Posted by: Leah | February 23, 2007


Do you get bonuses at work?
I worked a few years in the Philippines as a computer instructor.
We were using the 5.25 floppy disk then.
I think there was this 13th month pay we get at the end of the year. Cant remember much since it was probably so small , it was not really worth remembering.

In this company I work for now, we have a so called Bonus. And we get it depending on whether the company made money or not. Whether we reached the goals in terms of customer commitment, cash flow, etc..etc..
And at the same time, the amount we get is based on how we performed during the year.

Last year’s payout was a better one than this year but I am not complaining, at least there’s something. I just wish the government would not take so much taxes. I think about 40% of the pay went back to the government. Why? so we can pay them their salaries? Fix up the roads? Build libraries? Support the homeless? or the officials can take a trip somewhere in their limousines?

So how am I going to spend this extra cash in my pocket?
Been thinking about getting a big screen TV and get the big screen movie experience. Should we get LCD or Plasma? Should we go for 37″ or 42″. Wall mount would be nice. Are there different kinds of LCD?
What’s with the brand name? Why is Sony more expensive than LG or Westinghouse? What about the brands we dont see any advertisements of, how are they different?

Hmmnn..maybe just go on a vacation or cruise?



  1. i’d travel if i were you…. hehehe…

  2. Our bonuses are pathetic. It’s enough to get ourselves an extra cup of coffee. 😦

    Wow, what terrific choices you have Leah. I’d be in a dilemma too. I like the plasma TV and the vacation both. 🙂

  3. At work, we get quarterly bonuses, depending on whether we meet our productivity and quality requirements. Extra bonus if you have perfect attendance. It’s extra spending money to help with the bills and groceries for a growing family but not enough to buy a new TV.

  4. Wow Bonuses are always a welcome. Yeah, how I detest taxes myself. Balitaan mo kami on how you spent your Bonus… me I’d go for a nice vacation. hehe

  5. Tough huh? Both are good options- I would probably go on vacation to somewhere sunny & warm if I were you. But then again, that big TV sounds tempting. It would be really cool to watch your favourite movies/shows na para kang nasa moviehouse minus the crowd!
    Anyway, buti ka pa, may bonus =P
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Going on vacation or cruise beats watching TV any day. 😀

  7. Keeping it in a bank would be a better option. 🙂

  8. I did received bonuses when I was working but having bonus is I guess depends to the companies right?! Not all enterprises do except if employees exige because of hardwork and personally they deserve to get one ;)!

    Leah go for cruising travel :)!

  9. Same goes here; they whack off a lot for tax!
    Treat YOURSELF to something nice, like a weekend in a spa etc, etc… pamper yourself.. I say 🙂

  10. Hi Jo, we are thinking of doing just that , maybe go to Disney

  11. Naku Toe, ang liit naman pala ng bonus nyo. Sana nga makapag-decide kami for the right choice

    Niceheart, ang galing naman ng company nyo, quarterly bonus. You know i’ve been meaning to ask you kung pwedeng mag-apply sa inyo at dito sa Toronto ako work form home?

  12. Hi Ferdz, taxes are indeed a pain the ….a summer vacation probably. For sure, I’ll blog about it.

  13. Hi Gina,
    have a great weekend as well.

  14. Hi Wil,
    I am longing for a cruise or a vacation away from this cold weather. Sure will beat any TV time.

  15. Hey snglguy, is that what you do with all your extra cash?

  16. Hi Haze,
    Do you miss the perks of working? It seems travel and cruise is a majority vote.

  17. Hi Pining,
    Actually, I am going for a spa 2 weeks from now. I won it from my Avon business. I would definitely treat myself to another one maybe near my birthday.

    I guess taxes follows us wherever we go.

  18. sa Pinas lahat ng klaseng bonus meron, dagdag mo pa yng mid-year bonus. but sa taas ng mgas bilihin lumalabas na bogus pala yung dagdag.LOL

    here south of your border, we basically have the same scheme but with another collar. we call it group performance award. maliit din lang since the govt gets almost 40% of it too. So we’re on the same boat.

    you forgot to mention the lazy ones, yung mga welfare pipol na kahit pwede mag trabaho ayaw kasi suportado ng gobyerno. dyan tumatakbo ang buwis mo:) dito sa lugar ko, pwede ka mag welfare for life no wonder bagsak ang estado:)

  19. Hi Mitsuru,
    Oh so true, if not for the taxes, I would not have second thoughts of what to get or do…maybe i’d be basking under the sun right now.

