Posted by: Leah | March 19, 2007

Visual DNA

I saw this first at Ipanema’s blog and clicked on it and answered it all. Very interesting. I saw it again at Gina’s blog and tried it again. More or less still same answers. So as a filler, I’m posting my Visual DNA here today. Check it out, maybe we’re got similar DNAs. I’ve been on a March break.



  1. Akala ko blog ni Toe yung isang pics…hehehe

  2. Interesting. I will try this out !

  3. Hi Leah..toxic ka rin pala like I do.
    I saw this once at other`s site and i find it cool,too!

    have a great week ahead!!

  4. Uy, masubukan nga rin ito one time

  5. cool! try ko nga din! 🙂

  6. Getting to know you…getting to know you more…getting to know what makes you tick..getting to know what excites you…getting to know your dna…hala ka leah, we’ve got no more secrets..LOL!
    This is really cool.

  7. Very positive DNA, ah? 😀

  8. salamat dito 🙂

  9. interesting 🙂

  10. ma try nga to minsan 🙂

  11. ma try nga hehe..

  12. I’ve tried this one too and I think it’s a nice way to share something about yourself.

  13. I should try this myself! Hope I can find my DNA on their database 🙂

  14. i have tried it. pero i cant post it sa blog ko =( how did you post it?

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