Posted by: Leah | February 8, 2007

Why do I love thee? T13 edition #13

13 wonderful traits of the man I love

1. He is kind
2. He is gentle
3. He is handy
4. He does housework (laundry, garbage and sometimes , even the dishes)
5. He can cook
6. He is artistic
7. He is a loving father
8. He is handsome
9. He has blue eyes
10. He is a loving son
11. He has a green thumb
12. He is a loving husband
13. He loves me

There are more but I’m only listing 13 today.

Checkout the hub to join the T13 family



  1. Hello! 🙂

    Drop by your site as I am playing the ‘meet and greet’ game, you are the person right above me. 🙂

    Thought your Thursday 13 list is real sweet! 🙂 And how appropriate, with V-Day coming round the corner. To make things even more coincidental… I am actually in the business of love… haha! I am a professional matchmaker. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m a ‘meet and greet’er’ too. I had no idea there was another man in the world like my husband!

  3. Hey, we do have the same theme going on! Your list is simple and sweet, I love it. :O)

  4. Awwwwwww! Your hubby sounds as awesome as mine. We are both very lucky! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  5. Sounds like a keeper! Happy TT! Joely

  6. Gosh it sound as if you are talking about my Hubby.

    Visit my TT.

  7. Great minds…

  8. He must be a really wonderful guy! You’re a lucky,lucky girl =P

  9. I’m doing the meet and greet too. And your list is a lot like mine this week.

    I hope he realizes how much you love him, and I hope he sees this list.

  10. He’s a good man!

  11. So nice of you!
    thanks for stopping by today!
    Happy TT!

  12. Love your list! My hubby is unique too. :o)

    Glad to see that there are others out there that truly love their husbands.

  13. I think I “love” your husband too for being a great husband to you and most especially for loving you so much 🙂

    Many more years together for you and your husband Leah 🙂

  14. Uyyy ang sweet naman 🙂 Just in time for Valentine’s! Happy T13 Leah, and an advanced Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Is he single? 😉

    I’m not…but I could be, real quick!

  16. What a loving and wonderful husband you have! He is perfect!

    Thanks for dropping by my place.
    Saan ka pala dito sa Ontario? I’m in Guelph.

  17. Wow good cook 🙂 and blue eyes lucky you Leah ! How I wish my hubby can cook but it doesn’t matter, he knows how to wash the dishes, change diapers, help me with chores!

  18. Yours does laundry? Cool! Well, mine will do laundry but I’m just too picky when it comes to laundry…hehehe More power to men who pleases their wives by doing house chores!

  19. Wow! Your hubs has blue eyes! 🙂

  20. Hhhhmmm..almost the same with my hubby except #5 and #9. We are lucky to have them right? I hope they feel the same…hahaha

  21. How wonderful it is that you’ve taken the time to recognize him in this way. I’m inspired to share a similar list about my wife – who quite literally shapes my world and makes every day an adventure to remember.

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