Posted by: Leah | February 6, 2007

The Puzzle

“Doing a puzzle is a bit like doing yoga exercise, a very welcome relaxation from your daily routine. It is a labour of love, challenge and a light relief in one.

It is exciting, with invigorating emotional ups and downs. Piece for piece, as you search, find and search again, your feeling of achievement grows.”

The above are quotes directly from the box of Ravensburger Special Editon 1000 pcs puzzle we recently finished and I couldnt agree more. It is called Chantal Poulin: Little Bird.

Last winter, we completed one puzzle , layed it out and finished it in about a month or two. When the weather is cold outside and you just want to stay home and do something else aside from watching TV, puzzles are definitely a time well wasted. Each time I find a piece to link to another piece just gives me that satisfying feeling, that joy of succeeding in getting a link connected. And the more I piece together the puzzle, the more I want to keep going and discover the finish product.

Well, my wonderful hubby decided one day in January, in this very cold winter time in Canada, to layout a new puzzle. Actually, the puzzles were borrowed from his mum, believe me, she has plenty of puzzles to lend and this one has not been missed for over a year now. Its been that long its been hidden inside our closet. So one day, I walked in the living room and saw this puzzle already layed out on the floor. And ofcourse, I had to suggest to get it into the coffee table so we can all work on it together.

And so begins a 3-week period of intense collaboration on a household of 3 to complete the “little bird” puzzle. Stories were told ,homework answered, spelling practiced, cups of tea drank, songs sung, unheard CDs listened to and other mundane family silly stuff done around this little table while doing the puzzle. There was even one night I stayed up till 1 am trying to find the matching piece to one little corner.

During the first year of my marriage, my hubs and I completed a puzzle and framed it . Check out the photo below, its the one with the whale/orca/dolphin in space. Last year’s puzzle went back to the box after completion , it was missing one piece (probably eaten by mum’s cat and never went back into the box). And so for this puzzle, the verdict is still up in the air, into the box broken back into a thousand pieces or up on the wall into a frame. Will see.

btw, thanks Toni for the Good Widget link



  1. Wow! 1000 pieces! I don’t have enough patience for this!

  2. I’m impressed! I can only do under a hundred sort of pieces (and it drove me mad), never mind a thousand. WoW! really impressive.

  3. Ooooh, I love puzzles Leah. And it is a wonderful bonding time with your family. 🙂 A thousand-piece puzzle, family, hot chocolate, on a cold night… perfect!

  4. mas grabe pa pala sa blogging ang puzzle?nakaka adik?

    i can hooked din kami jan b4 nung isa pa lang ang daughter namin,tatlo kaming sabay sabay,kaya kelangan pag uwi na ni hubby form work ang puzzle time 🙂

    lots of puzzle sa MIL mo ha?interesting! 🙂

  5. 1000 pieces!?! Wow! I admire that… Looks like more challenging than participating in memes? What do you think? 😀

  6. Wow, I like that one with the two girls, it’s quite lovely! Now, I might borrow the puzzles from my friend and make a go at it. Let’s see if I would enjoy it as much as blogging & bloghopping =)

  7. Oh my gosh! Those puzzles are awesome! I don’t think I’d have the patience for that, but it would make for a great bonding experience with my husband. *L* I just hope we don’t end up throwing the pieces out the window. What you accomplished is amazing! They are beautiful puzzles, and the experience of having had the patience to put them together and create that masterpiece with your loved one(s) is fantastic.

  8. Oh I also love the “two girls” It’s great.

    I remember when we were still in grade school, we also have a bunch of mini-puzzles of “tangke de gera”. My brother and I would do the puzzles over and over again. Puzzles are indeed a good tool for family bonding 🙂

    So basically after you formed it, you put it again in a box? You don’t frame it?

  9. Hi Sidney, patience is definitely needed. However, you dont have to rush to do this. We took our time and pace.

  10. Hi Pining, thanks.

    100 pieces left for my girl to do, although she ofcourse needs help as well.

  11. Hi Toe,
    bonding talaga. I’m happy to know you enjoy doing puzzles as well

  12. Hi Ghee,
    it sure is addictive. I had to limit myself on the hours I work on it since it deterred me in doing other things…and yes just like blogging.

  13. Hi Dodong,
    Challenging than a meme for sure, do you want to be tagged? I can lend you a box of puzzles…lol

  14. Hi Gina,
    I really the two girls too. Its an art worth keeping but we’re still thinking about it. Hope you get the chance to start and finish one.

  15. Hi Toni, thanks.

    Try it, patience is probably a virtue you have plenty of.

  16. Hi Verns,
    I cant remember if I did any puzzles in my younger days, I wish I did. My daughter does it well in her age.

    Yes, last year’s puzzle was just broken into pieces back in the box. This one? We’re still enjoying it and has left it on the coffee table. I am thinking of framing it since I really like the two girls.

  17. This is impressing ! Love the 1st one! Hey you’ve got patience girl and that is a virtue 🙂 ! Naku ako baka 20 pieces eh, give up na :(.

  18. i am tempted to get a 1,000 pc puzzle. it was not worth to buy while raising the kids because. a single carelessness, a single piece lost, makes the puzzle a bad investment. now that the youngest is 10, i guess it is doable. nowadays, family works on crossword puzzles (we would xerox the daily puzzle each morning, then in the evening we compare notes, we would even text each other) and sudoku puzzles. puzzles are more fun if done with family and friends.

  19. Thanks Haze. I’m sure you can do more than 20.

    Hi Sexy Mom, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun doing a big puzzle like this. I like sudoku too.

  20. oh Leah I think it would be great to frame it 🙂

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