Posted by: Leah | March 26, 2007

Good things


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I woke up today with the sound of rain pouring down my skylight window and such is just lovely to hear. The day was a mixture of rain and sun. I ran some errands and continued with my day. A late afternoon surprise beamed at me as I looked out through the bedroom window. A rainbow.

Today is my big brother’s birthday. My Kuya is the 2nd eldest in the family. He is both a doctor and a nurse. His family recently migrated to the US and is starting a new life there. He is the only one amongst 6 siblings who is in the States. All of us (including my parents) are here in Canada. I haven’t called him yet but wanted to send him an e-card. I thought a Tagalog one would be nice so I googled for Pinoy e-cards and found this site. I chose the “happy birthday kuya card”. For you my down to earth, golf loving and my very caring kuya. Maligayang Kaarawan!

Top it all with a nice slice of cake…what could be better? La Rocca Chocolate Fudge Cake!

Isn’t life good? So what made your day brighter?

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  1. waking up and being able to step out under 17 degree weather 😛

    your rainbow pic is great! i wish to touch one someday…

  2. I love the pictures! Rainbows always cheer me up.

    What made my day brighter? Cuddling with my husby!

  3. gusto kong makapunta sa dulo ng rainbow kasi sabi there’s a pot of gold there! 😀

    seeing rainbows cheer me up parang batang 1st time nakakita! 🙂

  4. happy birthday kay kuya, tinitignan ni nanay ang mga pics, ang ganda daw 🙂

  5. wow…i cant remember the last time I saw a rainbow 😦

  6. I love rainbows, and I love chocolate fudge cake too. Sarap.

  7. getting my son’s report card…siempre heaven, high grades eh.

    nice pic of the rainbow, i appreciate it more on pictures =)

  8. happy birthday to your brother! Wishing him good health and happy
    life !

    What made my day, when my son made the puzzle on his own and made a drawing of us 4 :)! Oh he’s just starting, not bad for a 4 yr.old!! I blog it later on !

  9. Blog-hopped from toni’s. What made my day brighter? Looking at pics of old trips. Its like taking a vacation again! Although chocolate sounds good too.

  10. that chocolate cake looks yummy hmm…
    lovely photos!

  11. Happy Birthday to your brother! And many many more b-days to come!

    That slice looks sinfully decadent =P!

  12. Yes, spring has finally arrived and time to clean the house, hehe 🙂 It’s a welcome change indeed for someone like me who had already lost appreciation for winter 🙂

  13. hi junnie,
    this beautiful summer like weather is definitely something to brighten anybody’s day.

    I wish I can touch the rainbow too…someday…

    hello toni,
    Its not often we see rainbows, so the sight of it will defintely cheer you up. Cuddling with the husby indeed makes a day brighter. I held hands with mine today while enjoying a walk under the sunny sky.

    hi zelle,
    Me too, as soon as I saw the rainbow, I called my cousin to tell the kids to go out and enjoy the experience as well. My niece tried to look for the pot of gold too.

    hi melai,
    thanks for the greetings, buti namanat na-enjoy din ni nanay yung mga pix.

    hello verns,
    Rainbows dont come often so I hope you get the chance to see one soon…to brighten your day. maybe a trip near a falls will render a rainbow sighting.

    Hi Mari,
    so we have lots in common ha. Yummy talaga.

  14. ahem, belated happy birthday to your brother, we share the same bday pala (as i share it with another two friends din.)

    did you know that rainbow’s one hard subject to photograph? and taking the entire arch is another thing? you’re lucky to encounter and shoot one. i have some in my cellphone and it was my phone’s wallpaper for quite sometime. 🙂

  15. isa sa mga favorite subject ko rainbow kasi madalang lang magpakita ang rainbow. kaya mapalad ka at nahuli mo siya ng maganda.

    happy birthday sa iyong kuya, para gusto ko na rin mag nars para malipat sa states.

  16. hi zherwin
    Belated happy birhday din sa iyo.
    thanks for digital photography, laging ready ang camera for unexpected surprises like this. And lucky me for being home that time.

    hello iskoo
    mga pinsan ko nag-aaral din ng nursing, mukhang very marketable ang profession na yan sa abroad. Meron pa kayang naiwan sa Pinas.

    Yes, my bro took up nursing after he was a doctor already..Yes, para madaling makahanap ng work abroad.
    Goodluck sa yo.

    May photos ka ba ng rainbows sa blog mo?

  17. had a tough day today. just the thought that my family’s waiting for me to come home kept me going…

  18. that La Rocca Chocolate Fudge Cake has made my morning bright!!! i guess i’m sending driver over to Cravings in Katipunan (across Ateneo) to buy me a chocolate-caramel cake. yummy!

    maligayang bati to your kuya!

  19. If a rainbow greets me in the morning, that would indeed be a good start for a great day! A slice of choco fudge cake wouldn’t hurt either..hehe.

  20. Happy Birthday to your brother Leah! That’s a lovely rainbow, I’m so glad it’s spring 🙂 That cake looks goood… you know what made my day? I rrrrolled up the rim and won a second free coffee 😀 Have a great rest of the week Leah, hope this spring weather keeps up!

  21. Yeah, I’m so glad Spring is here! Hopefully, there won’t be any freak snow weather day.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your bro. And mmmm, whoah, look at that chocolate cake. I want, I want.

    Oh, also… I noticed you added me to your links roll, so I’ve reciprocated and added yours to mine. 🙂


  22. hi Tani
    family time always takes the worries of the day away (even for just a few hours). I’m sure , hugs and kisses from the kids will brighten your day.

    hello sexy mom
    You are one sugar addict yourself…I read your donut fixes and I would love your company just for that(he!he!)

    hi Gypsy
    If only rainbows can greet us everyday. And this chocolate cake surely can’t be an everyday thing either. Oh my, the hips..the hips…

    hello Angelo
    Thanks. Isnt the good weather bringing good cheer?
    Hopefully the next rim would say “You won a new car!!!”. Goodluck and dont drink too much coffee.

    hi fruityoaty
    They said there were only 2 times in 47 yrs or something like that that there was no snow in April. Hopefully this will be the 3rd :o)

    thanks for linking me too.

  23. Oooh…. that chocolate cake is so moist! Happy Birthday to your Kuya! What made my day brighter? Sinigang na isda! 🙂

    But I would love the sound of rain pouring on my skylight window… love what you wrote there Leah. 🙂

  24. sinigang na isda…yummy…favourite na sinigang ko yan, basta luto ni nanay.
    thanks Toe.

  25. Days are more special now with Ma in town for a short visit. 🙂

  26. Hi Linnor
    Nice to have Mothers around. Good to be mothered once in a while.

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