Posted by: Leah | April 3, 2007

What car to buy

So despite the meager increase in my pay, it looks like there’s more expenses on the way. Even more than what I’ve gained. Nonetheless, a new car is a good way to get our close to 10-year old , 250,000+ km Saturn its much needed breather. Plus with a new schedule, a 2nd vehicle is much needed.

We are now actively searching for a new car via the internet for now. We’re mostly looking at Japanese cars. Should it be Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda or Toyota? Ofcourse, the more add-ons we get, the higher the price goes. I just want to make sure its automatic, air-conditioned and power windows and steering.

Or should we go for North American cars? We were looking at Saturn Ion (its a GM car ). Have not searched for any other North American car, will do that in the next session of searching.

German cars like VW or BMW are too high for our price range. So even though we would love to have that, we’ll pass for now.

Same is true for hybrid cars. Much as we want to be pro-active with helping the environment, its just too pricey right now. Maybe when we purchase the next car, it will be more reasonable.

Once we’ve narrowed down our selection to 2-3 choices, we’ll be off to drive test and make our big buy for this year. The big screen TV and/or vacation will have to go onto the back-burner for now.

So I’m soliciting inputs, suggestions, or experiences on what best car to buy.



  1. Nissan is good…N always go for Nissan, it never let him down…mine is Suzuki, so far so good naman =)

  2. I’ve been driving a honda civic for over 3 years. it gets good mileage and i haven’t had any problems.

  3. I only had an experience with Isuzu & Mazda (pick-ups) & both never gave us major problems. Car brands are so competitive that most of them are all equally good 😉

  4. My husband had a Toyota and he had it for 17 years. With TLC they last very long. I used to have a Nissan, and it was a good car. KIA is Korean, not Japanese.

  5. Hi Leah.

    Don’t know much about cars so I don’t think I will be of help here.

    Goodluck na lang. Hope you’ll get a very good one 🙂

  6. Honda Civic po.

  7. i dunno much about cars but i would suggest honda cars. 😀

  8. dont buy this book, its available from the community center library:

    THE BEST for giving you tips, plus it is Canadian based so you align with your Canadian lifestyle (whether you go up the mountains or just drive around town, use 407 or anything)

    Whatever it is, Leah, God bless on your decision making!

  9. Dunno much about cars too … as long as it is aircon, gets me to the office and back without stalling, and doesnt spew out vile smoke ok lang sa akin. Pero my son just got himself a Fortuner — pampapogi daw — i don’t see why, kasi sobra nang pogi nya hahaha. Pero you know what lately, he uses his old car kasi favorite daw ng mga carnappers ung fortuner. ah ewan. Basta, good luck na lang sa car shopping. Magandang problema yan.

  10. incidentally we got the same dilemma (a 10 yr old car about to retire)!
    anyway, good advice from junnie 🙂
    I hope you find the best car for you!

  11. we opted for a French car (Renault) for the maintainance point of view.. fuel consumption was also one of our considerations, going for low-consumption cars is also envi-friendly.. you could normally access to these data from the net.

  12. Hi Lhey, although I do not know much about cars, I asked few people I know which is the best Japanese car that they would recommend, Honda is the popular choice, and which one? Honda civic as what my hubby suggested, and why? the parts are cheaper compared to the other ones, he also mentioned Toyota Corolla is the second best he can recommend but the parts are much expensive compared to Honda Civic (so incase you need parts well he’s always willing to help you get one, whatever it maybe).

  13. Since I just had my license now I don’t know anything about cars ;(. But I would go for Honda or Toyota co’z I’ve seen Dad and uncles driving them, didn’t cause any problem so far! Had a friend driving Kia & she had problems…but I totally agree with Makis with the advance technology we have right now, cars are all good! Goodluck Leah to your carsearch !

  14. depends on what you need leah. Basta desiel, parts can be bought locally, and second hand but one or two years old model.
    Kasi if you buy a brand new,mahal na, laki pa tax bayaran mo. Of course depends sa bansa mo, but dito sa France, taga sa tax! kaya second hand lagi kami ni Lolo.
    Good luck sa car buying!