    The lazy ones indeed seem to fair off better than the ones who sweat for all their luxuries. Inis talaga.

  20. What about give to charity? My middle name is Caridad. haha Seriously, what a nice dilemma you have. Whatever you choose, good luck. What about invest in blue chip stocks?

  21. from all your blog you seem to be a nice loving lady and above all generous.I could advise you to buy a cheap plasma tv and vacation at the same time.But,my best choice is to give it all to the poor who don’t see even 1 % of this money as a is your choice anyway.
    by the way how much did you get so i can advise you the brand to buy and what to look for,you know there will be some changes in the future fot tv signals in canada and most old tv’s won’t be able to catch these signals without having to buy some sort of a device toreceive these new signals.

  22. If you would like to use your TV as a monitor, or if you want to hook it up to your computer, I’d recommend the LCD. As for the size, well, you should consider how far your viewing spot is. There is an optimum TV size for a particular viewing distance. 🙂

    I don’t know about the other brands, but the most popular LCD TV here in Japan is Aquous by Sharp.

    So have you made a decision yet?

  23. “Hey snglguy, is that what you do with all your extra cash?” – With all the monthly expenses and soaring prices? What extra cash? 😀

  24. Hi annamanila,
    I’ve always wanted to do stocks. BUT I am not risky, what if?

    I gave extra to church today. I guess that counts as charity.

  25. Hey thanks Sam, I’m glad to have given a good impression on myself out there.

    I always think of the poor. I wish I can help them more than I can. I dont have to announce it here but something goes out to them. I hope you’ll do the same.

  26. Hi Kathy, thanks for the tips. And yes, if ever we do get a new TV, it will be LCD.

  27. Snglguy, ha!ha! what about saving up for the rainy days? I hope you get to do that.

  28. How about a vacation in the Philippines?

    I don’t have bonus because i’m jobless..huhuhu.

  29. How I wish I have your problem right now Leah hehe 🙂

  30. we have that kind of bonuses too.. and like yours, it’s taxable.. so i put it direct to our company’s stock option to save it from taxes hehe..

  31. Hi Ann, i dont think my bonus can take care of all the expenses needed to travel back home but it is definitely enticng, pandagdag ba.

  32. Verns, nanginggit pa kasi ano? Someday maybe, who knows?

  33. Hi Analyse,
    ours is taxable but we dont have same option to put it in our stocks. Would’ve been nice.

  34. Use it for vacation to the Philippines :). Treat the whole clan lechon and then leave for Boracay!

  35. Positive problem. I’ll spend that for a cruise 🙂 (or that’ll go to charity)

  36. kk, a good idea. not sure if I can afford allthat though?

    Dodong, “a postive problem”, that’s a good way to call it.

  37. i’ll travel and go shopping, and for once, treat myself. before i went on retirement, i spent most of the money for family, family, family…i was last. for once, i would like to pamper myself.

    good luck! and i am sure you have not forgotten to thank the good Lord for the blessings.

  38. Hi Leah. This is my first time here (from Vern’s blog) so I hope you won’t mind my intrusion. I worked for nearly 20 years as a teacher – long, hard hours that would end way past midnight and start by 10 a.m. the next day. At the end of the year, we got 13th month pays (because this is mandated by law) but no performance bonuses, not even if the students cite you as an outstanding teacher. … As to what you should do with your bonus, I vote that you spend it on something that you would enjoy – like a reward at the end of the year. 🙂

  39. Hi Dine, thanking God for His blessings ofcourse. A good reminder. And yes, treat ourselves while still young, hindi naman pwede pura pagod lang, relaxation is always good.

  40. Hello Bugsy , welcome to my blog and thanks for the visit.
    Teachers here in Canada are compensated well. I hope same will come true in the Philippines. I guess the only reward you’ll cherish in the end is seeing how your students turn out to be. And I am one those who say “Thank You” for being an instrument in who we are now.

  41. Leah, the work-at-home thing at my company is a special project in our department. It actually started as a pilot project to temporarily solve the office space in our expanding department. There are 9 of us who work at home and I don’t think they intend to hire anymore in that position. Besides, even if they were still hiring for that position, you have to be working in the company in the same position for at least one year. I have friends who have also asked the management if they could work at home but they were already declined.

  42. I mean to solve the “lack” of office space.

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