Posted by: Leah | March 24, 2007

Maple Syrup Festival

March break came and went and with a whole week off from work and school, activities had to be planned so as not to bore the little princess from home play and TV. So one Thursday afternoon, the family went to visit the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival . We drove off to Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area and breathed some fresh air. That day was still pretty cold but the sunshine made it appealing enough to trek the woods and join the fun and discovery of the maple syrup making business.

On this adventure, we learnt that it takes approximately 40 litres of sap to make one litre of maple syrup.

Traditionally, maple syrup was harvested by tapping a maple tree through the bark and into the wood phloem then letting the sap run into a bucket; more advanced methods have since superseded this.


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And this is the more advanced method where plastic tubing is used to tap the maple tree for sap collection which goes straight into the sugar shack

Aside from all this learning we went for a horse carriage ride and my daughter went for a pony ride.

And ofcoourse we had to have some sugar dose of these sweet maple candies to keep us going.

And we left with a little bit of sugar still in the taste buds, a bag of maple sugar-coated popcorn and a litre of maple syrup for the pancakes I’d be serving for breakfast.



  1. ooooo sugar bush!!!! Your daughter must have enjoyed that! I remember going once when I was in grade school, but I think I’d still appreciate that now :9 I’m not sure if the tooth fairy would be too happy about it though? Great pictures Leah, really looks like a lot of fun.

  2. maple candies…i wonder how that taste

    hindi uso dito samin ang tooth fairy…but i enjoyed reading your story, and the tin can is pretty

  3. It must have been a very interesting experience. Those maple candies look good. Are they not too sweet?

  4. Hi Angelo, yes it was a lot of fun, even for myself, it was my first time to see the maple farm. The tooth fairy made sure she did a good brushing that night.

    Hi hipncoolmomma
    The candies were good, its like eating lollipop made of sugar.
    Glad you liked the tooth fairy story. The “tin can” is actually a box made of carton. Its really pretty with a soft cushion to lay the tooth on.

    Hello niceheart
    The candies were sweet but not too sweet (at least to me). Its made of maple syrup and brown sugar.

  5. And these buckets were “empty” when they started… I’m not sure I have ever had maple candy. Must be nice.

  6. So maple is tapped .. much like rubber. That was so interesting and so instructive. Sarap ng maple syrup. Hindi yung maple-flavored ha. I bought quite a few in mapleleaf painted ceramic bottles when i visited and gave them away. I kept one. Though the syrup is gone, the bottle still stands on a shelf to remind me of my days of maple and clam chowder and warm canadian people. They’re generally nice, ano?

  7. Your post is interesting. Ganyan pala kahirap makuha ang maple syrup. Imagine 40 liters of sap = 1 liter of maple syrup?

  8. really interesting. Di ko alam yan ah! I would love to have a taste of those maple candies.

  9. y-u-m-m-y!!! penge… *lol

    –>yup it’s ojt or internship. some companies give allowance. buti na lang both companies na kumukuha sa akin gives allowance. 😀

  10. It sure is a SWEET activity. Looks like eveyone enjoyed it!

  11. Hi srp,
    i was thinking of posting the empty bucket for the photo hunt but it wasnt totally empty, so I skipped this week’s post (again).
    Maple candies are good.

    Hi malaya,
    so you learn something everyday.

    Hi ferdz and paul,
    ok ..virtual maple candies coming your way…

    Hello ipanema,
    got your msg…thanks and yes, it was a sweet family activity. Lotsafun

  12. Hi annamanila
    oh, so you’ve been to Canada? dito mo nabili? Yes, mas masarap ang 100% maple syrup than just flavoured ones.

  13. a very interesting post Leah, and very informative… thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Sure looks like an exciting yet educational family outing. Very interesting – learn something new every day. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad to hear that the tooth fairy made sure the sugar wouldn’t rot any teeth.


  15. ako rin, sarap ng maple syrup sa pancake! korek ka dyan leah!
    musta? tagal ko na di kita mahanap, pero nalalink ka sa akin, mali lang pag link ko.
    Naayos ko rin ty ke ann!
    o siya, musta from france!

