Posted by: Leah | March 29, 2007

Interview questions – Thursday 13 #16

Thursday Thirteen edition #16
Over the last 6 months I’ve been trying to move ahead within the company I work for and have applied to several job opportunities that were posted in the employee website. I was able to apply for 6 jobs and had the chance to be interviewed again….and again…and again. I can say that job interviews can be taxing after you’ve done it so many times. I tend to get anxious and unmotivated when I dont see any results. But on a positive note, all is not bad. It has its positive sides to it. Aside from having an up to date resume, the interview process honed my skill in communication and in selling my skills and abilities. Most of the questions were geared to find out how well I can cope with situations and the interviewer (usually the manager) asked for a lot of examples on how I dealt with this and that. In keeping with my Thursday 13 series which I’ve neglected for a month now…I’d like to list some questions I’ve been asked and might be helpful to others who are looking for jobs to get you ready to move to the next fulfilling job.

1. Why did you choose this job to apply for?
2. Give an example where/when you demonstrated leadership.
3. How did you deal with a difficult situation? Please provide an example.
4. Give an example of your problem solving skill.
5. What are your strengths and weaknesses.
6. Enumerate 5 words that best describe you…explain each
7. Enumerate 5 words ,how your co-workers/peers might describe you…explain each
8. Pick one manager (current or past), enumerate 5 words how this manager might describe you…explain each
note: 6,7,8 – Make sure the words you choose will relate to you as a worker
9. What was the most challenging project you’ve done in the past? Why do you consider that challenging?
10. What successes have you accomplished? Which one would you choose as the best or highlight of your career and why?
11. How do you deal with pressure and/or stress?
12. If you are currently in a different postion, why do you want to leave that job?
13. Do you have any questions?
note :have a few questions ready to show that you have genuine interest in the job. Check here for some ideas.

I have a list of questions and answers that I found in the internet awhile back but I cant post them due to copyright laws. Its mainly for personal use. If you need a copy, feel free to email me at Or checkout this link for more ideas.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for this! It’s really helpful.

  2. I will have to save this one coz I might need it someday. Thanks for coming up with this helpful T13 post. Hey, here’s wishing you ALL the luck sa inaaplayan mong positions.
    No t13 for me this week..

  3. Yikes! I hate interviews, I get so nervous thinking about them! Good luck with yours Leah, looks like you’re well prepared for anything they’ll throw at you 🙂 Happy T13!

  4. Well shall we say congratulation!
    It seems to me that some or most of these questions I had already encountered when I had my interview for an Engineering position at chrysler.But in my case I had 3 engineers sitting at the same table.I don’t know how much can you (bull shit )about youself because it get rediculous after a while to say talk god and good about your self.anyway,leah,your interview should be an easy one since you are one on one and your manager the unease or apprehension is not the way,how is this interview compared to your first interview at that company?did somebody accompany you and give you any moral support before the interview began?my advise for every one to take an untinervous pill before the interview.
    good luck Leah and hope you become a manager so you can take care of us.

  5. i like the attitude to go for something better. that’s the way to go, we cant settle for anything (easy for me to say)…but in so doing, and in case you get the job, will it mean less time with the family…i know i’ve been asking the same thing in my blog about juggling priorities etc. but what if it asked for more than your usual 3x a week, to a whole 40 hr week spread across 5 days? wag naman sana noh? just the same God bless the results…His will be done.

  6. That is a good list of questions you have there. I have been in the same position for ten years so that’s also how long since I had a job interview. I think I like my job too much that I haven’t really thought of looking for another one. 🙂

  7. wow…me, I just want to get married lolz 🙂

  8. this is helpful! i might need this soon. 😀

    good luck to job hunting!

    verns, lets marry a king! hehe

  9. Hi Gina
    Yes, its always going to be here, so just come back and check on it whenever the need arises. Its under label: interviews and Thursday 13. And thanks for the well wishes.

    Helo Angelo de los Angeles
    Yes, I was well prepared at those times. The first one was a bit nerve wracking but the next ones went like a breeze. You’ll need to go to this interviews someday but I’m sure you’ll manage.

    Hello Sam
    Thanks for the vote of confidence! Yes, these questions are very popular and its good to prepare or think in advance what your answers would be so you wont be looking or stumbling for words during the interview.

    Becoming a manager is stilll from from my goals right now, but maybe someday.

    Hi Junnie
    Like in any change in life, there’s a lot of ripple effects and I’ve readied myself for that. There are just things that need to be sacrificed when you need to accomplish something.

    Hello niceheart
    As long as you are happy, stay where you are. I’m sure you get your annual salary increases. Maybe even more often in your company.

    Hi vernaloo
    That’s a good idea too. At least you dont have to wrack your brains out for answers on the above questions.
    Make sure you marry someone with the fat wallet so no job interviews needed ever l:o)l

    Hello zelle
    So you are looking for a new job? Good luck to you too.
    And a king will definitely be good for you and Verns, if only they abound.

  10. one thing good in submitting oneself in a job interview is that you will be able to know your market value, laki na siguro offers sayo! 🙂

  11. hi iskoo
    My market value is probably too high, they cant decide whether to hire me or not (lol)

  12. i hate question number 5. tho i know it’s a classic question on interviews, i always arrive unprepared.. just too difficult for me to describe myself.

  13. I hate interviews as well. The last one I had was in front of the Board of Directors. I thought I’d never survive

  14. Hi analyse
    Yes, that questio is a dreaded one but it’s your chance to introduce your qualifications, good work habits, etc. Keep it mostly work and career related.

    Hello ipanema
    I’m sure you did well with flying colours. I guess we all go through the initial jitters.

  15. Those questions aren’t common during interviews except for nos. 5 & 6 co’z I don’t really exactly know the answers! Thanks for sharing these, I could practice in advance facing a mirror playing 2 roles at the same time ! Great help indeed, for my future french interviews! BREAK A LEG LEAH !!!

  16. Ah, the joys of behaviorial interviewing. 🙂 Congrats on your new job position.

  17. Hi haze, mercy’s maid and whenn.
    thanks a lot.

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