Posted by: Leah | March 21, 2007

Tooth Fairy

My daughter lost her first tooth 2 days before Christmas . This event was long overdue since this tooth simply hang-on for so long. When we visited the dentist a week or so before that, he said to simply wait…in time it will go when its ready.

So when the time came, my little princess was all excited on what’s in store for her from the tooth fairy. We looked around the house for a special box to put the tooth in. When bedtime came, she did not forget to keep the box under her pillow.

She awakened the next day with a special certificate, a letter and a crisp $5 bill inside her box in exchange for the tooth the fairy took the night before.

I stayed up that night researching on what the tooth fairy is suppose to leave behind. I’ve also asked my sister what the tooth fairy left for my niece and what the going rate was for each tooth. I asked a few co-workers and some said a dollar, some said $2 and others even $20. I went with what my sister told me which was $5.

And here is the letter she got.

Dear S,

Wow-a-zow-wow! What a tooth! I visited the home of thousands of other kids last night collecting teeth and your tooth was by far the best one. It was white and shiny, just how I like them.

I collect teeth in a special blue sack every night and then bring them back to my Tooth Fairy Castle located high atop a mountain. I then sort through my sack of teeth looking for the shiniest white ones I can find.

After placing the shiny teeth in a big pile on my castle’s back porch I then magically turn them into big puffy white clouds for the whole world to see. So if you see any big, puffy white clouds in the sky today be sure to proudly tell everyone that that used to be your tooth.

Pretty soon a new tooth will move into where your old tooth used to be. It is a sign that you are growing up. And being grown up means brushing your teeth after every meal without being told. Brushing is very important because it keeps your teeth shiny and clean and gives you a dazzling smile.

Thanks again for the tooth. Keep brushing. And I’ll be sure to visit again when your next tooth falls out.

the Tooth Fairy

Well the story doesn’t end there. When she came home today, first words she uttered were “Mommy, look at me, see something different” (and she gives me the widest smile). I hugged her ever so close and said, oh my, you lost your tooth (finally). This is another one that hang on for a while.

We went to the mall a few days ago and she found this cute box from a children’s store and ofcourse, she simply had to have it.

And so as she lay asleep tonight…she dreams of the tooth fairy leaving her something special.


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And after I publish this post, I will go to her room and exchange my $5 (this time in coins) with another pearly white tooth.

Good night all!



  1. when i was young, i am not aware of the tooth fairy (living in the province is way, way different you know), whenever i lost a tooth, i’m told to throw it in the roof, i don’t even remember why and what’s the reason behind but just the same i do it. i should have known about the price the tooth fairy will bring early on hehe

  2. I give my kids $2 per tooth… though I never thought of writing them a letter.

  3. Wow! What a generous tooth fairy. I used to give my kids $1.00 a tooth. But that was a long time ago. My youngest, who’s 9, lost two teeth today. He doesn’t believe in tooth fairies anymore. His brothers are a lot older than him kasi and they tell him the truth. But sometimes he asks for money and so I give it to him. I have also kept all their teeth. But just in tiny ziplock bags.

  4. Hahaha as a kid I wasn’t also aware of the tooth fairy. Sa TV ko na lang nalaman. Ang cute naman!

  5. I love you how prepared a special letter for her! Makes her relationship with the Tooth Fairy even more personal. 🙂

  6. Aw… this will be remembered as a tradition for your little girl…

    Sadly, I never got to do this for my 3 boys…

  7. Say, how much are you willing to part for a 45 year-old molar? I think mine’s coming off… 😀

  8. Hi Zherwin
    My daughter asked me what the tooth fairy gave me when I lost my tooth when I was young. Like you, I did not know about the tooth fairy then. She said, Oh there are no tooth fairies in the Philippines? I simply explained that since I did not leave my tooth under the pillow, the fairy never came.

    btw, not also sure about the significance of throwing the tooth in the roof. Maybe the tooth fairy picked it up from there.

    Hey JO ,
    I guess loonie or toonie is really the going rate. I got the letter idea from my sister and she found it in the internet as well.

    Hi Niceheart
    I’m keeping hers in tiny ziplock bags as well and dating it. She’s an only child so why not be generous but not overly generous.

