Posted by: Leah | February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen edition #14

Here’s my 13 confessions/secrets/personal stuff ; got the idea from Sngl Guy and I am going along for my Thursday 13.

1. I mailed a love letter to my first boyfriend 3 years after we broke up. I never got a response back, I wonder if he ever got it.

2. There was a total eclipse of the sun one day in my college life. It was a total eclipse of my heart though; I cried buckets on that day, the guy I was head over heels for , my crush , my infatuated love broke my heart. He flirted with my friend on a party. I saw him in a different angle from that day on. Just another cute face.

3. I browse the internet at work

4. I dont forward emails unless it really touches me. More often, I simply file it and read it again.

5. My hair used to be black. It was never touched by colouring chemicals until year 1999. And there’s no going back from then on.

6. I’ve had 3 bikini waxes in my lifetime (once before the honeymoon, another one before a vacation, and one more..hmnn, just because). And Awwwww, it hurts!

7. I cut my nails real short. They are too brittle and tend to break often.

8. I love sappy movies. I like to go for the ones that make me cry. It clears up the tear ducts.

9. I dont shave my legs. I’ve got very fine hair there and barely noticeable. Lucky me huh?

10. I love pedicures.

11. I got two books as Valentine’s gift from my hubs. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and The Time Traveller’s Wife.

12. I got him books as well …The Measure of a Man and a books of poems and lettter by Robert and Elizabeth Browning

13. And I got my daughter a book entitled : Barbie: A Day at the Fair – Step-into-Reading . She read it last night. Yes she can read now (with a little help from me.) And she liked it a lot.

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  1. I’m not a participant but it was fun reading your entries. I have a similar story like your number 1. I mailed a letter to my ex telling him I already got married. Although we’ve remained friends and talked on the phone from time to time, I never mentioned that I was getting married so I decided to write him after. He was very surprised but he appreciated my letter.

  2. Nice TT…sharing some personal stuff. I wish my lef hair didn’t need to be shaved…lucky woman!

    I wrote someone a letter once and they weren’t in my life…and didn’t respond. I found it so tough because it left me wondering for months…maybe longer.

    My TT is up…come on over!

  3. Wow, what a great theme for a TT. I might have to steal the idea for one of my future TTs…but in the meantime, I have a photo TT this week.

    Happy TT!

  4. I’m so impressed about giving books to each other on Valentine’s Day! Now that would be a wonderful tradition. Happy TT!

  5. I love pedicures and sappy movies,too. 🙂

    I love to cry when im stressed out 🙂

    Happy Hearts Day,Leah!

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by my site and even more, thanks for the vote. I appreciate it.

    Great list! I love to give and get books as well. Even with all the technology around, there is still nothing like a good book 🙂

    Happy TT-Jessica

  7. Hi Leah :-), I’m just curious; what’s the hair colour now?
    TMI on # 6, he he
    I also like keeping my nails short because of it’s shape (which is not very nice)

  8. lol! I do #3 all the time. Like right now 🙂

  9. Hi, Leah! Nice 13-list you have!

    No. 2 also happened to me, though in high school. It was my first heartache… Ouch.. 🙂

  10. On #1 and 2… yeah, men can be pigs sometimes. And that’s coming from a man. 🙂

    On #5, I used to have this mop of shiny black hair on my head. Now it’s a mop of salt and pepper. Actually it’s beginning to more of salt…

  11. Men…they’re sooo..nevermind!

    I have yet to try a bikini wax…hehehe I wonder how painful it is..yikes!

  12. ngek! that’s me Leah 🙂

  13. books, books, books. that’s good, because nowadays, most people would rather surf the net. that’s ok, but books are still treasures.
    belated happy valentine’s day

  14. Wow! You’re a book-reading family. That’s nice.

    Love sappy movies too. 🙂

  15. same here on #9! Lucky us 🙂

    & #7, long nails makes me feel itchy!

    have a love-filled day! 😉

  16. Hi Rachel,
    That’s good, at least there was some kind of closure and better still that you know his reaction. Ako, not sure if ever got it.

    Thanks for dropping by Shelley, unanswered letters are surely a disappointment.

    Hi Bubba,
    sure go ahead and write up some secrets, that wil be interesting to read.

    Hey Joely Sue,
    not really a tradition but sort of the trend in my family this days. We’ve seemed to have been bookworms lately. Although it will certainly be a nice gift giving tradition.

  17. Hi Ghee,
    girls will be girls huh? Nothing like a good cry to unload the burdens of the day.

    Hey Rock Chick,
    You’re welcome and for sure, nothing beats a good ‘ol book.

    Hi Pining,
    Colour now is dark brown with bits of blonde highlights. Although the roots are showing now and some gray hair too. I am re-thinking whether to get it done again or lay low on the chemicals for now and let the black hair grow back.

    btw, what is TMI?

