Posted by: Leah | February 20, 2007

Winter Festival

A week ago, the family braved the chilly weather to have some outdoor fun.

ice sculpture

Fun going down a hill.


ice skating

toasting marshmallows and getting warm

horse rides

winter forest

bald trees

lonely log



  1. Ang ginaw tingnan ng pics… pero parang masarap yung toasted marshmallows ha. 😀

  2. While you guys are chilling out, we are starting to sweat it out here. Summer is just around the corner, and with El nino in the offing, I hate to think how hot this year’s summer will be…

  3. i like the winter forest and bald trees pics. kind of eerie.

  4. the ice sculpture.. love it!

  5. where’s this Leah? i think winter is about to end, next 2 days are positive temps, its now 5 degrees, and we havent ski’d yet…baka this weekend, kahit sa likod na lang ng bahay 😛 hehehe

  6. Ayy, sayang di ako nakasama.. Ang ganda dito ate ahh. saan ba to? I’m sure nagenjoy si Sam 🙂

  7. I want to have a taste of that toasted marshmallows, first time I’ve heard about it ! Want to do dogsledding, haven’t experience it ! Seems real fun !

  8. ang ginawwww…! grrrr!
    fabulous pics, Leah 🙂

  9. Linnor, yeah, the marshmallow were good. just make sure its not burnt too much, just warmed.
    the city had bags of them and giving them out for free to toast.

  10. Sngl Guy,
    I hate real hot and humid. Love the Baguio wether though.

  11. Bing, thanks.
    I guess we get used to the look of the forest in the winter. The evergreens stay green, so at least may color pa rin.

  12. Analyse, it was beautiful. There were more. There were two guys doing the sculpting on site.

  13. Junnie, this winterfest was for the city of durham. Oo nga spring like weather na. Gaano ba katagal ito. Its such a relief from the cold few weeks. Skiing? You have space in your backyard -lol? Baka for skating lang? up north will be fun for sure.

  14. Michelle, sorry di ka namin na-invite. OO naman, talagang enjoying si miss beauty.

  15. Haze. Taosting marshmallows is great fun when camping and during this cold weather- it was real good. We did not go for the dog sledding,kasi mahaba ang pila.

  16. Hi Pining,
    It was really cold that day. We did not stay as long as we wanted too. My feet was all soaked kasi I did not wear proper boots.


  17. oh poor log! hrhrhrhr

    hey Leah…the pictures look freezing cold 🙂 But sounds fun especially that you’re with the family 🙂

  18. the pictures have spoken for themselves. nice ones! winter perfect. it must have been fun to chill out.

    here in manila, we are nearing summer. mornings are still cool, but give it a few more days, we will be sweating out.

    and the political climate is getting hot by the day…i chill when i think about it. grrrrr

  19. cool…the weather & syempre yung mga pictures =D

  20. Hi
    it was really cold but sure was fun

    Sexy Mom,
    I can feel the hotness and coldness there about the election. Cool ka lang. Ice cream???


  21. Looked like you had a real fun time! As for me, I’d take the warm & toasty indoors anytime! =P Hey, I am still looking forward to our first Literati match soon. Nabusy lang din ako lately.
    Spring is coming soon, yeheyyy!!!

  22. Hi Gina,
    Sometimes, being indoors gets boring for my daughter, we have to find things to perk her up.

    oo nga, been waiting for you to go online. Sige, match tayo.

  23. Looks like fun Leah! The white stuff we have now is hard as rocks. Haven’t gotten the nice fluffy ones yet.

    Flowerfest sa Baguio!

  24. Nice pics! This reminds me, for the longest time, my husband and I have been planning to see the “Snow festival” up in Hokkaido. They also have ice sculptures, some of them replicas of famous architechtures worldwide. Sobrang ganda pag gabi dahil sa effects ng lights. Are the ice sculptures also lighted at night in your winterfest?

  25. Beutiful!!ang ganda ganda ng snow kapag nasisikatan ng araw sa umaga o kaya hapon ano?parang diamond na kumikislap 🙂

    i bet you had fun with your family 🙂

  26. KK,
    its realy nice when snow is freshly fallen.
    I will try to go around and checkout the Baguio blogs for some flower fest updates

  27. Kathy,
    No, these sculptures were not lighted. But I’m sure the ones in other big cities are, like downtown Toronto. I bet those ice sculptures in Hokkaido are great. Hope you get the chance to go and see

  28. Hi Ghee,
    The sun shining onto the snow is definitely a sight to see and I like your analogy with the diamond.

  29. That’s the spirit – braving the cold to have outdoor fun. Must be interesting to step out and play in the snow! Feeling siguro, parang nasa malaking malaking freezer. Hehe.

  30. Oh yeah Rhodora, it was cold. Thanks goodness for winter clothes.

  31. I love playing in the snow!!

  32. Hi East of Oregon…
    I do like toboganning. My daughter can play all day in the snow if it were not only for mommy staying, “its time to get in pumpkin.”

  33. That looks really fun. I’ve never seen nor played in the snow before but I certainly love the idea. I’ve tried toasting marshmallows before. A fun activity. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

    It’s such a contrast, you’re having cold weather there and we’re having hot, humid weather here. I have early symptoms of a cold probably due to the sudden change in temperature. It seems summer is finally here.

  34. I’m not into winter activities, but all that stuff looks like super fun. 🙂

  35. Hi Rachel,
    Summer na ba talaga ang feeling diyan? Dito malamig na naman. Yes, despite the cold, there are lots of fun things to do. One day, you’ll experience snow and how to enjoy it.

  36. Hi Rachel,
    Summer na ba talaga ang feeling diyan? Dito malamig na naman. Yes, despite the cold, there are lots of fun things to do. One day, you’ll experience snow and how to enjoy it.

  37. Hi fruityoaty,
    Well some folks aren’t into snow stuff. You’re right though, it is fun.

    thanks for dropping by.

  38. Oh, I thought I commented here already. Baka hindi lumusot.

    Oh, so that’s what you did last Sunday. That’s like Winter Wonderland! Great bonding with the family Leah. 🙂 I like the dogsledding best of all.

  39. I wonder how many comments I’ve lost???

    Anyway, thanks for coming back to check and Yes., it was great family fun.

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