Posted by: Leah | March 1, 2007

Somewhere in Time – Thursday 13 #15

My previous post inspired me this Thursday Thirteen edition #15.

Say I have this capability to time travel and choose where and when I can be.

These will be my choices:

13 time/events/places I want to Time Travel to

1. Go back in the time when the Great Pyramidswere built. I want to know how they did it.

2. Visit Leonardo Da Vinci in the time when he was painting the Mona Lisa

3. Take a glimpse into the time when Jose Rizal was in his twenties and maybe have a conversation or two with him.

4. See the Queen of England, maybe back in the ’50s. I’m just fascinated with royalty. I’d love to go to a time when there would be a royal ball. Oh, I can just imagine my gown already.

5. Watch a concert of the Beatles.

6. Attend the Vanity Fair party for the post Oscars show.

7. Visit my parents in the early 60s. I want to see how they were before they had us.

8. Oct 27, 19sixty something , I would like to witness the day of my birth, I want to see how my parents reacted. I want to hear myself cry in fear or excitedness of coming out to the world.

9. Go back into my teenage years. Maybe I could give myself an advise about the future.

10. Checkout my hubby in his college years. I want to know what he was into those days.

11. Back to 2003, I’ll buy , even borrow money from the bank to invest in Google Stocks

12. Travel back to Oct 24, 2006 and buy the winning Lottery ticket. I would be $40M richer by the next day.

13. Into the future, say 2027, to see where I am , what am I doing. Am I using my millions in good things?

Want to know more about time travel. Checkout Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe: The Physical Possibilities of Travel Through Time

What about you? When and where do you want to go?

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  1. If I could time travel, I’d love to go back to Biblical times to ask Lazarus what it was like to be dead, then I’d go back to before my sister died and let her know more than she did that I love her. I’d also like to see my husband when he was young (before we met – college maybe) and tell him to wait, I’m coming!

    Great TT! Mine is up, too!

  2. Ho, Great wish list !!!
    You can’t see Leonardo Da Vinci but you can see Mona Lisa in France (where I live) 😉

    Happy T13

  3. Interesting! Yesterday no fewer than 3 people recommended The Time Traveler’s Wife to me to read. So. The Universe is trying to tell me something!

    happy TT!

  4. What a very interesting list! I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it (not even when I read The Time Traveller’s Wife… which was an excellent book).

    May have to consider this topic for a future TT!

  5. I love this list! There are so, so many places that I would time travel to if I could.

  6. I love this list! There are so, so many places that I would time travel to if I could.

  7. LOL, now there is a list that will cause a rip in the time space continium. Ok im a geek

  8. What a wonderful idea for a list!

    I think I’d go to a medieval festival, and to a Renaissance ball (I’m assuming of course that I’d go back rich and in style, no sense in going back as a peasant), and definitely to my own teenage years to warn myself not to be such an idiot… Oh, and to the future, I really want a sneak peak at how my kids turn out…

    Happy TT, and thanks for coming by my blog.

  9. Great T13 list, Leah!

  10. Very interesting ideas for time travel. I liked this one especially:

    8. Oct 27, 19sixty something , I would like to witness the day of my birth, I want to see how my parents reacted. I want to hear myself cry in fear or excitedness of coming out to the world.

    I’ll take it a step farther and say I’d like to be around when my parents found out they were going to have me, all the way through the pregnancy and birth. I was VERY unplanned, so I’d like to see how they dealt with the news.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come visit any time!

  11. Interesting time travel,Leah.I wanna see myself the day of my birth,too 🙂

  12. Oh I fantasize about doing just that Leah! After you do all that stuff, then you could write a book about your husband “The Time Traveler’s Husband”… Happy T13! Ingat driving it’s crazy out there!

  13. Hello Leah,
    What a lovely name!
    Thank you for stopping by on my blog and sharing your thoughts on the Oscars, which I enjoyed reading.
    I’d love to go to a Vanity Fairparty too and I had been grown up and in England, I may have been one of those girls screaming happily at a Beatles concert. We share those things in common. 🙂

  14. “What about you? When and where do you want to go?” – Travel back to October of 1995 to kick myself in the butt for marrying my now ex-wife… 🙂

  15. Great List! 🙂

    ii i can travel in time i want to witness the creation of the world check if there are other humans in another planets, travel in the future sometime 2010 and see if i am married!

  16. yeah I want to go back to ancient Rome and Crete. I love that going back to invest in Google stocks. Yeah, I would go back to the 80’s and buy some real estate in Manhattan. good fun thought provoking list.

  17. Mahaba-habang pagmumuni-muni ito ah, Leah 🙂

    Yeah, if I could also time travel, I’d visit many things in my past, and just a little peep in the future.

  18. uhhmmm…lemme see. I want to witness the first Christmas 🙂

  19. Hello again Leah,
    In answer to your question, I am hoping to have my novel published, yes. Thank you for the lovely comments and for linking me. I have done the same for you though I must apologize for the font and will have to adjust it later.

    btw, I noticed that you enjoyed The Time Traveler’s Wife. So did I very much especially the last chapters. I felt that the characters Henry & Claire were beautifully portrayed. It stayed on the bestseller lists in London for a long time. 🙂

  20. Leah, very interesting & original (ba?)(yata..) topic for T13. Maybe I will borrow this one of these days =)
    The weather has been really nasty. I am just glad I don’t have to go out today. Do be careful, have a safe drive if you have to go out.

  21. i’ll take #8. I’d love to see that moment too.. and proud to say that for louna, i chronicled everything in her blog, even the day we knew it and how the people reacted when we announced the good news 😉

  22. If I could go back I would invest in Microsoft and Xerox to name a few. I would love to go back to the middle ages when knights and damsels in distress abounded (except maybe with modern plumbing lol) Great TT list. Happy Friday.

  23. Interesting, Leah. I’m more interested of going to the future to see what will I become 😀

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