Posted by: Leah | March 9, 2007


Remember these? Are they a fragment of the past now? I’ve gathered so many over the years and have finaly decided to let them go. Where? down the garbage. I did a little bit of cleaning up and now I have 2 boxes freed up.

I’ve had them for years and have not reprinted any of them. I still have a very realiable 35mm camera and it has produced quite a lot of memories for me in paper with good quality as well. Ever since I switched to a digital camera, I have only had a few photos printed. All of my photos are now in the hard disk or on a CD.
I read this article (dating 2002 though) about digital photo storage and how reliable they are. And so it made me think…hmmmn….

Many of the photos taken in the past can be found in old memory boxes or photograph albums (as long as they have not disintegrated in time). We often laugh at our old photos or maybe cry since they bring back memories of the past. Will our children look back like we do. Will the photos we saved in CDs, DVDs or our hard drives be available to them in the future. Will the technology still be there to allow them that? Or do we have to keep upgrading and moving our jpegs or movies into a different storage as the technology progresses?



  1. Wah! You threw them? They can be scanned to CD and converted to Digital. Ako medyo paranoid din sa storage so I try to regularly back up those digital files. Hirap na balikan yung mga places na napuntahan dun hehe

  2. Hi Ferdz,
    Yep, I threw the negatives not the photos. The photos I keep and I have lots of them. Mine has not much cinematic appeal like yours. So you should file your negatives as well (if you still use those).

  3. I do hope the next generation still find the time to look back at old picture cds/dvds. Though these take up a small space, they are not as easy to browse as actual photo albums which you can flip back and forth as you please. 😉

  4. Ahh, the good old “low-tech” days of negatives and films. In those days, you need not consume (except for the light of course) electricity just to view your memories. Problem was, you’ll need a whole room (ok, that’s an exaggeration) just to store those bulky family albums… 🙂

  5. Me, too, I haven’t had that many photos printed from the digital files. I mean, what’s the point, when the only purpose of printing pictures then was to view them? Now that we can conveniently view the photos as easy as a click away, there’s no need to have hardcopies. The way I see it, we can even conserve paper that way, hehe.

  6. ohhh.what precious memories. now i just realized that if storage is the problem, there’s always the mind and the heart to keep them.

    photographs help us remember, the heart makes us feel the memories…that why I have memento for the last 5 years now. (shameless plugging pa)

  7. There is something special pa rin with viewing photos in an album than on the Tv or pc monitor. Iba eh, di ko lang ma-explain =P
    But I’m sure there are lots of advantages now that images can be stored/archived in a thing so small & compact (that doesn’t use up a lot of space) like a cd or dvd.
    Same is true din with scrapbooking di ba? Now there is digital,and there’s the “real” one with the fancy papers,cut-outs,etc…I like doing the latter, it’s so much fun! (hey, now that’s going to be a blog topic, I guess..)
    Have a nice day, and a nice weekend ahead ,Leah!

  8. P.s.
    And much smaller than cd or dvd, forgot the memory card!

  9. Hi Linnor,
    Sana nga, they will find time to browse thru it all. Hopefully by that time, it will be like a picture frame or Tv screen and they just press a button or say something to view it. Futuristic di ba? Although I know they have the digital photo frame now. not sure how
    those work and they are good at all.

    Hey snglguy,
    You’ll probably need a library. Good thing with digital photography, you can take as many pictures as you want and it wont eat up any real estate.

    Hello kathy,
    True, think green. Save the environment.
    As I mentioned above on my comment to Linnor, maybe in the future, viewing photos may be more accessible and eaier.

    Hi Junnie,
    Yes, we have our memories to replay back any moment in our life. Photographs are more for keep sake and to pass on to your loved ones so they can remember us when we are gone.

    Your Memento is a great repository of photos. Wow, 5 yrs; that’s a lot of photos I bet.

    Hello Gina ,
    I guess like a paperback or hardbound book compared to e-books, there is that big difference of feeling the book in your hand and flipping the pages. Same goes with photo albums. It just transport you and you somehow relish the pictures much longer.

    I’m not much into scrapping but I’m sure it is so much fun especially for some artsy people like you.

  10. My husband is such a magpie, he keeps everything including negatives way back when and to be honest, I can’t understand why he bothers..
    thank goodness for digital cameras, eh, thank goodness for geeks and technological advancement

  11. i still kept my negatives from my wedding [11 years ago]. i wonder if they are still good?

