Posted by: Leah | March 7, 2007

Movie Marathon

Been watching a lot of movies in the last few weeks.

Too cold to go out. Too lazy to do anything else. And I wanted some good crying time.

1. The Holiday – I stayed up late last night to watch this movie. Oh it was good. I really like it a lot. More of a Christmas themed movie but nonetheless good enough to watch anytime of the year. I’d be sure to watch again during the holidays. Loved the cast, loved the dialogues. A girl movie my husband would say. A good date movie, I say. Tears flowed!!!

2. The Good Shepperd. – Tried watching this movie a few weeks ago but I was too tired and sleepy so I decided to stop it and watch again later. I watched it last week during the day and I still felt sleepy. It was too slow for my taste , CIA story with a 60’s plot. Matt Damon was good though. No tears.

3. Casino Royale – I had to watch the new James Bond. Again, I must have been too tired to really enjoy this film. Have to re-watch it to fully enjoy. I still like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan better. No tears.

4. Music and Lyrics – I just love any Hugh Grant movie and when I saw the preview of this, I had to watch it. He sang pretty well. Drew Barrymore was good too. My DVD copy was not that great but I liked the movie nonetheless. Some tears.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness – a beautiful film inspired by the autobigraphical book of Chris Gardner. This true story was portrayed well by Will Smith. His son was great as well.When I finished the movie, I actually wanted to read the book. Had a good cry!

And ofcourse I have to have a dose of some Filipino movies
6. 9 Mornings – Donita Rose and Piolo Pascual (again a Christmas theme movie about simbang gabi). Cute but I did not enjoy it that much. But all I can say is that Piolo is so …..scrumptious. Some tears.

7. Eternity – cant remember the lead roles but story is about re-incarnation. Two lovers in the past comes back into the present and finally fulfill their love story. Buckets.

8. Miss Pinoy – seems like a low budget film but with big bankable star Judy Ann Santos in the lead role. Story about an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Hongkong who fought to get their money back from a scheming Filipino con artist. Blah!

9. Maalala mo Kaya (via you Tube – episode called Dairy , one with Piolo and Jim Paredes as the older version of Piolo) – Hate watching You Tube downloads,screen was too small and when you get it bigger, pixel quality is just bad. Would have enjoyed it more if it was a DVD. Oh well, next time. At any rate, I still enjoyed it …again …Piolo!

10. Can’t remember any more…I have Mano Po 5 (or was it 4 – the one with Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierez) and Till I met You (Robin and Regine) and The Queenand The Departed.

Hay, more late nights to come. This Pinoy movie fest is my “Me” Time. I watch it by myself when daughter is finally gone to sleep and hubs decides to read or work in the computer.



  1. The Holiday—really nice noh? Shed some tears too. I also like the cast and great script. Sana ganun lang kadali yung buhay. Yung kung gusto mo umalis,alsa-balutan ka lang at travel sa ibang bansa.

    Casino Royale—love the fighting scenes hehe but yes did not cry too 🙂

    Pursuit of Happyness- cried buckets!!!!

    I am excited to watch Music and Lyrics 🙂

  2. hey, another movie buff here.

    nowadays i usually stay up til 3-4 am watching classics, docu and indie/ noir films though.

    i reserve the newer ones for the big ol’ movie house.

  3. Wow Leah, you’re a romantic and a big movie buff! I need to get out and watch more movies. You’re right though it’s nice to just stay in where it’s warm…. It’s supposed to be above 0 this weekend! I have a confession, I actually enjoyed one of those pinoy romance films, I don’t remember the title but it was with Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez, I remember the last scene where they bump into each other in traffic… do you know what movie I’m talking about?

  4. Wow! That is a lot of movies. I haven’t got the time to watch movies lately. Although, I did watch Open Season with the kids last weekend and I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I was just too tired.

  5. Hi Leah!nice that you had lots of time to watch movies.pareho tayo,If i feel i need some good crying,i watch dramas or love stories 🙂

    nakakatamad sa labas dahil naman sa allergies ko 🙂

  6. You’re really a movie buff. I heard about Happy-ness and Departed, etc. So many in my must see list now. I just dunno when I can go … between my work and blogging and online scrabbling and socializing obligations … I dunno. But like most of you I like the 2 hours or so I am absorbed in problems not my own, not to mention breathtaking photography and beautiful dialogue and beautiful actors.

  7. Whoa! Look who’s the movie buff here! 🙂 I’m glad I found this list. I am looking forward to watching these movies. Antagal naman kasing dumating dito sa Japan. 😦

  8. 7 Comments Close this window Collapse comments
    Hi Verns,
    oo nga, I try to imagine myself as well just able to drop everything and go somewhere. Only in the movies and maybe when you can afford it.

    And I hope you get to enjoy Music and Lyrics.

    Hi Mitsuru,
    I like documentaries as well. Oftentimes, I catch those on TV. Nothing like a big screen movie for sure. I try to go, only when time permits and I can get my hubby to tag along. I dont like going to movies by myself.

    Hi Angelo,
    Surprising to know you actually sit and watch Tagalog movies. Good for you! I probably watched that Richard-Sharon movie but I cant remember anymore. They had lots of movies together kasi.