  18. JMom, am always guilty on #3.
    Wonder if the bosses will ever find out?

    Rhodora , thanks.
    Oh the heartaches and heart breaks of the past – it does bring back good memories sometimes, right?

    you’re not the first to admit that.
    As for your hair, its not a sign of age but rather of wisdom.

    Hi Verns,
    masakit talaga, try mo to find out.

  19. I’ve never experienced being in a place with total solar eclipse! Wow!!! Despite the emotional trauma you had that day, I’d say, you were lucky! 🙂
    Three bikini waxes – OUCH!
    BTW, I’ve added you to my links – hope it’s okay! 🙂

  20. Hey Dine,
    Books are certainly treasures…I wish I kept some of my old books from my younger years. Remember Pepe and Pilar, the Hardy boys and Nancy Drew?

    oh yes, books abound in my household.

    Sana malapit ka lang, movie date sana tayo..

    for #9 – maybe its in the Pinay genes…kaya?

  21. hey Kathy,
    there will be a partial solar eclipse on March 19 (according to the link in my post) which will be visible in eastern Asia. Maybe, you’ll catch a glimpse of that. Dont look directly to the sun though (oh, but I’m, sure you know that already, Ms Geek)

    and thanks for the link.

  22. Wonderful list! I am soooo jealous that you don’t shave your legs! 😀 I have never had a bikini wax… and don’t want one either. Thanks for confirming that for me LOL!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  23. Hi Mert,
    oh the joys of being a woman!

  24. #3 i guess everyone does that di ba?
    #5 once you start coloring your hair, no turning back na talaga
    #9 i don’t shave my legs, but mine’s not very fine though

  25. Hi hipncoolmama,
    #3 – yeah I just looked over my officemate’s computer and yup..browsing too!
    #5 – i like your hair colour and style
    #9 – good for you too.

  26. both books are great.

    Imagine “The Time Traveller’s Wife” wouldve been Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston..but they had to shelve the movie plans after they broke up.

  27. Hi Junnie,
    Didn’t know that trivia part about the movie…sayang nga.

    I chose those books (yeah , I gave a list to him on what I want) since they were recommneded from blogs I read yours.

  28. cool revelation, aha! ma-try nga yung #6, kaso kailan naman?

    galing talaga ng niece ko, mana sa tita nya hehe 🙂

  29. Hi Aunty Michele,
    mana sa iyo? talaga?
    sige, pa-wax tayo sa summer before the bikini season, pero mauna ka.
    dont blame me ok?

  30. di kaya may asawa na or gf yung ex mo at sya yung nakatanggap ng letter mo at di na nakaabot sa ex mo? hihi.

    happy chinese new year

  31. Hi Leah! I did #1 too, but it was after one or two years? Better to get it out of your system, I never thought of her again after that….

    Oh I’m glad to hear your leg hairs are fine, I saw some girl with curly black hair on her legs hehehehe….

  32. #3 – looks like everybody’s doing it 🙂

    #8 – loove the clearing of the tear ducts – I guess we have to do this once in a while he he:)

    #9 – wow.. lucky indeed 🙂

  33. Ang ganda talagang pang regalo ang books ano? I’ve heard and seen those titles and a friend recommends it din. Have a great chinese new year!

  34. I also mailed a “love letter” to a girl. well, it was email kasi meron na ng email. 😀 She never responded also and when i next saw her, she denied ever getting an email from me and then walked away. Ouch! That hurt more than a bikini wax…. I imagine. hehe

  35. school won’t be the same without those guys that you seem to love from afar, then break your heart, then will just be another pretty face… bottomline: we get over them… just like after a painful wax..

  36. hi Cruise,
    Hmnnn…baka nga? Happy Chinese New Year din.

  37. Hey Angelo…
    Funny how you can relate to #1. Yours was probably a real closure. Mine was not as much…i sorta wish I never sent it.

  38. BW..thanks for the comments..for you get bothered when employees do this? You are the boss right?

  39. Ferdz, siyempre naman..I hope you get the chance to read them too.

  40. Hi Wil, Sounds pretty heartbreaking indeeed and yes, awww!

  41. Tani,
    oh you hit the right spot. So true talaga.

  42. interesting list!

  43. haha, same here, not only browsing but also blogging…

    3. I browse the internet at work

  44. #1 maybe the letter got stuck at the post office. 3 cards I sent home never arrived.

    #3 your sys admin knows what sites you’re going 😉

    #9 lucky you.

  45. Hi east of oragon..thanks

    Iskoo..oo nga

    KK, siguro if they want to look for grounds for dismissal, they’ll try to dig through that info. Sa dami ng employees, I wonder if they keep archives.
    I only go to friendly sites.

  46. am not a praticipant here.jaz led by kuya wil reyes when i was browsing his blogsite. it was a nice read though.i usually don’t do lists like these or meme’s altho i’m tagged by sir billbilig (jaz now..hehe).

    #8 me too!cry a lot u know?hehe
    #9 lucky u 🙂
    #10 hope somebody wud do that to me…hehe

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