    Hello watson
    Ako rin, di ko alam about this until I became a mom. Sana nga alam natin noon ano, Miski piso lang di ba?

    Hi Toni
    I copied the letter from what I found from my web research. It is pretty special. I made her another certificate for the 2nd one.

    Hello Linnor
    Yes, a good tradition. The tooth fairy is probably more Western that’s why di masyado popular sa Pinas.

    Hi snglguy
    The tooth fairy only pays for shiny white teeth. No decayed ones please. So if the molar is good and well, put it in a box under your pillow and who knows, tooth fairy might give you a 10 peso bill (lol)

  9. That’s very sweet of you. The letter is a lovely idea.

    I wished my brother and I had a toothfairy too when we were young. 🙂

  10. Like Linnor, I didn’t get to commemorate (loss) of tooth with toothfairy gifts and letters. All I did was to assure my toothless kids they’d have a second set in no time — peksman, and hope to die.

    (P.S. Love to play online scrabble with you. Details in my lifeonline post at ode2old).

  11. Touching story! I’m quite envious, as I didn’t have a mom slash tooth fairy back then 😉 I think I used to keep a tooth in my wallet (yes, quite weird!). Maybe I was expecting my pithy baon cash to multiply because of the said tooth.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog (from Abaniko). I appreciate it. Cheers!

  12. Awww, cute naman. I guess it makes the whole experience “not-scary”, ano?

  13. aw, i’ll take note of the letter, a cool way to motivate kids to brush their teeth. thanks for sharing.. i wasnt aware of the tooth fairy too.. and since they believe it here, better get ideas ngayon pa lang hehe.

  14. What an effective way to convince children to take care of their teeth 🙂 ! I will keep this letter for my kids too! Thanks for sharing Leah, likewise I didn’t know that there is a fairy tooth ! This is cooooollll !

  15. I never heard of the tooth fairy either until I came to the states. seems it’s more of a western concept than a pinoy one. All I ever got when I lost a tooth was… well, sore gums. 😀

  16. teka, totoo ba yang tooth fairy?
    Bakit ako non, walang pera from her when I lost my teeth?


  17. Man talk about inflation!! The tooth fairy just left me quarters when I was growing up!! And hey, I didn’t get no cool certificate or letter, not even a simple note, just a lousy quarter! Kids these days have an entire fortune within their tiny mouths…hehe… that was pretty sweet of you to go through all that trouble for your daughter Leah, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it even more when she’s all grown up… $5!!! I can’t believe it…

  18. BTW, funny coincidence…. I just chipped a tooth, do you think the tooth fairy would give me something for that?

  19. You are such a great mom. She will remember this forever. And when she’s old enough to learn the tooth, er, truth, she’ll smile even more broadly in the knowledge that her mother cared so much about marking this important milestone.

  20. Hi Rachel
    Thanks:) At least we can have this tradition with our kids now that we know about it.

    Hi annamanila
    Yes it’s a good way to motivate them to talk about the next set of teeth. Although, warning them that losing those does not warrant a visit from the tooth fairy.

    I visited your post and took note of your aliases and .coms. I’ll definitely set an online meeting soon.

    Hi Corsarius
    Well thanks for dropping by as well. I enjoyed tha post most dearly. And it looks like the fairy might be multiplying the bills in your wallet soon right? Is the price in cash?

    Hi Gina
    Yes, it helps a lot. And really cute and great experience for me too.

    Hello Analyse and Haze
    Teaching them to proper oral hygiene starts as they grow their first few teeth and as they are able to do their own brushing. (which I’m sure you know)

    I was hoping this post will help some parents like you find out about the merits of the tooth fairy and how it reiterates the importance of taking care od their permanent teeth. I’m sure you’ll have fun.

    Hi Wil
    Why sore gums? Did you ever try pulling those lose tooth with a thread and a door knob?

    Hey Francesca
    Oo naman, tooth fairy is as real as Santa.

    Hi Angelo
    Thanks:o) I hope she will appreciate this mementos when she finally realizes the truth.

    Quarters were more valuable during your lose tooth years, so I’m sure you went straight to a candy machine to make sure your next tooth gets looser (so you can get more quarters)

    Times have changed. I’m afraid your chipped tooth will cost you rather than earn you even a quarter. Sorry!

