Posted by: Leah | February 24, 2007


This week’s Photo hunt theme is Soft

What’s softer than a cuddly bear. The photo above is my daughter’s “First Christmas” (these words are stiched on his left paw) bear. She is almost 6. The bear is still close to its white color despite the years.

update: My daughter sometimes takes this bear with her to sleep when she cant find her favourite bear so most of the time, this one is left in a basket or on the shelf.

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  1. Wow Leah I thought it was a brand new bear. Definitely soft 🙂 Happy weekend and photohunting!

  2. It looks brand-new, soft and cuddly!

  3. That is a beautiful bear. I have a white one too, but is sure is not as white any more. I love teddy bears to cuddle with, especially if they are soft ones 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. And whats the secret to keeping the color! My Little guys animals look raggedy after a week of lovin’! Mine’s up!

  5. It’s so cute and it looks really new. Your daughter must be good in taking care of her stuff. Thanks for sharing. Mine is up as well. Happy Sunday!

  6. Wow that looks so good for a 6 yr old bear. Nice and soft. Happy weekend.

  7. does your daughter play with this bear? looks very new! 🙂

  8. I have always wondered why they make white bears for kids. Nyssa wouldn’t have ever been able to keep it white. She loved her bears hard.

  9. Hello all . Thanks for dropping by.

    I had an update on the post so you will understand why this bear is still white. I’d post her favourite bear but I can’t find her picture right now.

  10. oh the bear is precious!

  11. My oldest still has her favorite bear, “Beary”, from when she was four. She is fourteen now. Fortunately, Beary is a brown bear and not as susceptible to noticeable dirt.

  12. I always wanted a bear when I was a kid.

    Mine’s up too 🙂

  13. Aww, sweet bear! He looks so soft. Great choice for the Hunt.

  14. So cute 🙂 My daughter sleeps with her teddy too but has been too engrossed with her Baby Bratz dolls ( twins) lately 🙂

  15. My daughter is not very fond of stuff toys, mas gusto nya yung pillows, different designs, scattered on her bed.

  16. Uy, you’re the second person I’ve seen today included in the photo hunters blogroll!

  17. galing naman! mukha pa ring brand new! pag dito yan dirty white na color nyan hehe 🙂

  18. Oo nga, mukhang bago pa! kung dito yan sa amin, kulay brown na, 🙂

  19. You take care oh him very well! Mukhang bagong bago! Cute pa nya, walang duda gusto sya ng baby mo !

  20. i’ve given away most of my kids stuff toys, but they kept a toy or two, yung fave nila. hay naku dung dito yan sa pinas nangutim na yan kahit nakabalot pa ng plastic =)

  21. Si Lana meron ding teddy bear na katulad nung kay Mr. Bean, bigay sa kanya nung ate ni Lorna. Kaso di naman pinaglalaruan, mas gusto yung manika niyang si Dora the explorer.

  22. Hi Leah!

    looks so soft and cute teddy bear 🙂

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