  16. Wow! Such an cool experience you got there Leah! ang ganda nung mapple candies ah! I bet masarap din. 🙂

  17. wow. i just had a sugar rush looking at those candies.

    thanks for dropping by my blog, neglected as it is. 🙂 do drop by again.

  18. hi jay_say
    certainly good to learn and have fun at the same time. thanks too for dropping by

    hello francesca
    buti naman lola at na-fix ang link problem. masarap nga sa pancakes, yun breakfast namin kanina.
    salamat sa pagdalaw

    hi zelle,
    totally cool , outing and weather same.

    hello atticus,
    it was a refreshing visit, always great to find new blogs. At least yours was new to me. thanks for visiting too.

  19. I thought this maple syrup for pancakes came from honey. Thanks for the info, I’ll let my kids read your post.

  20. Hi ann
    Oh, syrup can be made of honey as well, dito sa North America , lalo na sa Canada, there’s more maple syrup. But its quite expensive. So usually I buy from the grocery store the honey syrup. There are also maple flavoured ones but the 100% maple syrup is the best.
    I hope your kids will enjoy the post. thanks.

  21. wow! very canadian ang flavor ng post na ito. maple leaves and maple syrup. i’ve always read about this but this is the first time i’m seeing a personal account on maple syrup gathering. thanks leah for bringing us to the front seat 😀

  22. Pretty interesting. I never knew they gathered maple syrup that way. Somehow it reminded me of tuba-gathering in the Philippines.

  23. That’s quite an experience…
    Thanx for the info about maple trees. Didn’t know anything about it until I read your blog 😀

  24. Interesting post! Amazing techniques.
    Looks like a fun day !

  25. Wow!!! How interesting! I love the maple syrup candies! Awww wow, talk about sweet tooth indulgence!

  26. i’m sure that the maple syrup we buy here for our pancakes are not anything like the real ones. The real uns must really be superb!

  27. Did some people bring buns with them to go with the maple syrup? 🙂

  28. interesting post, leah di pa ako nakakita ng maple tree, dito lang sa post mo. ano pinagkaiba sa lasa ng maple sa honeybee syrup?

  29. Nice and very informative post.Ganyan pala kahirap ang process.I wish I can try some maple candies, wala yata niyan dito.

  30. Sounds like you had a fun time! =)
    btw, thanks for the link you sent on Lea S. !

    Looking forward to our next scrabble game!

  31. perfect treat for the the princess of the house with a missing tooth 🙂

    should’ve seen you there (but we didnt go this year…)

  32. the maple candy looks mouth-watering..

  33. hi oggie,
    anything maple syempre canadian na canadian nga. Glad I could take you for a ride on.

    hello bugsbybee,
    really? i dont know anything about tuba let me do some research, you made me curious

    hi dodong,
    i think i said this before and stillholds tru, you learn something everyday.

    hi sidney,
    thanks , it sure was a lot of fun

    hello toni,
    yeah, my cravings for anything sweet seem to be on the high these days

    hi sexy mom,
    nothing beats a good ol’ 100% maple syrup made in Canada

  34. hey abaniko,
    now, that’s an idea…i should try my syrup with pandesal….meron din nyan dito ah, pero gagawi muna ako dun sa Filipino store.

    hey iskoo,
    aside from the source, both are are ofcourse sweet but the difference can be tasted and it depends on your preference, both can be used for pancakes or added to fruits. Price is also higher for maple syrup because of the process in making it.

    hi marie,
    oo nga, very tedious and the gathering of the sap is generally done between the transition of winter and spring when the temperature allows more sap to be gathered.

    hello gina,
    fun time talaga…you should try going one time.
    we should set a time for a weekly srabble game. its hard to catch us both online at the same time.

    hi junnie,
    we simply oblige…the princess needs her recreational time. Its real fun. We’ll definitelty go again.

    hello analyse
    yum…sarap talaga…

  35. Haven’t been to any of these maple syrup farms ever! I love them on pancakes 🙂

  36. Great captured moments ! Maple candies help you all to keep going and have a great promenade, that’s the power of sugar !!!

    Popcorn with maple syrup, yummmyyyy ! Penge !!

  37. so cool! nice candies too! 🙂

  38. Sarap sa pancakes yan!

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