domain too huh?

  17. Francesca, o sige visit ko blog mo to check out your secrets, maybe i’ll need a bottle of red wine too…i mean a glass…he!he!

  18. Verns, Gina, Jo, Ferdz…
    siguro nga once in our old life, talaga naman may mga malilit na bagay na mahirap kalimutan…

  19. Paul, yeah only 5 for now…maybe more next ime…so keep coming by ok?

  20. Hi Rachel, i used to keep all letter but now I’ve learnt to dispose of some of them, only important ones I keep.

  21. Gracita,
    no I have not revisited them in a while. It would probably be very corny. I might feel nostalgic though.

  22. Abaniko,
    yes…on second thoughts its probably best to just be able to hear our own mind…it might corrupt us too much to hear and read other’s.

  23. i also kept all my snail mails, love letter, friendly letter, any notes from other people. but it stopped when emails become dominant in communication, snailmail died in phils

  24. Natuwa ako dun sa last haha 😀

    haha I bet you’re a good dancer 😉

  25. Hi Cruise,
    oo nga , ithink snail mail has lessened because of technology. Nakakamiss din di ba?

    Sana nga :o)

  26. Hi Leah 🙂 pareho pala tayo; Kutohin din ako lalu na nung grade school, he he.

  27. Hi Leah,
    I can relate to that “kuto” thing… The suyod, the calendar, the burning, etc. That’s reminiscing…
    Thanx for sharing…

  28. Leah,
    #4: I wished I kept all the love letters sent to me. Something to giggle about when I get old and gray. I should have kept one interesting picture, it just scandalized me too much that I burned it.

  29. Talaga, I love dancing too Leah 😉 ! Way back home I used to be “laman ng disco” tama ka HATAW ! Na miss ko na yang word na yan ah !

    I had kuto too 😦 anyway, I guess it’s normal for every children, lahat dumadaan sa stage na ganyan kahit anong linis ka pa sa katawan !

  30. hey Dodong, so many small things can trigger memories of the past..glad to oblige.

    kk, whew, why naman ? scandalized? that’s a strong word, maybe its posted in your archives?

    o sige, pag bisita ko sa France, hataw tayo. lol

  31. […] am copying his title… Although I did answer other meme’s on 8 things about me or 5 things you might not want to know about me , I can certainly lists some more. So here goes 7 truths about me….more like more little […]

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