    Hi Niceheart,
    I usually have a 3-day weekend so I find the time to squeeze some movie watching. Although oftentimes, its in the wee hours of the morning when I’m done. Watching when you are tired can defintitely cause some Zzzzz. Hope the boys enjoyed it though.

    Hi Ghee,
    Romantic stories and Drama, that’s what I like best too. Some action and adventure will be good as well.

    Naku may allergy ka? Me too. I take Claritin.

    Hi Annamanila,
    Isnt it great to escape from reality through movies and yes, the I love the great cinematography.

    Hi Kathy said,
    I suppose you can call me a movie buff. I’ve just been in the mood lately to watch. There were times I will not watch any movie for months but since I can get these DVDs (even the new releases) at such low price from the Chinese mall, I simply have to grab the bargain and watch whenever I make the time for them. Wish Japan was nearer, I’ll simply ship you all my movies. Then you can watch them in DVD unless you like the big screen, big sound thing better.

  9. me naman late bloomer, just finished seasons 1&2 and all available episodes of Desperate Housewives’ Season 3…just started with season 1 of Gilmore girls…been loving every minute of it =)

  10. hi Girlie,
    I liked watching Desperate Housewives too. Havent seeen in a while though. Its a good idea to get the season DVDs. Para walang commercial.

    Enjoy the rest of your viewing.

  11. OH, I used to watch “Maalaala Mo Kaya” every Thursday (?) back home. I loved it & at the same time hated it. Why? Because always ended up with red puffy eyes everytime. Never fails! Kakainis.
    Been watching a number of good movies lately this week too. I watched “The Departed” (w/c won the Oscar this year for best movie), Babel (good one too),The Illusionist,and Elizabeth (the Virgin Queen with Cate Blanchet-oh ,I am starting to reallyyy like her). Can hardly wait till I get the Dvd I ordered from home- Sukob. Have you seen it yet?

  12. Hi Gina, I was going to buy Babel as well pero I felt apprehensive that I might get bored with it. but with your recommendation, I’ll grab it next time. Maybe, even Elizabeth.

    Oh my, kakatakot yun Sukob. I watched it with my sister and my cousin. Sigaw to the max kami. Feel na feel talaga. I cant be alone after that movie. And when I drive my car in the dark, natatakot ako. So, if you are brave enough to watch it alone, go ahead, otherwise, ask Tony to stay beside you miski di nya maintindihan.

  13. Great movie list. I missed The Holiday at the theater. Hope I can find a DVD.

    I enjoyed watching Music and Lyrics too. It was the latest I’ve seen lately.

  14. Gosh, I have to schedule a movie marathon one of these days. Haven’t had a good cry in a while 🙂 and it’s been forever (actually I can’t even the last time) since I watche a pinoy movie.

  15. Hi Rachel . Its good you have the chance to go out for movies even for once in a while. I think The Holiday will be out on DVD sometime next week so you’ll be able to rent or buy it. Check out my link.

  16. Hi JMom, you mean to say you did not watch a Pinoy movie when you went back home? I guess, no time huh? Do check out my recommendations. Its always good to watch these films especially ones with Philippine’s best attractions like beaches or even Baguio (good one to watch is “Don’t give Up on Us” starring Piolo and Judy Ann).

    A good cry is always good. Good for the soul and good for the eyes.

  17. I haven’t seen any of these films, but I would really like to see The Departed ; Oscar best picture, right?
    Have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂

  18. you’ll be glued on your seat with The Departed, it may not be the best of Scorsese, but it’s definitely good, pero kung ayaw mo ng violence-cum-blood-splatting-type of movie bka it may turn you off. btw, have you seen Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo? a judy ann santos movie, it’s also good. 🙂 i also recommend Kubrador, and Inang Yaya (maricel soriano, if you want to cry buckets, no, drums of tears)

  19. Hi Pining, I’ve heard great reviews about Departed, I have the DVD now so I’m definitely watching it this weekend , despite Zherwin’s warnings above.

  20. Hey Zherwin, no I dont enjoy those kind of violent scenes but I’ll stick to it anyways. Got to know what made it best picture. And thanks for your Pinoy films recommendations. I’ll be sure to watch out for those when they’re finally available in my OPM stores.

  21. Hhhmmm…I just noticed, favorite mo yata si fafa piolo…hehehe.

  22. Nice kilig movie ang The holiday and Music and Lyrics. Favorite song ko na nga ang Way Back Into Love!

    I will watch Pursuit of Happyness and Departed with Mama pa lang this weekend.

  23. ive only seen music & lyrics and 9 mornings. i love the way hugh grant gyrates.. haha. bagay.

  24. Hi Zelle,
    yes, that song has a nice melody into it. Hope you liked the movies. I’ve yet to find time to watch Departed.
    and thanks, do link away. I’ll do the same.

  25. Hi Chelsea,
    Yes, Hugh is adorable. He’s got that charm no matter what kind of movie he makes.

  26. I loved The Holiday and I really enjoyed Casino Royale. I think it’s better than previous Bond movies. Less gadgets, more action, and a more realistic agent.

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