    Hi Carmi
    Thanks !!!! I suppose as kids grow older they realize or discover the truths in their own way. I hope this little treasures/traditions I do for her make it all easier to accept.

  21. Oh Cool! My 5 year old daughter is all about fairies and she is so excited over the tooth fairy. Thanks for the idea of what the tooth fairy leaves behind. I’m sure your little princess will be happy to get a crisp $5 bill.

  22. Like the others I didn’t know about the tooth fairy until I came to Canada. Ang cute ng certificate and the letter. It’s a great idea for my girl. Thanks for sharing Leah!

  23. I was having goosebumps while reading your post Leah… so sweet. I can’t wait to be a mother!

  24. Hi KK . My little one is into fairies too. The disney fairies, the rainbow fairies and now the weather fairies. They are just so cute and adorable.
    The tooth fairy gave her coins this time. She was out of stock on any bills. Glad to know you might use this a year or so from now.

    Hello Agring
    Nice to know that I can help in giving out ideas. I’m sure you’ll come out with something artsy with all your scrappy ideas.

    Hello Verns
    Oh how lovely that I was able to touch you with this post. Being a mother is something to look forward to for sure. So start looking for a sperm donor , lol.

  25. Hi Leah,
    I learn a lot about family affairs here in your site. Ang galing naman. I didn’t know of that fairy tooth thing when I was young. but now I have to something to do for my future kids. Thanx a lot for sharing…

  26. kids in canada are so lucky they have a tooth fairy.and your girl is one of them and the fact that she received more than 5 dollars,with letter and card,too.thats sweet of you,Leah 🙂

  27. lol! wala ring tooth fairy sa Baguio where I grew up.

    My youngest is now 9 and she still believes in the tooth fairy. We have a tooth pillow that I received on my first baby shower, and it has become a family heirloom going through three sets of teeth!

    Pero sa neighborhood namin, the tooth fairy only gave out a dollar. Grabe pala ang inflation! lol!

  28. Hi there… just stopping by and I thought I would let you know I absolutely love your story. I never thought about giving a certificate letter. I’m going to do some research of my own since I will be going through all that someday as I have three year old twins and a five week old. Thanks again. 🙂

  29. I have a 5 year old daughter and I love this post ! Aren’t they just adorable 🙂

  30. my 7 kids also believed in tooth fairies. your writing that card is a very good idea, i only exchanged them with P50 or P100 bills. and when they were growing up, they were wise–even though they knew the truth about the tooth fairy, they still eagerly anticipated for their reward. now, i have a small tin box full of teeth, including teeth pulled out when they were grown up!

  31. Hi Dodong
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m really glad that I can be a source of little itty bitty facts about family life.

    Hello Ghee
    Thanks.:o) She’s actually planning already what to shop for.

    Hi JMom
    What a nice present naman esp that you’ve used it really well. Heirloom na yan.

    Hello jay_say
    Thanks for passing by and leaving a mark. Glad to know you liked the post. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with it when the time comes.

    Hi BW
    Yes, girls are so adorable. Ours our almost of same age. I’m happy to know you liked this post.

  32. I almost have the same story with my youngest. Actually I don’t want him to believe about that tooth fairy thing but his sister insists that it’s real. Kaya sila yung naglagay ng pera kinagabihan under his pillow.

  33. I almost have the same story with my youngest. Actually I don’t want him to believe about that tooth fairy thing but his sister insists that it’s real. Kaya sila yung naglagay ng pera kinagabihan under his pillow.

  34. The letter idea is SO creative! I love it when kids are encouraged to imagine… Like ZHERWIN each of my baby teeth went to our roof and, if I remember right, while tossing it I’d say, “Daga, daga, bigyan mo ako ng bagong ngipin!” So in the Philippines (or at least in Las Pinas) it’s not a tooth fairy, it’s a tooth daga!

  35. How come I never learned of this tooth fairy when I was a kid?

  36. Hi ann , your elder kids are so sweet pretending to be the Tooth Fairies.

    hey Apol
    So you had a mouse fairy huh? That’s cute.

    Hello Abaniko
    Hopefully some tooth fairies have migrated east already. Too bad in your time, they concentrated in the western part of the world.

    btw, your post is interesting, thx for the link.

  37. It sounds like you and your child are having a lot of fun with this. 🙂

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