  12. Don’t forget to copy your digital photos in CD’s and not just store them in your hard drive. I had MB’s and MB’s of digital photos which were lost after my hard drive went kaput. Sayang.

  13. Hi Leah, thanks for dropping by–we are on the same “mode” actually..I just stumbled on very old photos and films and since I am a born hoarder, I still cannot get myself to throw them away, so kudos to you! 🙂

  14. YOu can take those negatives to Walmart and ask then to cut a CD. It’s not that pricey and you can get rid of the clutter 🙂

  15. Oh, I have a bunch of those negatives too. I’m too lazy to check them out again. I remember how expensive it was before to take pictures. We had to buy film, have them developed, have them recopied, have them mailed… ayayayay! Now, we just shoot, then upload and e-mail. Yehey! 🙂

  16. oh, i wouldn’t throw away mine just yet although doubt will re-print them. BUT just in case, i’ll keep for another year.

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  18. i did some cleaning up a few weeks ago, and i parted with the negatives. i also wonder if our kids and the generation after them would be able to view our digital photos and dvds. technology is such a “fast” art, i’m afraid when the time would come that we might not be able to catch up 🙂

  19. I still have some negatives too and I love to keep them ! I would be able to let my children see how evolution changes so fast and how new technology works better and better!

  20. Hay Naku Leah, you reminded me of the piles of pictures I have to organize. I’ve heard of a product of HP that can scan negative strips and save it as digital. I will need around $1,000 to print all the pictures from digital format, and right now I don’t have that to spare for photos so maybe, I’ll just do it by batch.

  21. Hi Jo,
    I wouldn’t throw my wedding negatives either. I had photos from high school (1986) I had them developed here in Canada maybe 1995 and they came out ok. Those are great memories. Have them scanned as what BW suggested before disposing them

  22. Hi Abaniko, that’s definitely a good thing to do. I’m sorry about your lost files.

  23. Hey Gypsy, thanks for coming by as well. Dec-cluttering is a good thing. Checkout BW’s suggestion above.

  24. Hi BW, that’s a great idea. Now, let me check if those negatives are still in the recycling bin.

  25. Hey Toe, thanks for digital photography indeed. You can even delete photos you dont like. Whereas in the olden days, you have to have it developed before seeing that “oops, that wasnt a good shot”

  26. Hi Kris, your photo hunt looks great and if you took those photos, I bet your 35mm negatives will be a treasure to keep as well. BW mentioned that you can have negatives scanned now. Try that and transfer it to CDs instead of throwing.

  27. Hey Sexy Mom, who knows how technology will change by that time. I hope they will take care of these photo memories like we do right now. A good clean-up is always good although I just started hearing now about negative scanning.

  28. Hi Haze and KK,
    We just accumulate a lot of things that has so much sentimental value, maybe that’s why we keep those films hoping it will outlast us.

    So negative scanning is a new technology. Whew, I really never knew that until reading your comment and BW’s. Too pricey for persoal use. So commercial is better like in Walmart. Next time I go there, I’ll ask.

  29. re to Mercy’s Maid.
    thanks for clicking on Review My post.
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    I believe you have to be a non-PPP memeber to review someone else’s post. Its like a referral system.

  30. Hi Leah, try lang ako to leave text dito ha. I have been doing some bloghopping and couldn’t seem to leave comments anywhere =( I left comments sa blog nina Sexymom,Toe & VErns. Ayaw mag-take , bakit kaya?
    Just making sure, it works here. =)
    Happy Sunday!

  31. I was so resistant to digital cameras at first. I preferred to have the picture on paper in my hand, so I went for years taking manual photos, waiting for them to be developed, and realizing after the fact that a lot of them did not turn out like I wanted. Then I started scanning them… so I realized I better cut out the middle man! I’ve accumulated a lot of those negatives too. But I’m so glad for digital photography, it’s made my photo-taking life a lot easier and productive. I think the future will just bring even more good things. I was at the Eaton center yesterday and saw that digital photo frames are becoming more and more affordable… the future is bright. Happy Photo Taking Leah!