  15. Isn’t that always the case? Just when you think you have some extra in your budget, something moves in to take up the space. Since we have a big family, I’ve always driven a mini van and American ones at that. A Dodge Caravan which lasted almost as long as your Saturn. Now we have a Chrysler Town & Country. We’ve had it for four years, and still drives well and the little extras like leather seats and video have come in handy in long trips with kids. I hope it lasts as long as the Caravan, cause I don’t look forward to starting another payment schedule. I’m almost done with this one. Yehey!! Good luck on your car search, it’s always exciting to get something new 🙂

  16. If you are looking for a sedan like a Saturn you might as well go for a Toyota Corolla but if you are interested in a budget priced mini van that does everything a van can do, the Dodge Caravan is worth looking at and you can probably add a DVD in the package without paying too much..

  17. hybrid: toyota prius

    small car: honda civic

    family car: toyota camry (this is what i drive and it’s a great car)

    SUV: honda crv (jet drives this and she loves it)

    roadster: mazda miata (cheap, fast and a great drive)

  18. congrats,Leah!i go for toyota or honda(though i got a mitsubishi kia).

    its really exciting to have new challenges in life,right?

    have a nice Holy Wed!

  19. Ngee..alam akong alam–I dont even recognize my friends’ cars. Hehe. What I do recognize and like is the JAGUAR! Hehe. Advanced congratulations on your new car!

  20. Toyota Fanatic ako eh…so im suggesting toyota…

  21. Oops..typo pala ako…I meant..”wala akong alam.” Hehe. But my jaguar preference stands. Ehem. 😉

  22. Get a Honda, Leah. And you’ll thank yourself a few years down the line for choosing it… 🙂

    BTW, Kia and Hyundai are Korean cars.

    Oh and here’s another suggestion: SUBARU

  23. Yeah, girlie & I are Ist cousins.

    Mitsubishi is good, our’s is a Montero and Innova both diesel. OK naman ’cause they’re well maintained and that’s 1 thing important to last and that’s y mataas ang re sale value kahit 3 years na pag sell na namin.

  24. Hey…you have some really good advice here. Now the hard part is to choose! We have a Mitsubishi, 7 yrs. old and 138K miles. Been a GREAT car. Two of our grown children have Honda’s. They can’t be beat. I want to get a Toyota Highlander next time around. My mom said she didn’t care what car we get…as long as it was yellow! HA! Good luck on choosing.

  25. Hi Leah. I love the new CRV. I just wish I have the budget to get one but I guess I have to be contented with our old care for now.

    I also like Honda Accord. The seats are very comfortable and I always like extra leg room. But it consumes too much gas though.

    I guess these days, getting a fuel efficient car is a wise thing to do.

    Good luck with finding the best car for you.

  26. cannot be of much help, i can only wish you good luck. no idea about cars–all i know is that i just hop in and driver takes me to my destination, happy easter!

  27. i love our honda pilot… malakas lang sa gas.

  28. get a japanese car. they last forever if you take good care of them.

    go to the kelly blue book website for further info. you can compare every brand, model, resale value, fuel efficiency, etc.

  29. Wow! A new car. We got our very first car (yeah, hard to believe) last summer and I am still feeling the strain it has put in our budget. But I guess if you can afford it, why not get a second car, right? 🙂

  30. Thank you all for your suggestions, inputs and comments. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  31. Ate BMW na bilhin mo! Tutal pang-matagalan na naman bago ka bumili ulit di ba? Kaya mas maigi bilhin mo na yung dream car mo. Minsan lang tayo mabuhay sa mundo, kaya yung best na ang bilhin kung kaya rin lang! hehehe!

    VW Golf maganda rin.


  32. Hi Leah,

    I go for Honda :).
    Just read my experience here:

    The problem with going for higher priced cars from Western countries, the maintenance costs are killers. Example: To fix a window regulator takes $900!

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