Posted by: Leah | February 10, 2007

Because I Said So…

Finally had the chance to go out for a movie with the hubs. Last Monday afternoon , we went out for a good date. We watched this film “Because I said so

Going to a movie matinee on a Monday afternoon is so nice since we almost had the theatre all to ourselves until 3 other ladies came in. So yes, there were only 5 of us. I like the small audience since I hate the side comments and noise from the other viewers. We went once on a Friday night movie and never again…there were way too many teenagers and just couldn’t enjoy the movies that way.

Well, going back to the movie, it was good , I liked it. If there were other better movies of Action or Sci-fi theme, my hubs would probably been happier. I guess since I gifted him the gift certificate (which I redeemed from my visa points) for Christmas, he gave me the rights for decision making in choosing the film to watch.

Its a romantic comedy film , a story about a mother(Dianne Keaton) who wanted what’s best for her daughter and decided to find the perfect man for her(Mandy Moore). It is funny and cute. Diane is such a delight, her acting is still great and her clothes were divine.

If you saw Keaton’s last film (Something’s Gotta Give) with Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves , and you liked it, chances are you’ll like this too.

I’m in such a blogging mood..2 posts in a day (whew, i think that’s a first)



  1. Hi Leah, I haven’t been to the movies in a long time!

    Hey, if you post for the photohunt, that’ll be 3 in a row!

    Happy weekend Leah 🙂

  2. Like you, I hate going into a fully-packed movie house. I just can’t stand large crowds, which is probably why I haven’t been inside a theater in years. I’d rather wait for the movie to come out on video, or even cable. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit pala, Leah.

  3. With your blogging mood, feel free to blog for me…the ultimate slacker blogger lately. Too much going on. I think I will be able to find time to blog tonight or tomorrow finally!

  4. sa robinson’s pioneer ako nanonood kasi sobra konti tao.

  5. kapag romantic comedy oks sa akin yan, di ko masyado type yung serious love story. panoorin ko yan “Because I said so”

  6. Hi Leah 🙂 Yeah, here, watching a film on a Friday night or weekends is out of the question, ie, more expensive, more crowded and a childminder to look after my boys charge higher, too. Can’t win.

  7. i also dont like crowd. i hate people, too, who cant keep their mouth shut while watching the movie. inconsiderate.

    thanks for droppy by my blog. kinda late replying but better late than never di ba? 😀

  8. uunga ang sipag mo nga 🙂 hmmnn antay ko na lang sa mga rentals yang movie na yan, mas prefer ko ang manood sa bahay kaysa sa sinehan e 🙂

  9. Oh I love Diane Keaton. I love her so much in Something’s Gotta Give. I better find an OPM copy of this new movie hrhrhr

  10. I would like to see the movie pero parang di pa showing dito 😦 !

  11. i gotta watch that…im a fan of diane and my daughter is a fan of mandy…i guess we’ll both enjoy that =)

  12. I also enjoy watching Diane Keaton. I’ve seen Something’s Gotta Give and I liked it. I seldom go to the movies so I think I’ll just wait for this one on DVD.

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