  32. Though I got lots of CDs, I still prefer having “hardcopies” of pictures because I love collecting photo albums.

    I also wish na someday buhay pa rin for my children to appreciate 🙂

  33. I’ve thrown most of my old negatives too. Though I made sure I have a good quality scanned copy of those i throw. I’ve been “digitizing” all my film-printed photos for years now and kept them in an external storage drive to protect them in case my computer suddenly crashed.

  34. I still have my old negatives here (a lot) and planning to throw them too.

    I have lots of photo albums here, ang bigat sa cargo…hehehe.

  35. I have had lots of negatives in the past and since I was moving from one place to another I lost track of them. I have had others printed while other were not because of financial constraint. I lost those negatives without even being developed **sigh**
    With the advent of digital storage. I can already saved all the files categorized to places/events and only print those photos to be given to friends. I also saved other photos online through various free online photo storage services (there’s a lot) although they don’t really hold the same file size as what you’re saving in CD. That’s all up to us to decide…

    By the way, thanx for featuring my Window photograph in your site and thanx for that generous link. Very much appreciated…

  36. Hi, just hi. The discussions on high-tech photo storage is instructive, though a bit mind-blogging for this blogger who has yet to upload one single picture in her life. No, no, that’s not totally true, i have uploaded five pictures for my HS blogsite. But still this discussion is alien territory. 🙂

  37. Hi pining,
    So your hubby is a pack rat huh? Magpie is definitely a new term for me. Sorta cute though. I used to be like that as well but in time I’ve learnt how to let go.

    Hey Gina.
    must have been a system glitch…got your msg here well and good.

  38. what a brave move! I have boxes of negatives and photographs that I just can’t find the heart to get rid off. I still have that just-in-case nagging feeling 😦 Especially since most of them are photos of the girls.

  39. Hi Angelo,
    I’ve been using a digital camera for almost a year now. It is definitely more flexible and less expensive. Happy Photo taking to you as well.
    10:15 AM

    Hello Vernaloo,
    I hope you’ll find space for all your albums. I had lots of those too but I ended up removing the pictures from them kasi it was getting damaged, so I transferred them na lang into phot boxes. It’s always to get thos albums that you can simply slide the photos in instead of the sticky ones,

    Hi Rey,
    You are very organized. Good for you!

    Hi Ann ,
    Yes, good idea to digitized them whenever you can para mabawasn ang bigat ng iuuwi.

    Hi dodongflores,
    My pleasure to feature the photo. It is beautiful. Naku sayang naman yun mga di mo na-develop, ganda pa naman ng mga yun for sure.
    Oh well, I’m sure digital photography makes it all easier for you now.

    Helo annamanila,.
    In time, you’ll get into it I’m sure. Slowly but surely, you’ll get there. Blogging will definitely encourage you to go and buy that camera soon enough. good luck na lang.

    Hey JMom,
    not sure if you read the previous comments but there is a new tech called negative scanning so maybe you can digitize those photos after all and then scrap the negatives later.

  40. every one in my family are camwhores. and although we are now using digital cameras, nothing beats leafing thru the pages of an album and reminiscing those moments that photo captured. id still want my photos printed, stashed carefully, somewhere. lol.

  41. Hi Chelsea, thanks for dropping by. Yes, viewing printed or developed photos are still better than in the PC.

  42. yeah, thank God for digital cameras!

    storing photos in CD is good because you can put labels on them, but i also put them in a flash drive, mas handy yun nga lang madaling mawala kasi maliit. 🙂 and who wouldn’t want a picture viewed in an album? nowadays, a photo album with a coffee table book look can now be printed, i have yet to try it kasi medyo mahal for P1475, tapos 20 pages lang but the pictures are unlimited (read: hundreds can be put in those pages), but i might give it a try in a few days, medyo nakapila na yung ipapadevelop ko..

  43. Hi Zherwin,
    wow,a book..that’s sounds like a great idea. Oh the possibilities!

  44. i have boxes and boxes of negatives and prints that I haven’t put in albums…

  45. may pros and cons ang film at digital. pero kung meron ka negative at talagang gusto mo na itapon, maganda ipa-scan to CD mo muna, meydo gagastus ka pero maitatabi mo siya in digital format

  46. Hi Tani,
    at least they’re in a boxes, organized par in kahit papaano

    Hi Iskoo,
    oo nga sana pero may hard copies naman(which I can scan) so I’ll stick with those na lang and let the negatives go. Mahal din dito eh.

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